Helpful tips and cheat codes for the Destroy All Humans Path of the Furon Xbox 360 game

Helpful tips and cheat codes for the Destroy All Humans Path of the Furon Xbox 360 game
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Weapons and Abilities

Weapons are an important element of the game. As they are improved, you will have more ammunition and stronger fire power. Upgrade whenever possible for better mission success. They can be purchased through the Pox-Mart on your saucer with DNA points. Earn these points by completing story missions, odd jobs and destroying humans.

Crypto’s mental abilities (Psychokinesis, Cortex Scan, Body Snatch, Time Stop, and Temporal Fist) work well with his personal weapons to defeat enemies. During the game, a mysterious voice tells Crypto that he must follow the “Path of Enlightenment” to upgrade his skills. First, use the abilities as much as possible during game play. Then go to the “Meditation Chamber” located on your saucer. Press the green “A” button to enter the room. If your skills are high enough for a particular ability, you can “meditate” to upgrade.

Game Play Tips

  • In Destroy All Humans - Path of the Furon, the Zap-O-Matic gun is an effective weapon that can be used on multiple targets (when upgraded). It can fire electricity in long streams, and takes only a couple seconds to regenerate power.
  • When Crypto is overwhelmed by too many enemies on land, use PK to lift and throw them away from him. (LT to lift, then use the Y button to throw)
  • Use the Freeze Time ability (B button) to set up attacks and PK throws without taking any damage. It is also a great way to restore Crypto’s health without having to travel too far away from enemies.
  • Replenish the ammunition for your handheld weapons and saucer by using the Transmogrify ability. Target any inanimate object and press the blue “X” button.
  • The Tornadotron is a saucer weapon useful for damaging buildings, but requires a lot of energy. Fire it in between groups of structures for maximum damage. Another great feature is that it can be used while the saucer is cloaked.
  • Superballer is the most useless weapon. While it does look cool when fired with its rainbow trails, it does little damage and just moves objects around. If you want to move objects around, the PK ability is more effective and does not require ammunition.

Clothes and Saucer Skins Cheat Codes

Note: To activate the following Destroy all Humans - Path of the Furon cheat codes, go to the “Extras” menu and select “Unlock Content”. Type in the code and go to the “Options” menu. Select “Customize” and choose the appropriate item.

Crypto’s 60’s look

  • M13Ni95L

Crypto’s 70’s look

  • S63bf2kd

Crypto’s Biker look

  • 1gb57M2x

Crypto’s Chef look

  • 51c24KiW

Crypto’s Gangster look

  • J5d99bPz

Crypto’s Martial Arts look

  • Ly11r98H

Crypto’s Velvet look

  • F9sT5v88

Saucer Skins

  • X91mw7zp

Saucer Attachments

  • V81fvUW3

Game Screenshots

Odd Missions

The Pet Rock

In “Las Paradiso”, Orthopox will ask Crypto to retrieve a large meteorite to be used as his personal pet rock. It is guarded by 10 mobsters and surrounded by boulders. To get to it, first kill the mobsters with the Zap-O-Matic gun and then use it to get rid of the boulders. You will then discover that the meteorite cannot be moved using Crypto’s PK ability. Lift another object and carefully push it towards the location shown on the mini-map (pink diamond). Most objects will work (including humans). Navigate it slowly through the street area avoiding cars and other obstacles that may hinder your progress. Completing this task earns 1,500 DNA points.

Pied Piper of Men

In “Sunnywood”, Crypto is asked to help the “Lunarian Church of Alientology” recruit ten people for their cult and bring them to their bus. Unfortunately, you have to do this within two minutes and you can only pick up men. Use the Jetpack to quickly travel and PK human men. After picking them up, fly back close to the bus and they will be recruited by the Lunarians.

Defeating the Nexosporidium Walker

Crypto will have his first encounter with this insect-like alien monster on one of the main missions in “Sunnywood”. He is quite large, and has the ability generate smaller “Nexo” creatures. Use PK and the Zap-o-Matic gun to kill and keep them away from you. The Nexosporidium’s weakness is his oversize “scrotum” package. In the first phase, it will shoot fire blasts at you. The fastest way to damage it is to use the Freeze Time ability and shoot it with the Ion Cannon. After it has taken some damage, it will move to a second phase where it will fire powerful and damaging laser beams. Avoid as much damage as possible and jetpack your way to a location just above him. Fire the Zapo-Meter at his scrotum until his health bar depletes.