Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed Walkthrough -- Part 2 of 4 -- Fairfield City

Destroy All Humans Big Willy Unleashed Walkthrough -- Part 2 of 4 -- Fairfield City
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Country Roads, Take Me Away

Big Willy’s may be people. (At least it is made from people at any rate.) The hot dogs and other fast food offerings of the chain have found popularity among the Disco set, and store number 500 is ready opening in Fairfield City. Crypto and Pox arrive just in time to find four women on roller skates trying to rob their restaurant They want to liberate the secret sauce recipe from the location and they nearly succeed.

Pox is not a warrior, but has no qualms about making Crypto sacrifice himself to complete his goals. Crypto tracks the thieves down and recovers the brief case. Opening the case reveals an explosive secret that leaves Crypto without any of his Furonian technology. Return to the flying saucer. Snatch a body and use the mind control powers to get to the saucer. When you reach the saucer, four of Colonel Kluckin’s disco girls wait there for you. Show them no mercy.

A Furon Scorned

Alien codes of conduct demand only one thing when someone tries to destroy the Fairfield Big Willy’s Restaurant. Pox cannot get vengeance directly, but Crypto can. This mission starts out in stealth mode. Snatch one of the Disco Roller Girl’s bodies. Follow the map and listen in on the conversations. Listen in on several conversations to find out which people you need to destroy. You get to destroy a few buildings as well during this mission.

Juggling Bombs


Colonel Kluckin' does not intend to let the death of his Disco Girls go unanswered. The surviving Disco girls are not happy about it either. They intend to destroy the Big Willy’s restaurant Fairfield in response. Crypto must prevent this from happening. He’s allowed to use lethal force. (Which, let’s face it, will be necessary whether it is or not.)

Snipe the disco girls. The anal probe will get them to drop the bombs, but you want to do this while they are not near you or the restaurant. Fend off the attack and you may be able to collect more DNA.

Return of the Corncob King

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The roller disco girls were a menace, but you have not yet met their leader, Mindy Peters. Find her by tracking down her boyfriend, the Corncob King. Travel through Fairfield until you find him at a Pool Hall. Bring the Corncob King to a phone so he can call Mindy Peters. It is a good idea to use hypnosis rather than the body snatch ability to do this. Travel to three pay phones before you find one that works. If you use the body snatching technique, you must travel quickly.He makes the phone call and now you know where Mindy Peters is hiding.

Burn, Baby, Burn

This mission is not difficult. Fans of the Mechassault series will find this mission’s goal easy to grasp. Destroy all buildings in Fairfield except Big Willy’s Restaurant. Use the Saucer or the Big Willy mech.

Fairfield City Odd Jobs – General Mayhem

Pox wants you to take out three army officers, but he does not know their locations. Use the body snatching technique to possess army personnel and listen into the conversations to find the location of your target. Get to the targets and take them out. Remember not to get caught.

Gas Up!

Gas is in short supply in the 1970s. Pox needs gasoline as an ingredient for his milkshakes. Pox has modified Crypto’s saucer to enable it to drain a nearby gas station. Crypto needs to do is to keep anyone else from getting gas. Use the disintegrator and any other weapons at your disposal to remove the lines at the pumps. If the disintegrator runs out of ammo, transmorgify a vehicle.

Down Home Disco Hootenanny

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Pox’s plan to use disco to conquer humanity has hit a snag. Colonel Kluckin' has beat him to it. Kidnap some of Colonel Kluckin’s disco dancers and bring them into the Big Willy’s family.Do not get caught during the body snatching process. When you return to Big Willy’s with all four dancers, you will be attacked. Protect the dancers.

Team Building

Gondh has not gone back to Furon, as much as Pox and Crypto might wish him to do so. Crypto faces another efficiency test. Although there is a time limit on this test. Gondh does not tell you what it is. Create 20 zombies with your zombie gun. Because the zombie gun only has ten shots, you may need to transmorgify an item to receive additional ammo.

Big Willy’s Wankers

Colonel Kluckin' has gotten tired of covert and not-so-covert acts of violence to settle his differences with Pox. Have Crypto equip the Zombie gun and change the humans Pox wants as soccer players into zombie players. Escort them back to the field until you have a complete soccer team. Go to the soccer field. Find out that Colonel Kluckin' does not intend to hold a soccer match. Kluckin' intends to destroy the brains behind Big Willy’s restaurants. Fend off the attackers.


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