WET the Video Game Walkthroughs: How to Get Through the Last Levels

WET the Video Game Walkthroughs: How to Get Through the Last Levels
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Road Rage in WET the Video Game

This is quite an easy level. It plays out like a car chase from before but in Rubi vision (entirely, that is). All you need for this level is good aiming in order to “take care” of everything. Pay special attention to the ultra-threatening motorcycle bad guys more-so than everyone else. Later on during the level, try using one of your other weapons for a change to dispatch the bad guys. One final tip: There’s plenty of quicktime moments here in this level so be sure you are ready for them.

Head to Head in WET the Video Game

Move forward, swing across to the ledge via the poles, drop down, swing to the next gap in order to reach the platform. Eliminate the enemies, wall run up in the back of the ally, jump to some more poles until you reach a ledge. Do another wall run up the building, shimmy around the ledge, drop down onto the balcony and head indoors. Kill the bad guys, leap off the ledge where you’ll find more bad guys. Fire at the barrel, that’ll get rid of some of those guys, continue on and kill off the rest. You will encounter a Gatling Turret, just shoot the barrel behind it and move on.

Yet another Gatling Turret, make use of the many flammable barrels lying around. Afterwards, leap down to where the bad guys were and kill the new ones by heading to the back of the area. A couple waves of them will come at you. Kill them all then head through the door in the back.


Next, go downstairs, jump on the floating buoys, go to the dock. Kill the bad guys, wall run up the wall of the dock, swing on the poles over the water and land on the other dock. Kill the bad guys, circle around the docks until you find a building to go into. Inside, you’ll find yourself in a difficult arena battle. Shoot the baddie right ahead of you, kill the melee guy running after you before taking out the spawn point. Run as fast as you can to the second spawn point beneath the structure and take that out, get on top of it, kill the Gatling gun bad guy. Continue to the corner, wall run up and replenish your health with some power-ups. You’ll also find the last two spawn points up here, you know what to do with them.

Continue on through the door. After the Rubi vision bit, head down to the hall, go through the door. Take care of the baddies, more will come, kill them too. A door will open leading to another arena battle, this one having three spawn points. These are all on the ground level so this should be easier. Once you’re finished, jump over the gap and hit the switch, this will stop the cart. Go back out, jump over them and to the other end. The bad guys will now use the elevator to reach you. You know what to do with them. Once done, continue up the steps and open the door.

Final Level

Party time

The last portion of “Wet” is a semi-quicktime event and a little bit more. There will be a lot of fire everywhere. All you need to do is hit the correct prompt buttons and then poof, it’s all over. You have now finished the game, unlocking some Boneyard challenges and a score attack mode.

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