Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide to Planets

Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide to Planets
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Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic is the new Star Wars MMO by Bioware, with a release date scheduled for sometime in the fall of 2011. The Old Republic is taking a page from The Lord of the Rings Online, and developing its gameplay with a focus on epic character storytelling. Each player character will have their own unique story to follow, complete with fully voiced over cutscenes and dynamic changes based on player choices throughout the game. But what would an epic story be without an epic setting?

Star Wars The Old Republic’s planets are immense, varied and truly epic. There are over 15 planets in the Old Republic, ranging from the dust covered classic Tatooine to the commercial bustling starport of Correlia. Each planet has a different faction associated with it, and may factor into the galactic storyline Bioware is cooking up. What are the planets in Star Wars The Old Republic? Continue reading below to find out more.



Tython is the starter planet in The Old Republic for the Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight classes. A lush forest planet log forgotten by the Galactic Republic, Tython was reestablished as the home of the Jedi Order in the Deep Core. Lore aside, Tython looks amazing and will offer new Jedi players several sets of old Tythonian Ruins to explore - complete with a mystical dark power of unknown ancient origins. Expect to battle Tython’s indiginous creatures, Twi’lek pilgrims, and unknown ancient horrors attuned to the Force.

Ord Mantell


Ord Mantell is the starting planet for Smugglers and Republic Soldiers in the Old Republic. A popular planetary port stop for runners, smugglers and organized crime, Ord Mantell is made up of mountains, saltwater seas, islands and fiery volcanos. While the government is loyal to the Republic, it has also become a target for organized crime. The main enemies players will face will be hardened criminals, organized syndicate soldiers, and government separatist militiamen.


Korriban is the fiery red home of the Sith population, and the starter planet for the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor classes. Obviously allied with the Sith Empire, this Outer Rim territory is the home to the new Sith Academy. However, not all is well on Korribban. The remains of centuries of Dark Sith Lords are entombed on the planet, and dark force spirits and other monstrosities still reside on Korriban. Sith Warriors and Inquisitors will face these evil spirits and the other denizens of Korriban in The Old Republic’s early game.




Who could forget the one and only Jabba the Hutt from the original Star Wars trilogy? His disgusting, evil Godfather-esque crime den provided a stunning backdrop for some of Star Wars most memorable scenes. Expect the same from the Old Republic planet Hutta, the home of the Hutts and of organized crime galaxy-wide. Featuring a dim landscape of swamps, forests and industrial waste, Hutta is the starting planet for the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent classes. Hutta maintains a “Neutral” allegiance, siding with whoever puts the most money into the Hutt’s coffers. Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents can expect to fight against enemies of different crime syndicates, other smugglers, and even Republic spies.



Coruscant, the hustling and bustling center of commerce and trade in the Galaxy, is the capital of the Galactic Republic in Star Wars The Old Republic. However, Coruscant also has a seedy underbelly of gangs, crime and covert Sith operations that run primarily from the dark Undercity. As a Republic soldier, expect to encounter political missions and diablical schemes from the Republic Senate sending you on missions into the Undercity and into the rest of the Galaxy. One thing is for certain about Coruscant, it is going to be one of The Old Republic’s best planets.

Dromund Kaas

830px-SS 20100108 DromundKaas01 full

With the Galactic Republic still clinging to power in the capital of Coruscant, the Sith Empire has found a new home on Dromund Kaas. Previously undiscovered, Kaas remains a magnificent planet in the Old Republic, with swampy marshes, steamy jungles and the sprawling dark metropolic of Kaas City making up the landscape of the planet. Expect lots of political maneuvering among the Sith Lords and their minions, not to mention a hub for epic missions, bounties, and covert operations. Be wary though, as Dromund Kaas is home to the centuries old Sith Emporer himself - and many dark secrets may be found in Kaas City.


250px-SS 20101101 warzones04 full

Fans of Star Wars rejoice - we will all get a chance to finally experience the beauty and brutality of the famous victim of the first Death Star: Alderaan. A politically active planet suddenly thrown into civil strife and war, Alderaan is looking like a fantastic addition to the Old Republic’s planet list. In fact, Alderaan may even be a hotspot for The Old Republic’s PVP Warzones, as the Republic back House Organa - of Princess Leia fame - attempts to survive bloody conflicts from the self proclaimed king of Alderaan, General Ulgo. With a beautiful backdrop of snow capped mountains, lush valleys and hilly terrain, Alderaan might be the perfect backdrop to an epic Star Wars storyline.


Corellia is the planet made famous by Han Solo - it is his home planet - and is an active trade and smuggling center for the Galactic Republic. Perhaps the most realistic planet in terms of environment, Corellia is mostly a beautiful and environmentally friendly cityscape - almost a futuristic New York or Chicago.

185px-SS Corellia03 800x450

However, all is not well on Corellia. Traditionally Republic oriented, the planet’s government has recently shut off all communications to the rest of the galaxy, and nobody is sure why. One clue may be leaked reports of terrorism in the capital of Coronet City, another may be insidious rumors of a growing Sith presence in the centralized government. Either way, Corellia looks like a planet where the primary encounters will be story based political games with you as a pawn, or mysteries regarding local terrorism and the Sith threat.



