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Free Online Football (Soccer) Games

by: Christian Cawley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A superb selection of free online football (soccer) themed games are available online, from freekick challenges to penalty shootouts, scoring by heading the ball and even a football manager themed Mario-style platformer.

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    5 Different Football Games

    There are many free online European football/soccer games available online, each dealing with differing elements of the beautiful game.

    Whether you're looking for a full game of football, freekick challenges, penalty shootouts or something extremely unusual, a great selection of different games is available online from several different websites.

    Coming up is a list of 5 great examples of free football games that you can play in your browser, including a very popular and engaging football manager simulation and a chance to win the FIFA World Cup with Chelsea and England captain John Terry as your main goal scorer!

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    Baggio Magical Kicks

    Baggio Magic Kicks - score superb free kicks Anyone wanting to master the art of the freekick could do worse than check out this game. Baggio Magical Freekicks is named after Italian forward Roberto Baggio and the game demands that you score from a variety of positions around the goal area.

    Nevermind that Baggio repeatedly failed to shine at the World Cup. He has a huge number of international caps and league appearances and built his reputation on dead ball situations as seen in this game.

    The aim of Baggio Magical Kicks is to score from a variety of freekick situations, taking into account wind speed and direction, pitch position, men in the defensive wall and how much spin or curve you want, not to mention how much power you want in the shot. Some situations even allow you to cross the ball across goal for your forwards to run onto and score from. Regardless of the situation if you don't score, you're forced to retry until you do and can progress to the next level.

    Play Baggio Magic Kicks!

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    King of Defenders

    Win the World Cup for England as captain John Terry! Sponsored by men's skin care company King of Shaves, King of Defenders puts you in charge of Chelsea and England captain John Terry but not in a defensive capacity!

    Take control of Terry to head the ball home from a variety of corner kicks and against a variety of opponents on your way to winning the World Cup.

    Requiring simply the control of your mouse and a careful eye for an opportune moment to strike through a crowd of faces, every goal in King of Defenders is scored from John Terry's heroic head. Score enough and you win the World Cup!

    Play it now!

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    Dick Advocaat Platformer

    Dick Advocaat platform game. It's bizarrely addictive Possibly the most bizarre football game since Soccer Boy, the Dick Advocaat platformer puts you in control of the former Netherlands manager as he searches a platform world for the missing orange shirts of his players.

    Distinctly Mario-esque, this game requires lots of jumping onto moving platforms and onto the heads of black-suited opponents that drain your energy.

    Control is achieved via the arrow keys, left and right to move about and up to jump.

    The Dick Advocaat platformer is a fun if slightly bewildering game. It's also in Dutch, but play is very simple so the language shouldn't be a problem.

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    Penalty Shootout Junkies

    Addictive penalty shoot out game Evocative of the old penalty shootout method from the classic Kick Off series of games on 16 bit machines, Penalty Shootout Junkies pits you against a computer controlled opponent in a tense, top-down goal mouth challenge.

    Like all penalty shootouts, this game gives you 5 balls to put in the back of the net, past the other keeper.

    The player and the computer controlled opponent take turns, meaning that you get a chance to have a go in goal!

    Scoring a penalty is down to reflexes and matching the position of the moving line and power bar with where you want the ball to go. Taking penalties is mouse controlled, while saving is done with the arrow keys.

    Penalty Shootout Junkies is highly addictive, hence the name, and you can play it here!

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    Play the sophisticated online football management sim Hattrick is something else entirely. This is an online management sim in which you take control of your own football club and perform a series of challenges to get your managers certificate.

    Tasks include buying a new player, naming your football ground and hiring new staff, and each completed task adds to your manager certificate, progress is impossible without first fulfilling these tasks.

    Once this is completed you're given access to the squad and can pick your first team. Tactics and strategies are limited at first but as games go by and you monitor results and get the best out of your team and engage with the community you can find yourself becoming successful in the game.

    Hattrick is completely different to the other games on this page. It takes a lot of time to get into and plays more like a desktop strategy game. Time invested on Hattrick is certainly worthwhile though. It is a rewarding game with depth.

    Visit for more information and to sign up.