S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Calibration Tools Guide - Pripyat Calibration Tools

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Calibration Tools Guide - Pripyat Calibration Tools
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Make Machine Guns out of Lighters: a Guide to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Calibration Tools

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, players can visit mechanics at the various Stalker strongholds in the Zone to upgrade their weapons and armored suits, increasing their rates of fire and ammunition capacity or boosting their resistance to certain types of damage. Proper resources being a scarce commodity in the Zone, however, the mechanics of Call of Pripyat lack the proper tools to perform more complex upgrades at the start of the game. By finding and delivering these tools to mechanics in need, the player can increase the types of upgrades available for them to buy, and the most powerful upgrades are only possible with Calibration Tools hidden within the ghost city of Pripyat. With Bright Hub’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Calibration Tools Guide, learn where these much-coveted tools lie and unlock the full potential of your weapons and armor.

Go Straight for the Gold: Pripyat Calibration Tools

The first set of Calibration Tools in Pripyat are located in the Department Store, a map-marked location in the south-west region of Pripyat. Enter the Department Store through the double doors behind the barricade in the forward plaza and make your way through the rooms to the back hall that runs the length of the building. Follow the hall to the north end of the Department Store, then enter the room behind the closed door to the left of the sealed double doors that lead to the front plaza. Walk down the stairwell to the basement, and the Calibration Tools are sitting on a table to the right. Wild dogs make the initial approach to the Department Store difficult, but once inside the only threat are the mutant rats located in several rooms, which are easily dispatched with a shotgun or the knife.

Pripyat Calibration Tools 2

The final set of Calibration Tools can be found on the second story of the Old Service Center in north Pripyat. Not to be confused with the Yubileiny Service Center, the Old Service Center is located directly south of the Prometheus Movie Theater and is filled with electric anomalies on the first floor. Maneuver past the anomalies to the south-west corner of the building to a doorway illuminated by a yellow light and climb the stairs to the second floor. A small storage room is accessible from the east side of the second floor, and the Calibration Tools can be found on a shelf against the right wall. A Burer stalks the large room that forms much of the second floor’s east side, and given the close quarters the best option may be to rush in, grab the Calibration Tools, and rush out before the Burer has a chance to attack.

With Your Powers Combined: Basic and Fine Calibration Tools

While Calibration Tools are required for the most powerful equipment upgrades in Call of Pripyat, Basic and Fine Tools unlock separate upgrade tiers that, though not as powerful as Calibration-level upgrades, are nevertheless potent and can even rival and exceed Calibration-level upgrades when combined. Each region of Call of Pripyat contains their own pair of Basic and Fine Tools, and finding them all gives players extreme flexibility with the potential upgrades they can buy.

Your First Taste of Poer: Zaton Calibration Tools

Zaton Basic Tools

In the Zaton region, a set of Basic Tools can be found at the Sawmill, located in the north-west corner of the Zaton Map. The Sawmill is split into two distinct areas: the Sawmill proper at the south end of the site and a house to the north and downhill from the Sawmill work areas. A ladder in the central room in the north-east corner allows access to the attic, and amongst the spoils of food and ammunition the tools can be found on a workbench at the north of the attic. Though only of Basic quality, the tools are guarded by zombified Stalkers that will continually spawn so long as the tools remain untouched, so grab them as soon as possible before the zombies are able to congregate in to a single deadly horde.

Zaton Fine Tools

Zaton’s set of Fine Tools are found in the Substation Workshop, found directly east of the Iron Forest Anomaly. Unfortunately for players, a squad of Mercenaries has taken residence in the workshop and their leader demands a toll for entry into the site: breakfast for him and his men. Six pieces each of bread, sausage and canned food - all available from Beard the bartender at the Skadovsk shelter - will allow entry, and the tools can be found in the workshop’s back yard, next to a mercenary sitting on a crate. If this toll is a bit too much to bear, a skilled player can always attempt to dispatch the mercenaries themselves, but the high quality of their weapons and armor makes this an extremely risky and ill-advised option until far later in the game.

I Could Go Back to Zaton, Buuuuut…: Jupiter Calibration Tools

Jupiter Basic Tools

In a derelict train car south of Yanov Station in the Jupiter Region, a set of Basic Tools is protected by a mobile electric anomaly that roams the length of the train car the tools are located in. Follow the train tracks east of Yanov Station to the south, where the train car lies just below a bridge, and drop down to the train car’s roof from an opening in the bridge railing located just above the train car. Walk to the opposite end of the train car where a roof hatch grants access to the car interior, and wait for the roving anomaly to pass below and begin moving to the other end of the train car before dropping through the hatch. The anomaly will damage anything in the main isle of the car, but recesses in the middle and end of the car offer enough room for players to step aside and avoid the anomaly. Maneuver to the other end of the car, grab the tools sitting on the seat, and escape by crouching and jumping through the windows in the recesses at the north end of the car.

Jupiter Fine Tools

Immediately south of the Concrete Bath anomaly in the south end of Jupiter, the building in the gated courtyard contains the Fine Tools of the Jupiter Region. From the south entrance of the unmarked building, a stairwell grants access to an anomaly-choked crawlspace in the building’s upper recesses. Carefully maneuver through the crawlspace to the building’s north end where an unlocked green locker sits against the wall and the Fine Tools sit within. Escape the crawlspace through the door to the left and climb down the partial ladder outside to avoid damage from falling.


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