Great Soul Calibur 4 Characters for Casual Gamers

Great Soul Calibur 4 Characters for Casual Gamers
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Basic History

Soul Calibur is a popular multiplayer action game found on popular consoles like Xbox and the Playstation. Released by Namco, Soul Cailbur 4 is the latest release in this action gaming franchise. Players can play the Story mode (which unlocks new characters), Versus mode which is the Arcade, Training and Museum mode too. The newest addition to SC4 with the players fighting for rewards.

Of course, the online playing field makes sure that players are never without someone to battle against.

With that, a lot of players from the two consoles create their own characters or use the pre-made ones to battle it out online. Obviously, the discrepancy with the casual players and the expert players might show. So here’s a list of the best characters that can be played as a casual gamer and still be able to win.

Images taken from the SC4 Official Website:

Custom Character

One of the best ways of course to play this game is to create your own characters, that way you can choose your playing style and even customize your avatar. You can adapt to your playing style as you play along. Another upside to this is that players online who’ve been engrossed in the game will be sketchy on what moves you’re making and will of course provide you with maybe just enough time to win the match.


If you can’t win by knocking out your opponents, win by a ring-out!

This is something that a lot of novice Cassandra users will be doing if they apply the Angelic Exile technique on their opponents. When the enemy comes rushing at you with a combo that you successfully block, rush in to do a the Angelic Exile to make them wish they never rushed at you in the first place! She has a good cache of impressive fight moves that are guaranteed to rake in some pain. However, players must take caution once their moves are blocked, a small opening from that could easily flip the fight around.



Maxi is another one of those characters that a newbie can get by with using just button mashing. But only for a few rounds. Still, the attacks he has will take some time to unravel when you’re playing against a fellow novice. Guard breaks also work to his advantage so it’s really great to bust out the move list and practice your moves. Although at a clear disadvantage against long-range characters, try and bank on the fact of his unpredictability for a few more rounds, at least until you get your bearings. Be careful of enemies who sidestep you as they may dish out some serious pain in retaliation.



Taki is a great character if you’re looking for speed and ability without having to sacrifice damage points. If you get into the groove long enough to bust some serious range of attacks, your opponents won’t have a chance. Counterattacks are one of her greatest moves and with the aid of tools, she can duke out some serious damage. Just keep the distance close and keep hitting your opponent with your best moves and leave no room for openings and watch out for the jumping part when you’re moving in for the kill.

The Apprentice


May the force be with you! The Apprentice is one the few special characters you can play that’s very versatile, with a long range attack. Prepare to see some good combos using the Force mobes. However, like Yoda and Darth, you’re gonna have to deal with the Force Meter that will limit the times you get to use your most useful attacks. But don’t worry - it replenishes in time and when you get to connect a hit, the Force Meter replenishes quickly enough.

Seong Mi-na


Mi-na is an unlockable characters with a superior range when fighting. A great advantage in using her is since she’s playing long-range she doesn’t get in the way of those attacks. Not only that, this superior range can easily knock her opponents out of the rings. If you’re the type to play at a safe distance, Mi-na’s your gal. Just be careful in timing your moves as your speed is greatly depleted in exchange for the long range.



You’re going to love Lizardman if you admire Cassandra and Sophitia’s style. His is a mix of the two with a dab of his own personality that enables you to maximize his potential. A good combo damage can stun an opponents once you’re able to move in for the kill. Just because he’s slow doesn’t mean he doesn’t pack a punch! Think carefully when using your range attacks in order to fully utilize Lizardman’s Skill. And watch out for the tail!



Much excitement I sense in you! Yes, Yoda is a great character to use when playing SC4! He’s small and lithe and very agile. The height is a great factor as it severely limits high attacks from opponents. Aside from that, he can’t be thrown! You’re going to love the combos that will have Yoda flying around with his lightsaber. However, don’t count on the heal ability to save Yoda as he doesn’t have any!



Another great character for beginners! Mitsurugi has a great variety of moves that a novice player can pick up. Mitsurugi is great at close range combat that’s a very good thing since he’s able to dish out a lot of hurt. He’s fast, despite his size with enough moves to really bring in the hurt. It easy to learn his moves, and you’ll have a lot of fun watching him beat his opponents to a pulp. Check out his move list to see some great combo damages that are easy to master and quick to execute in game.