A major player in the Galactic War, Balmorra is the Sith Empire’s primary weapons and droid manufacturer. Thus, is is extremely important to the Sith war effort, and remains a hotly contested planet in the Old Republic. In fact, players will probably want a guide through this truly Old Republic planet, as its war-torn plains may be home to several PVP Warzones. Sith flavored players can expect to encounter local resistance troops as well as secretive Republic fighters and spies, not to mention other Republic supporting players.


830px-CA 20100312 Belsavis02 full

Belsavis is a planet close to the Outer Rim of the Galaxy, and is allied with Republic forces. However, it is also a definite hotbed of war, as the Republic Prison known as The Tomb holds countless numbers of Sith Lords and their minions. Belsavis is a likely location for some high level, high stakes PVP Warzone action as recently, the Sith Empire has sent strike teams to Belsavis with orders to free their imprisoned comrades. There is more than one prison on Belsavis’s icy volcanic landscape though, and the commotion over at The Tomb may have released an evil worse than even the Sith can imagine.


The barren wasteland of Hoth is one of the most famous planets in the Star Wars Universe, thanks to the epic The Empire Strikes Back. Even people new to Star Wars The Old Republic should not need a guide to know what this planet is like.


Previously the site of a major conflict between the Republic and the Sith Empire, Hoth has become a battleground again. The main objective of each side on this frosty tundra is to recover the valuable war machines lost in that Great War. Expect Hoth to become a nostalgic PVP Warzone, but don’t be surprised to encounter Taun-Tauns, Sith Lords, Jedi Knights, and even an occasional Wampa.


Ilum, the third ice planet in Star Wars The Old Republic, is a major strategic location for the Republic. You see, Ilum is the source of

830px-SS Ilum02 full

crystals used in making Jedi lightsabers. Obviously, the Sith have seen this planet as a primary point of attack. Expect Ilum’s crystallized caverns and spacious ruins to be home to many a PVP Warzone battle. Not much else is known about Ilum at this point, but don’t bet against seeing some magnificent new Star Wars monsters introduced by Bioware on this icy battlefield of a planet.

Nar Shaddaa

230px-Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa is a vast cityscape of a planet that is primarily Hutt-controlled, and thus neutral in allegiance. However, that does not mean that Nar Shaddaa is a peaceful place. No, this planet may be one of the wealthiest planets in the galaxy, but it is also overrun with shadowy syndicates, organized Hutt cartels, and the occasional scruffy headed nerf-herder smuggler. Also known as the Smuggler’s Moon, Nar Shaddaa supports a large black market and may be the location of a number of PVP Warzones - especially in the undercity. Expect the Smuggler’s Moon to be a haven for smugglers, bounty hunters, imperial agents and political warfare between the Hutt Cartels and the secretive Exchange Syndicate.



Quesh is a disgusting, depressing mining planet with air so toxic it kills almost all known life forms swiftly. Sounds like the perfect planet to have an all out PVP Warzone for control over this filthy toxic air. A few years ago, a young Republic chemist discovered that the toxic air from Quesh can be used to make wartime “potions” - also known as adrenals - that give soldiers incredible boosts to physical and mental attributes. However, the Republic also needed the Hutt Cartel’s help to synthesize these chemicals. Naturally, the Hutts sought out the highest bidder with this valuable information, bringing in the Sith Empire’s war efforts to drive up the price. Now Quesh is a wasteland and a warzone ripe for Star Wars fans to enjoy.



Everybody’s favorite planet, Tatooine has received a storyline revamp from the creative heads at Bioware. While still a dull, boring desert wasteland, Tatooine is now also the home of the recently deceased Czerka Corporation - master weapon research developers - and the Sith Empire looting teams searching for valuable information for their war efforts. Expect to find all of the old standbys here, like the Mos Eisley Cantina, Jawas and Sand People. Tatooine may even have a PVP Warzone or two, as Anchorhead serves as a popular Republic pit stop, while Mos Ila has been converted to a Sith base of operations.


830px-CA 20100212 Taris01 full

Taris was once the thriving planet home to Jedi Knight Bastila from Knights of the Old Republic fame. Of course, that all changed when a Sith bombardment completely destroyed civilization on the planet. Now Taris is a popular Sith affliated planet - especially because the post apocalyptic swamps and ruins are full of dark secrets left over by the Great War here. The Republic’s war leaders have taken notice of Taris, and want to occupy the planet to deliver a moral blow to the Sith Empire. However, troops on the ground will have to deal with terrifying rekghouls and other dark horrors left behind by the Sith.



The last planet included in Star Wars The Old Republic, Voss is a planet with strong ties to the Force. Mired in a civil war, two tribes of its native people, the Gormak and the Voss, have been fighting each other for centuries. However, the Voss have the Force ability to see into the future, thus avoiding the aggressive Gormaks for years. Both the Sith and Jedi orders have taken notice of the Voss, and are actively trying to recruit them. Voss may be the stage for a high level PVP Warzone, as well as a political questing grounds with relations with the Gormak and Voss always in competition between sides.


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