Browser Game OGame - New Players Guide. Game Basics and Resources Guide

Browser Game OGame - New Players Guide.  Game Basics and Resources Guide
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OGame Basics - A Great Space Strategy Game

While OGame is not as as advanced in graphics as games such as EVE Online it is still very fun to play. This space strategy game is very similar to browser space games such as Empire Universe II and one of the great online space games you can play for free.

Players in OGame start with a single colony and develop it with resources, fleets, defenses, and technology improvements. Players join alliances for protection and slowly expand their empires with new colonies. You can play OGame as little or as much as you like because your resources will keep adding up even if you are offline.

Resource Production

When you first join the game you are placed in a random star system with fifteen other planets. Your position in the system will determine the amount of resources you can acquire. For example, if you are far away from the sun the amount of power you can acquire will be limited while planets closer to the sun will be more balanced. Resources in this game play a vital role and you cannot build ships, technology, or any improvements without vast quantities of resources. Planets have five resources types including metal, crystal, deuterium, dark matter and energy.

Resource Types


Metal- This resource is required to build structures, technology and ships. You will go through huge amounts of metal to build even the smallest ship. You can upgrade your metal mines and store any extra with a metal storage facility. You can never have enough metal so your mine production capabilities should be expand through upgrades as soon as possible.

Crystal - Crystal is used to build electronic components and you will need it in smaller amounts for ship building and upgrades. Some technology upgrades will require more crystal but metals should still be your top priority. You will need more energy capabilities to produce crystal in quantity.

Deuterium - This substance is the fuel for your spaceships. Planets that are far away from the sun will have more of this resource. The resource is also used for some research but in smaller quantities. Once you develop larger fleets you will need more of it.

Energy - Your structures won’t work properly without power. You have two types of power, solar and fusion. You can build solar plants on you planet and a solar satellite in space. Any satellites in space are very venerable to attack without adequate protection so new players are encouraged not to produce them at first. Fusion plants produce more power but are more expensive and will use deuterium as a fuel to operate.

Dark Matter - This resource is one you cannot produce and it must be purchased. With dark matter you can have access to advanced features like commanders and trade with NPCs. You can use PayPal, credit cards and other payment options to get dark matter. You are not required to buy dark matter and you can still play the game without it.

Defending Your Planet

Your Shields

As a new player your defense is more important than offense. Ships are very expensive resource wise and require higher levels of technology. Defenses are relatively inexpensive and can help protect your growing empire from attack. New players should focus on resources production, technology upgrades, and defenses before ship building begins. Some defensive structures may also repair after an attack while ships are usually completely destroyed. There are several defense structures you have to work with.

Rocket Launchers - Basic first line defense structure. Won’t protect you from larger more concentrated attacks.

Light Lasers - More concentrated firepower against ships. Lasers cause more damage than rockets.

Heavy Lasers - Standard upgrade from smaller lasers with more damage output.

Gauss Cannon - This cannon is expensive but very effective against ships. Gauss cannons offer more advanced protection.

Ion Cannon - Very cheap to produce in large quantities. This weapon can help to protect your larger defensive structures and cause damage to vessels at the same time.

Plasma Turret - Very expensive defense structure but powerful. The power surpasses even the Destroyer capital ship.

Small and Large Shields - Produces mall or large dome protection around a planets. Very effective against attacks. Each planet can only have one shield.

Anti-Ballistic Missile System - Protects planets from incoming ballistic missile attacks.

Interplanetary Missile Systems - These missiles will target defensive structures and can travel a distance of fourteen systems. They are only vulnerable to Anti-Ballistic Missiles.



Your empire won’t get very far without technology upgrades. There are four main areas you can concentrate your technology upgrades into. You may need other technologies from other sections to complete an uopgrade in another section. See the tech tree for details on each technology.

Basic research - This includes energy, laser, ion, hyperspace, and plasma technology.

Drive Research - Includes combustion, impulse, and hyperspace technology.

Advanced Research - Includes espionage, computer, astrophysics, intergalactic, and graviton technology.

Combat Research - Includes armor, weapons, and shielding technology.

Use the tech tree to decide what research you want to do next. Every ship, structure, and technology will require different research levels to complete. This space MMO puts a heavy emphasis on technology so start reaserching it from the beginning. The higher the techs level the more units and defenses you will unlock.

Planet Structures

Planet Structures

Structures help your colonies grow and expand and should be upgraded as soon as possible. Consult each structures tech tree to see what is required to build them. The shipyard, research lab and robotic factory should be your top priorities for upgrading.

Robotic Factory - Increases the production of other buildings.

Shipyard - Produces your fighting ships. Higher shipyard levels are required for more advanced ships.

Research Lab - Needed to research any level of technology.

Alliance Depot - Allows you to form or join an alliance in the game.

Missile Silo - Use to store offensive and defensive missiles.

Nanite Factory - Advanced construction factory that cuts building times.

Terraformer - Increases mining capacity on a planet. Expensive to build.



Military Ships

The core of your fleets will be your military ships. These ships provide your offensive firepower. Be sure your fleets have a mix of ships to counter different attacks.

Light Fighter - The standard fighting ship. This ship is useful in large numbers and can harass lightly defended planets.

Heavy Fighter - More advanced light lighter with more firepower but it is more expensive . Fleets should have both light and heavy fighters.

Cruiser - The first heavy ship you will build. Very fast ships with double the firepower of heavy fighters. A suitable counter to fighter groups.

Battleship - Backbone capital ship of any fleet. Expansive to build but very powerful. The battleship requires large amounts of metal to build.

Battlecrusier - Good at intercepting incoming fleets. Effective against fighters, cruisers and battleships.

Bomber - Used to take out ground defenses for an attack to take place.

Destroyer- Advanced expensive warship. Uses up large amounts of the fuel deuterium to build. A good counter to Battlecrusiers.

Deathstar - Called the ultimate power in the universe. Requires massive amounts of resources to build and game time. Rumor has it the ship is vulnerable to hotshot pilots with special abilities so have your escape ship standing by.

Civilian Ships

These ships provide economic growth**,** and help to form new colonies. Probes can be used to spy on other settlements. Civilian ships have very limited weapon systems.

Small and Large Cargoes - Used to carry resources between colonies and alliance members.

Colony Ship - Used to found a new colony for your empire.

Recycler - Picks up debris and turns it into resources after a space battle.

Espionage Probe - Used to spy on other planets and alliances.

Solar Satellite - Space based power source for ground structures. Very vulnerable to attacks for hostile fleets.


OGame is a very fun space combat game that will keep you on your toes trying new strategies. Be sure to join an alliance as that can really help you with growth and as a good counter against more agressive players who might decide to attack you.