Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed Walthrough -- Part 3 of 4 -- Fantasy Atoll

Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed Walthrough -- Part 3 of 4 -- Fantasy Atoll
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Welcome to Fantasy Atoll

Now that you are done with Harbor and Fairfield Cities, you can take a luxurious vacation to Fantasy Atoll. Older readers will realize that this is a reference to the 70s series, Fantasy Island. Colonel Kluckin has beat you here. You must find another way onto the Island.

They know nothing about Fantasy Atoll or its layout. Use Crypto’s body snatch ability to possess a nearby human and proceed to the cruise ship’s gangplank. Talk to one of the ship’s petty officers and he tells you that it is best to go talk to someone on the island to find more information.

Exit the ship and search the beaches until you find the pirate’s hidden in Dead Man’s Crotch. The pirates will give you information about the island provided you can get past them. Obviously, the pirates are outmatched, but Crypto chooses not to reveal this. Use the jump pack to skip most of the intended path.

Walk to the end of the path and watch your guide get killed. Mister Pork has ambushed you and you need to take out his forces. Get across the bridge and find a body to snatch in an out-of-the-way area. Try to keep the threat level down as you find your way to the mysterious villain.

Fetch Quest 2: The Wrath of Pork


Pox has decided that he wants a new body. Mister Pork can build one for him, provided he can gather the parts. You can fail this mission if you destroy the jet engines that you will find on ‘Lost’ island.

Go get the treasure chests from Booty Island. Mister Pork and the pirates of Dead Man’s Crotch may be on the same side, but the pirates have not gotten the message that Crypto is now on their side, too. When you get all the parts you need, Pork marks a new spot on the map. Go to the marked and abduct the scientist from the marked location.

Dinky and the Brain


The body transfer process for Pox is about to begin. The cruise ship where the transfer process will take place will be attacked by some of Colonel Kluckin’s forces. Defend the ship. You will need to use the saucer to take out waves of amphibious attacks. Pox informs you that a bomb has been placed on his new body after this, use Crypto’s PK to remove the bomb. More soldiers and boats come to attack you fight them off.

Requiem for a Ratpoo

Mister Pork’s betrayal requires vengeance. Pox starts the mission marks some items on Pork’s island for you to destroy. When you finish this task, Pox announces the next phase of his plan. You must place everything on the island that isn’t nailed down into the volcano to get it to erupt. (Placing two large boats nearby also works.)

The volcano is now primed to erupt, but something blocks the eruption. Abduct the scientist and dangle him over the volcano to find out that Mister Pork has an amulet that prevents volcanic eruptions. You must take the amulet from Pork. Only his valet Ratpoo can get close enough to him. Go to Pork’s mansion and find Ratpoo. Snatch Ratpoo’s body and take the amulet. Watch the ensuing eruption from a safe distance.

The Hate Boat


The references to mediocre television from the disco decade continue. No couples will pair up on this boat. Even though you have dropped hot lava on Mister Pork and destroyed his island home, he still has a large boat. No good can come from Pork’s next plan. Crypto’s flying saucer has some high-tech weaponry, but the weapons are not powerful enough to damage Pork’s ship.

Use the saucer to pick up the torpedoes and use them against the ship. The torpedoes themselves are protected. Fire the ship’s quantum destructor to destroy the shields. Pick up the torpedoes and drop them on Mister Pork’s ship.

Fantasy Atoll Odd Jobs – The Hu-Man Village

Disco is still king, and Pox plans to use it to his advantage again. This is another mission where you get to use Crypto’s mind control powers, but do not get to have much fun causing death and destruction. Grab the required number of disco dancers and take them back to the cruise ship. Pox plays disco music to them and begins the subtle mind control process that makes humans easier to conquer.

Rubble Indemnity

This mission is self-explanatory. Pox plans to commit some insurance fraud and needs to destroy a few more humans to do it. As this is the point of the game, this should not be a problem. Go out and do as much damage as you can and be careful as the threat level rises. Most of the odd jobs in the Fantasy Atoll section follow this pattern and do not take a lot of explanation. Just follow the mission prompts on-screen.


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