Wet Achievements for Xbox 360: Get Your Guns and Stunts to Earn Some Points!

Wet Achievements for Xbox 360: Get Your Guns and Stunts to Earn Some Points!
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With superb acrobatic stunts, immersive gun play and style, Wet takes the action level to new heights. The lead character of Wet video game is Rubi Malone—a stylish, dual gun wielding babe who knows the right moves to eliminate her foes. She can perform awesome stunts, create mayhem using her samurai sword uppercut and take down multiple enemies with her dual pistols.

Few unique additions make this action title much more interesting. Performing acrobatic stunts automatically switches the game mode to slow motion, giving you an opportunity to take down as many enemies as you want. The Rage mode displays Rubi’s psychotic ferocity as she massacres anybody coming her way. Some shooting sequences also feature quick time events, where you have split second choices to make during intense gun battles. But, the key aspect of the game is Style Points, where each acrobatic stunt combined with gun fights can earn you performance points. Sometimes Wet achievements also rely on your style points as well as multipliers. The latter is awarded to players during successive kills with guns or sword. Gaining multipliers also helps Rubi to increase her health bar and score.

While there are very few Wet Xbox 360 cheats, the achievements are aplenty. Some can be achieved by eliminating a certain number of enemies at high multipliers, whereas others achieved by completing difficulty levels or upgrading weapons. The 43 Wet achievements carry a total of 1000 gamerscore points, enough to re-play the game a few more times.

Wet Xbox360 Cheats and Unlockables

Challenge Modes and Points Count:

  • After finishing the game, whether on normal or hard difficulty level, you will be able to unlock the BoneYard Challenges and Points


  • Points Count lets you replay any level and BoneYard Challenges tests Rubi’s gun fighting and acrobatic skills through various levels.

Wet Achievements: 15 Gamerscore Point Achievements

Wet Screenshot 1

Chinatown Rundown: In Story Mode, finish chapter 1 on easy, normal, hard or ultra hard difficulty level.

Vehicular Carnage: In Story Mode, end chapter 2 successfully on easy, normal, hard or ultra hard difficulty level.

Boneyard Workout: End chapter 3 successfully on any difficulty level in Story Mode

You Dirty Rat: You can unlock this achievement after finishing chapter 4 in Story Mode

Everybody Runs: Finish off chapter 5 on easy, hard, ultra hard or normal difficulty level in Story Mode

Falling for Kafka: You can unlock this achievement after completing chapter 6 on any difficulty in Story Mode

Uninvited Guest: Finish off chapter 7 in Story Mode on any difficulty level

Breaking the Ice: Unlock this achievement after completing chapter 8 on any difficulty level. You can unlock this in Story Mode

The Opera House: Finish chapter 9 on any difficulty level and unlock this achievement. It can be unlocked in Story Mode

Shock Therapy: Finish chapter 10 on any difficulty level in Story Mode and earn this achievement

Road Rage: You can achieve this title after finishing off chapter 11 on any difficulty setting.

Head to Head: After completion of the final chapter (chapter 12), the Head to Head achievement will be yours.

Unlockable Wet Achievements For Completing Difficulty Levels

No Sweat: As the title suggests, you earn 30 gamerscore points easily by completing Story Mode on Easy difficulty setting.

Business as Usual: complete the Story Mode in normal difficulty to earn 40 gamerscore points.

Hard Time: you will have a hard time completing the Story Mode in Hard difficulty level, but the hard work will be worth 50 gamerscore points.

Blood, Sweat and Tears: The ultra hard difficulty level should be selected to finish the Story Mode to achieve this title and 60 gamerscore points.

Quick Kills: complete story mode (golden difficulty level) and achieve 30 gamerscore points

Monkey Toy Achievements for Wet Video Game

Monkey Curious! Get 10 points after collecting 1 money toy

Monkey Addict! Get 15 points after collecting every monkey toy in one chapter

Monkey Obsessed! Get 25 gamerscore points after collecting every monkey toy in Wet video game

Boneyard Challenges

Wet Video Game Screenshot 2

Bonafied! Secure bronze medal in each challenge level (20 gamerscore points)

Bone-Head Secure silver medal in each challenge level (30 gamerscore points)

Total Bone-Head secure gold medal in each challenge level (40 gamerscore points)

Wet Achievements for Points Count Mode

Target Score Sampler! Get past the target score in any level and earn 10 gamerscore points

Target Score Needy! Surpass the target score in at least 3 chapters (not necessarily in order). This rewards you 20 points

Target Score Junky! Get past the target score in every Chapter and earn 30 points

Wet Achievements: Eliminating Enemies Using Different Weapons in Slo-Mo Mode: (All Carry 25 Points)

Revolver Onslaught! Take down 200 enemies using dual pistols during the slow motion mode

Shotgun Wallop! Eliminate 200 enemies using Shotguns during slow motion mode

Full-Auto Frenzy! Take down 200 enemies using sub-machineguns during slow motion mode

Crossbow Blitz! Eliminate 200 enemies using Cross bows during slow motion mode

Cutting Edge Combat: Kill 200 enemies using samurai sword attacks

Miscellaneous Achievements for Wet Video Game

Guns don’t kill people… use only objects to eliminate 30 enemies and earn 15 points

Wet Video Game Screenshot 3

Group Therapy: get 15 points by killing 3 enemies simultaneously

Turret-Syndrome: using the stationary machine gun, you can kill as many enemies as you wish. Use it to eliminate 100 enemies and earn 20 points.

Skull Crushing Accuracy: aim for the head and kill 100 enemies to earn 30 gamerscore points

Maximum Efficiency: eliminate Rubi’s 100 foes, but at the highest multiplier mode (x5) and earn 30 gamerscore points.

Fully Loaded! Buying all weapon upgrades ensures you are “Fully Loaded”. You also earn 25 points

Graphic Violence: This is the only reward that can be achieved in Rage Mode. 60 Successive kills in Rage mode can earn you 30 gamerscore points.

Keep Your Balance: a total balance of 50,000 Style Points in Story Mode earns you 30 gamerscore points

Hey Big Spender! Buy all upgrades and earn 30 gamerscore points

Scorpio: eliminate those pesky scorpions in Rubi’s Boneyard to earn 20 points

Impulse Buyer! You will have to buy any 3 upgrades to earn 15 gamerscore points

Fully Capable! Buying all ability upgrades ensures you are “Fully Capable” and rewards 25 points

Those were some of the best Wet achievements and cheats for the Xbox360 platform. For PS3 gamers, Brighthub has an excellent Trophy guide for Wet. Play like a Pro and Gather all Wet Trophies.

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