Hints and Cheats for Rainbow Six Vegas - Helping You Make The Most Of Your Rainbow Six: Vegas Game Time

Hints and Cheats for Rainbow Six Vegas - Helping You Make The Most Of Your Rainbow Six: Vegas Game Time
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Rainbow Six: Vegas Cheats And Why You Need Them

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series is one of few tactical squad-based shooters with near-realistic themes that surround current geopolitical situations. Based on the novel-series with the same name, Rainbow Six is the name of a fictional counter terrorist unit that aims to pull down the dirty business of terrorists and narcotics crime lords. The sixth game of the video game series called Rainbow Six: Vegas lets gamers jump into the shoes of the counter-terrorist unit to stop international terrorist Irena Morales and her accomplices who are creating havoc in Las Vegas’ casinos.

Rainbow Six: Vegas was released on November 21, 2006 for the Xbox 360 platform. The game boasts new features including a new health system, an easy command system based on the D-pad and a new aiming system. The health system allows players to regenerate their health slowly after getting hit. However, death can take place quickly, if enemies fire from close range. Players can also experience in-game blurred visions when they get hit.

Although Vegas is best when played without any hints, cheats or any other assistance, there are some popular hints and cheats for Rainbow Six Vegas that players can take advantage of while playing some missions.

Cheats for Rainbow Six: Vegas: Single Player Mode Cheats

How to Shoot Grenades:

For this Rainbow Six: Vegas cheat, you will have to fire a blind shot first. Make sure your weapon is set to single shot mode. Then, press and hold Left Thumbstick (LT) and Right Thumbstick (RT) buttons. While holding those buttons press and release the B button quickly. You will see a grenade shoot almost 30 feet. **NOTE: This trick does not work with C4s.

Play in Third Person Perspective:

This is one of the Rainbow Six: Vegas cheats that can be accomplished in single-player missions. While playing any mission, press the pause button. Hold the left bumper (LB) and press the following buttons quickly:

Press X, B, X, B, LTx2, Y, A, Y, A, RTx2

Resume game play to let the Rainbow Six: Vegas cheat take effect.

Kill Enemies with a Single Shot:

While in single player mode, press the pause button to pause game play. Press and hold Left Bumper button. While holding LB, press the following buttons quickly:

LT, RT, LT, RT, A, B, LT, RT, LT, RT, X, Y

Resume game play to let this Rainbow Six: Vegas cheat take effect.

How to Unlock the M468 Assault Rifle:

This is one of few cheats for Rainbow Six: Vegas that will help you to unlock a weapon. When you see the “Press Start” screen, press and hold the Right Bumper button and press these:

D-pad Up, Y, D-pad Down, A, D-pad Left, X, D-pad Right, B, D-pad Leftx2, D-pad Right, X

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas Cheats: Multiplayer Mode

Two Colored Tracers (Multiplayer Cheat):

This is the only multiplayer Rainbow Six: Vegas cheat that can be achieved on Xbox Live. You will first have to host a multiplayer game on Xbox Live. Choose any match type you want. When the match begins, press the start button. Then try to press these buttons quickly:

Press and hold LB and then press LTx2, A, RTx2, B, LTx2, X, RTx2, Y buttons. You and everyone playing the online match will see a code confirmation message appear on the screen: “GIDoeJoe Mode”. You will see Bravo team has red colored tracers and alpha team has blue colored tracers.