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Play Soccer Manager to Lead Your Dream Team

by: dipima ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Manager to your dream soccer team is a wonderful idea. Now you can play as one with Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008. The PC game will put you on the lookout for the best manager of the greatest soccer team. Learn the insides of soccer world. The game provides new players with the essential statistics.

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    Being in charge of a professional soccer team in Europe sounds fascinating to any soccer fan. Well, the dream can become reality with Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008, an exciting PC game to get you hooked. You can become the manager with all the important responsibilities, from managing season ticket prices to preparing your players' individual training schedules. You can continue to be the manager of your soccer team for as many seasons as you wish. You can keep old players as well as appoint new football players. The database of the PC game provides a variety of information on 300,000 of players and staff worldwide. Which means, there is enough scope for the football game to get even better every season!

    The PC game is basically focused at supporting first-time players. I found the game realistic when the squad gave me bonus points rather than the players. Besides, the game provides you regular updates on games statistics and player performances. This keeps enough room for you to improve your playing style. Further, you get to interact more with the board on financial matters. What keeps the board more focused is how you use the money allocated for the season. You get feedback from soccer fans as well. That really helps.

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    My Experience with Soccer Manager

    This is the first time I opted to play Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008, and - to my surprise - I found the PC game quite supportive for new players. The new interface of Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 contains a number of graphical options and icons. I have noticed the usability changes as well. Mouse movement is now minimized by duplicating some of the buttons. For first-time players, the match engine provides firsthand view of matches. This helped me a lot in understanding the game tactics.

    The coaching-report system is another plus of Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008. A new player can get essential feedback on any player in the squad from the members of his coaching staff. He is provided with an overview of the player's current performance and prospects. This helps the new manager in preparing substantial arrangements for his team in the current and future seasons.

    However, it is a bit disappointing that you do not get enough flexibility as the manager of a football team. The graphics can sometimes become too simple and almost put you off. I did not find its multiplayer functionality that great.

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    Graphics and Sound

    Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 provides simplistic graphics along with its new user-friendly interface. This is quite helpful for first-timers like me. The sound quality is not that great. However, some optional sound effects are more than welcome, as felt by players.

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    Required Specs

    Here are the minimum system requirements for Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008. Make sure your PC supports all of them.

    • System: 1.2 GHz Processor or equivalent. Although 2.2 GHz Processor is recommended.
    • RAM: Minimum RAM must be 256 MB. However, 512 MB sounds great.
    • Hard Disk: 750 MB of free space