Silent Hill: Origins Cheats and Unlockables for the PS2 Platform

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats and Unlockables for the PS2 Platform
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Silent Hill: Origins: Overview

Grotesque monsters, mutated humans and surprise endings are some of the key ingredients of the Silent Hill survival horror series. Silent Hill Origins, the fifth game of the series, offers the same atmospheric horror with a more advanced combat system. Its story revolves around the cursed Silent Hill town and follows Travis Grady, who finds himself in trouble after rescuing a young child from fire. With different camera angles and realistic health indicator, the game is a must for your horror games collection. What’s more, there are several Silent Hill Origins cheats and unlockables for the PS2 platform.

The replayability of Silent Hill Origins can be measured by various “Accolade Costumes” unlocked by the player. Unlocking each accolade offers more fun when you re-play the game. There are a total of 14 accolades that can be unlocked after beating Good, Bad or UFO endings. Each accolade costume is associated with a different weapons and items, which makes the game more fun and easy to play. While Silent Hills Origins PS2 cheats are few, the unlockables are many. Here are some of the best unlockable content for Silent Hill: Origins:

Silent Hill: Origins PS2 Ending Unlocks

  • Good Ending: Complete the game to unlock the good ending cinematics.

    Silent Hill: Origins—PS2 Cheats

  • Bad Ending: Complete the game and save it. Then reload and kill over 200 enemies. You will unlock the bad ending cinematics.

  • UFO Ending: Finish the game and save it. Then reload and search the room 502 key. The key is located to the north of the hospital. Play the game again and reach the Motel level. Use the key at the Motel room and you will unlock the astonishing UFO ending.

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats and Unlockables: Unlockable Accolades Costume

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats

You can unlock these accolades costumes by completing the game at any difficulty. You can easily unlock these items in your second play-through once you follow these easy steps:

Unlock the Cartographer Costume: If you refer the in-game map less than 25 times, you will unlock this accolade costume.

Collector costume: Collect over three hundred in-game items to unlock this costume.

Space costume (Ambassador Accolade): This can be unlocked by using the room 502 key at the motel (see the UFO ending unlock method). What’s more you will also unlock a unique Tesla Weapon as a bonus.

Butcher costume drenched in blood: You can unlock this accolade after killing 100 monsters. You will also acquire the bonus Great Cleaver weapon.

Lonely Moon Leather costume: Complete the game and you will unlock this accolade as well as moon gauntlets.

Sprinter costume: Complete the game within two hours to unlock this costume. Once you wear it, your fatigue meter won’t decrease.

Streetfighter costume: Use melee weapons to kill at least 75 percent of the total monsters in the game.

Fireman costume: Save the little girl Alessa from the burning house in less than 80 seconds. As a bonus weapon, you will get a Fire Axe.

Silent Hill Origins cheats PS2: Cheat code to unlock the Codebreaker costume: During your second playthrough, just press these buttons anytime:

Upx2, Downx2, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O

Mexican wrestler costume: Use your fists to kill at least 50 percent of the total monsters in the game.