Best Soul Calibur IV Characters

Best Soul Calibur IV Characters
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Popularity of Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur IV has sold 2.1 million copies worldwide after its first release. It has garnered positive reviews from the gaming media and has been an incredible outlet for online gamers to face each other with their custom created fighters. Even with the custom option, every newly made fighter uses a preset character’s fighting moves; for example a character using Hilde’s battle stance will fight with the lance and have all her same combos whether the character is male or not. All Soul Calibur IV characters have pros and cons which give them a certain edge.


From the Ming Empire, Kilik uses a rod with the marital arts style entitled Ling Sheng Su. Because of having a staff, he can easily use long range attacks and dodge other characters assaults swiftly. This makes Kilik beginner friendly, but it can also make him slightly irritating against Soul Calibur veterans, and has been called out as being broken character when compared to the other fighters. His fast horizontal blows prove him to be the most effective, as he can do these while the other fighter is still on the ground. His sweeping trip attack works best before the opponent lands a blow. When used right, Kilik is an admirable foe using fast combos and a variety of far reaching and sweeping hits.


Sophitia vs. Tira

The blonde female fighter from Greece has both a small shield and sword used to cut down her enemies. Her Athenian style is full of graceful movements that can allow her to dodge the enemy’s hits. She has some powerful blows that take a small amount of time to charge up, such as her spinning attack which deals some heavy damage to the opponent. If used correctly, Sophitia can be a devastating foe who uses strong cut attacks and shields herself whenever a punch or a kick comes her way. Her younger sister Cassandra has a similar fighting style that can also be considered top tier solely based on opinion.



The aging Spanish pirate has been considered top tier by many online Soul Calibur players. He has two long swords that can reach certain distances as well as a pistol that can be used with certain button combos. Practice makes perfect when playing as Cervantes, as he has some of the most heavy hitting attacks since his first appearance in Soul Edge. He has special stances called Dread Charge, Dread Slash, and Geo Da Ray, each being used for unique attacks. He has one set back; his pistol shot can be easily avoided when the other player side steps.

Heishiro Mitsurugi

Xianghua vs Mitsurugi

This Japanese son of a farmer sure doesn’t look like it, especially when it comes to his samurai style of fighting. He uses a stick thin katana which leads to quick slicing and dicing of his opponents. He has been noted to have the strongest and fastest fighting style in the game and has been considered god tier. His low hitting attacks can swipe the enemy in an accelerated motion, making them the perfect combo starter. Mitsurugi has one weakness, and that is that his attacks can be easy to predict. Other than that he is a strong and capable fighter and many seasoned SC players enjoy choosing him.

To Tier or Not to Tier?

Since there are so many Soul Calibur IV characters, it can be difficult to find the right one for you or just to go by the official tier list. Each character has its good moments and bad moments, so with keeping this in mind, sometimes you just have to go by your gut instinct even with a character that’s not often played.