Retro Review: Delta Force Review for Windows PC

Retro Review: Delta Force Review for Windows PC
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Team Delta (4 out of 5)

Delta Force is one of the best military simulation games with a blend of action, strategy and stealth. The game is loosely based on real-life Special Forces-DELTA, secretly formed in the late 70s. Armed with modern weaponry and highly skilled in Close Quarters Battle (CQB), the objective of Delta Force is to counter global terrorism. The game delivers the level of tension and excitement of stealth-based warfare and tactical approach to swipe down insurgents and terrorists.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Delta Force missions are extremely diverse. It includes 40 single player/cooperative missions in its campaigns. The campaign mode transports gamers to five continents. From terrorists in Indonesia and Chad to insurgents in Uzbekistan and Novaya Zemlya (a Russian island) to the vicious drug lord in Peru, every mission challenges players to put down the bad guys without getting hit first. There is no second chance as a single bullet hit implies the end of the mission. There are missions involving elimination of insurgents as well as attack and destroy missions. Some missions are more difficult as gamers have to rescue hostages, or escort convoys or even use the ultra-modern laser designator to destroy naval battleships.

If you are expecting a team-based strategy to win a single player mission, better try to make your way out alone. The friendly AI has its own way of dealing with the mission and does not cooperate, instead, they tend to go suicidal and get wiped out early in almost every mission. Compared to the computer controlled good guys, the enemy AI is responsive. Hitting his comrade will make him a bit cautious and he will not spare you if you are shooting from an unprotected area. The best way to hit all enemies is to select the M40A1 Sniper Rifle with an effective range of 800m. Players can also select their primary weapon including a 9mm submachine gun (H&K MP5), Barrett Light .50 and the M4 combat rifle. Impatient gamers who love to run down and shoot enemy camps must go for the fully automatic M249 SAW. Secondary weapons include LAW for hitting choppers, M18 Claymores for setting an ambush, satchel charges for destroying enemy buildings or aircraft or plain simple frag grenades. But the best weapon is the laser designator for a controlled airstrike on a designated target.

Delta Force is all about patience. I would better opt for a sniper rifle or M4 than select an M249 SAW or an MP5. It is very important to snipe down enemy targets before destroying the targets or escorting hostages otherwise it can be difficult to accomplish a particular mission.

Features (4 out of 5)

The graphics are truly life-like and the level of detail is awesome considering the fact that Delta force was released way back in the late 90s. The sound effects are quite realistic as the game includes Dolby Pro Logic 3D sound. The sound of bullets, the enemy war-cries and the death sounds are true-to-life.

Multiplayer (4 out of 5)

The multiplayer option allows 30 players to play in each game. You just have to click the Novaworld icon to play via the Novalogic’s own online game server. Usual games like team death-match, king of the hill and capture the flag are always engaging and interesting to play.



Delta Force is certainly an excellent Strategy Sim/3D First Person Shooter. The best part of this game is its tactical approach to counter terrorism and insurgents instead of glorifying the arcade genre.

System Requirements:

Pentium-166MMX or equivalent (PII 233 Recommended)

Video card: 12 MB Voodoo 2 Card


Screenshots: Novalogic