Quantum of Solace Game Review for Windows PC: Play Bond in a First Person Shooter Styled Action!

Quantum of Solace Game Review for Windows PC: Play Bond in a First Person Shooter Styled Action!
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Quantum of Solace (4 out of 5)

The release of Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 led to a huge cult following, however a true Bond video game was missing in the PC gaming arena. That’s when EA stepped in, but failed miserably. With the release of Quantum of Solace game, Activision recaptured the magic and recreated the movie’s thrills. The game has that “Bond” feel we have been waiting for years.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Quantum of Solace Screenshot 1

Intense action, clever AI, gripping cinematics and a perfect 3D model of Daniel Craig - that’s what the latest Bond game has for you. The game’s story is brief and to the point, but may seem confusing at first. It has a bit of the jigsaw pieces to be put together before it unfolds in the final chapters. There are numerous cut-scenes that can be helpful to understand the whole story. But, it’s the 007-styled action that takes the icing on the cake.

You play Quantum of Solace in the first person perspective, which, strangely shifts to third person view whenever Bond does some stunts or hides for cover. This can be a bit annoying for some as the focus gets lost due to constant switching between camera angles. However, games that mix and match third and first person views are quite rare. It is a unique system for sure.

The game begins with a gripping in-game cinematic and a tutorial mode where you get to learn the controls while playing a mini-mansion mission. This follows hacking a control system to open a door before the real action begins.

One of the key features claimed by the developers is the clever AI models that have the ability to duck and flank you. You can also duck behind objects for cover in case you are shooting around alleys. The reaction of the enemy AI ducking to evade your bullets tends to be repetitive sometimes. There’s no element of surprise as you will always expect ducks and flanks, although the enemy might throw a grenade or two, which can be interesting sometimes. If the opponent had the ability to react to different situations and strategies, it would have added more excitement.

At high difficulty levels stealth plays a key part. You cannot not underestimate enemies as they can be dangerous, once they recharge. So, the stealth part is a vital aspect of the Quantum of Solace game.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Quantum of Solace Game Screenshot 2

The Quantum of Solace game employs the revolutionary Call of Duty 4 game engine, which makes it understandable for having such sharp graphics. Watching the grenade explosions in slo-mo can be simply awesome.

The transition of the camera angles from first person to third person is a good system, although annoying for some players. But, the most important aspect is the striking resemblance of the in-game Bond and Daniel Craig. The other characters also look quite similar with real life actors. But, I would have loved to see the enemy AI look different from each other.

Multiplayer (5 out of 5)

The game includes an interesting multiplayer mode. Players can play online multiplayer games via the Windows Live system. The multiplayer game is for those who got bored with the short single player campaigns.

Apart from the usual deathmatch modes, Quantum of Solace adds three unique games: Golden Gun, Bond Evasion and Bond Versus. Of these three, Golden Gun and Bond Versus are very addictive. The Evasion game is like a save/hunt game where one team tries to save someone while the other hunts. Golden Gun allows team work to hit the person with a golden gun. So it’s like a last-man standing game.

Sound (4 out of 5)

The fact that Daniel Craig has lent his voice for the main character makes the game more gripping. The voices of other characters are okay, but not as appealing as the protagonist’s. The sounds of explosions and other environmental sounds are equally appealing.

Overall (4 out of 5)

Quantum of Solace Game Screenshot 3

The Quantum of Solace game is an above average game. The overall gameplay time is just 6 hours for the single-player campaign, which is relatively short compared to other First Person Shooters. Apart from some enemy AI problems and confusing storyline, Quantum of Solace is a very good attempt by Activision, which has given a breakthrough formula for future Bond Games. You can download Quantum of Solace game free Demo and relive its true magic or visit the Official website for some free stuff.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows Vista

Processor: Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz) or Pentium Dual Core Processor (1.8 GHz)


Hard Drive Space: 7,400 MB

Graphic Card: 128 MB Video Card (DirectX 9.0 Compliant)