S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Oasis Quest Guide

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Oasis Quest Guide
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For Gold and Glory (and Science, too): a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Oasis Quest Guide

During your travels across the Zone in Call of Pripyat, you may have come across Professor Ozersky of the Mobile Research Lab in Jupiter and been charged with finding the Oasis: a legendary bastion of peace and tranquility within the wilderness of the Zone, said to be able to heal the wounds of all who rest within. Unfortunately, Ozersky offers little in the way of leads as to the location of the Oasis and inquiries with other inhabitants of the Zone yield nothing more than fanciful stories and rumors. In true S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fashion, finding the Oasis will rely on plunging into the unknown depths of the Zone and breaking through the strange forces that isolate this wonder from the rest of the world.

Call of Pripyat Oasis Quest: The Undiscovered Country Down South

This derilect bunker is the last stop on the line to the Oasis.

Luckily, the first step to finding the Oasis is only a few minutes from the local Stalker hangout of Jupiter. From the wast entrance to Yanov Station, follow the train tracks to the south end of the Jupiter region until a collapsed tunnel signals the end of the line, directly east of the Ventilation Complex. A bunker next to the train tracks offers access to the Ventilation Complex underground and is guarded by zombified Stalkers and Hamsters.

If you want to find some water, just find and follow a pipe.

Follow the bunker’s contours to the east until you arrive in an empty waterway with pipes with interior ladder rungs to the right. Enter the second pipe and follow the waterway to its height until a path becomes available on the left, where you will emerge into a pillar-filled chamber directly under the Ventilation Complex. Walk through the pillars to the door on the other side and proceed eestward.

Call of Pripyat Oasis Quest: My Kingdom For a Compass

Nothing - not even some old pillars - is quite as it appears in the Zone.

The reason that the Oasis remains an undiscovered legend of the Zone now becomes apparent, as a space anomaly will warp you back to the entrance to the pillar chamber. Depending on the specific path taken through the room, certain pairs of pillars may now be connected by a glittering energy field. These fields are the key to entering the Oasis, and finding them all is the first step to bypassing the mysterious anomaly.

Walk through the pillar room and trigger the teleportation effect again, but take a straight route that differs from your initial path through the room. Repeat this process for each of the five possible paths through the room, and four energy fields will now be visible, one for each row of pillars in the room. Given the placement of the fields, the solution to bypassing this anomaly becomes apparent: walk through each of the four fields in order of their proximity to the room entrance, and the teleportation effect will be bypassed.

With the space anomaly bypassed, all you have to do is claim your prize.

True to the legends, the Oasis is a bastion of peace and tranquility, free of mutants and radiation and capable of healing the wounds of those who rest in the central pool. At the center of the Oasis lies the Heart of the Oasis, a powerful artifact that has absorbed the healing powers of the Oasis. Tampering with the Oasis shatters the peace and security of the location: once the Heart is taken - you may need to jump in order to reach the artifact proper - mutants enter the Oasis and will quickly zero in for the attack. Quickly climb the ladder to the left, then up another ladder to the exterior of the Ventilation Complex before jumping down to the ground and freedom.

Call of Pripyat Oasis Quest: Decisions, Decisions

This is…not what was expected.

Like many other quests in Call of Pripyat, you have a choice as to how to conclude Ozersky’s quest. Turning the artifact over to Ozersky will earn you 7,000 RU and unlock the Svarog Detector Prototype for purchase from Professor Hermann, while keeping the Heart for yourself allows you to benefit from its unique combination of properties. The Heart’s usefulness is debatable, however: the boosts to health and stamina regeneration are minuscule compared to those of artifacts that affect only these abilities and the large amount of radiation the artifact emits requires the use of a radiation-reducing artifact as a counter-balance. A bit of tweaking of Call of Pripyat’s artifact data file can make this an extremely potent artifact, however, so mod-heavy players may be a bit more inclined to keep the Heart for themselves.


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