Getting Every Brink Achievement

Getting Every Brink Achievement
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Brink’s Achievements

Brink comes with a wide selection of achievements, and they fall into one of two categories. Those categories are “beat missions” and “play classes.” The achievements vary from distressingly easy to things only possible with a little luck and timing. All of them can be accomplished with just bots, or with friends in multiplayer. It goes without saying that an easy way to farm the achievements would be to get a friend to help, so most such strategies will be left out.

Once you’ve collected every achievement in the game, your gamerscore will be 1000 points richer. How’s that for value?

Some general tips for getting the achievements:

  • Explore and learn the maps. Many achievements require certain objectives and some are made easier with certain terrain, so once you know the area you can achieve much more easily.
  • Play Every Class. Don’t be afraid to respec to get a stubborn achievement. Sure it costs a level, but you can get that right back. Many achievements are class-specific, so you want to play them all at some point.
  • Do Every Mission. Obviously, completing the story missions and the challenges are achievements in and of themselves.

Gameplay Achievements

Gameplay-focused Brink achievements are ones you can earn through regular gameplay, regardless of your class, weapons, or anything else. They’re generally fairly easy to obtain, but some of them can be a little difficult.

  • That’s how you win a match - 10 G

    how you win a match

  • While on Defense, take down an attacker who’s completing a primary objective.

  • This one is fairly easy. When you’re on the defending side, all you need to do is camp the primary objective and kill any players who come up and try to complete it. You should get this one with no hassle at all.

  • Not over till the fat lady sings - 10 G

  • Take down an enemy with gunfire while knocked down.

  • You’re likely to be knocked down fairly often, as most explosions and physical attacks will bowl you over. You just need to have the right kind of weapon equipped so that when you’re knocked down, you can shoot. Keep in mind, this is knocked over, not shot down. If you’re waiting for a medic or a respawn, you’re too far dead.

  • Cut ‘em off at the pass - 10 G

    cut ‘em off at the pass

  • Close an enemy team’s shortcut.

  • Most every map and every objective has several routes to take to get to it. Often, the fastest route is a shortcut, usually with some obstacle that the teams can fight over. Build or destroy a staircase or barricade, for example. The easiest way to complete this achievement is to hang out near the shortcut and close it off when the enemy builds it.

  • Oh I’m sorry, was that yours? - 10 G

  • Capture an enemy command post.

  • Another one that should be ridiculously easy to obtain, this achievement will happen practically as soon as you boot the game. Commans posts are the bread and butter of the game, and they change hands fairly often. Just find one the enemy has captured and take it for yourself.

    not so sneaky now

  • Not so sneaky now, are you? - 10 G

  • Reveal an enemy in disguise.

  • This is one of the harder basic achievements, if only because it relies on a little luck (or a friend on the enemy team.) You need an enemy Operative to disguise themselves and then you need to reveal them. Thankfully, it’s easier than it sounds, and they don’t necessarily need to be disguised as you. Enemy bots love to disguise themselves, so just keep an eye out.

Even More Gameplay Achievements

Brink has a ton of achievements that are all just centered around normal gameplay actions. This is the rest of them.

  • You shall not pass! - 20 G

    you shall not pass

  • While on Defense, prevent the attackers from completing their first objective.

  • This one is worth 20 G because it’s more difficult. On defense, the first objective is usually far away and hard to reach, as part of the balance of the game. Easiest done with a team of friends, you need to successfully defend that first objective from enemy assault.

  • Great shot kid, one in a million - 10 G

  • Take down an enemy by shooting a grenade.

  • This can happen on any level and at any time. The only caveat is you NEED to have purchased the grenade shooting perk. From there, just shoot grenades until you kill someone with one. You can throw your own, or you can shoot any grenade thrown in the fray. It’s mostly a matter of luck, but the more tight-quarters the map, the better.

  • They never knew what hit them. - 20 G

    never knew what hit them

  • While on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit.

  • This is one of those achievements that you can either get an organized team of friends together, or you can cheese. To cheese the achievement, set up a private match that’s just a 1v1, you and a bot. Then pick any map that you start on the offense side, and rush to complete every objective. With only one bot to fight against, you won’t have trouble winning in far under time.

  • Use the wheel, earn more XP - 10 G

  • Complete an objective after first selecting it on the Objective wheel.

  • This achievement is basic tutorial stuff. Just select an objective from the wheel and complete it, and you’re done.

  • I think I know a shortcut - 10 G

    know a shortcut

  • Open a shortcut for your team.

  • This mission is exactly like “Cut ‘em off at the pass” above, except on the other side. Instead of closing a shortcut, you need to open one.

  • I live… again! - 5 G

  • Revive yourself.

  • Revive yourself. Seriously, it’s that easy. When you’re down, a medic will find you and toss you a revival syringe. Just use it. It probably took less time to do than it took to read this description.

Campaign Achievements for Security and Resistance

These achievements are the ones for completing story progress, for completing challenges, and for leveling up, and other related elements of gameplay that aren’t general in-multiplayer achievements or class-based achievements. For more gamerpoints and more achievements, check out this guide to Fable 3’s achievements!

  • The story has just begun - 100 G

    story has just begun

  • Win both story campaigns, not including what-if missions.

  • This achievement is self-explanatory. Win each mission on each side of the campaign, not including the last few maked “what-if?” It doesn’t matter how you win them.

  • You’ve escaped the Ark - 75 G

  • Win all main missions of the Resistance campaign, not including what-if missions.

  • If you get the above achievement, you’ll get this one along the way.

  • The start of something big - 20 G

  • Win any mission, either campaign or what-if.

    The Start of Something Big

  • Another self-explanatory achievement. Just complete any mission in the game.

  • You’ve saved the Ark - 75 G

  • Win all main missions of the security campaign, not including what-if missions.

  • Just like the “escaped the Ark” achievement, but for the other side.

  • Viva la revolution - 50 G

  • Win all the resistance missions, including the what-if missions.

  • Another obvious one. Just complete the what-if missions for the resistance campaign once you’ve done the normal missions. Or before, the order doesn’t matter.

  • To serve and protect - 50 G

  • _Win every security mission, including the what-if missions.

    to serve and protect


  • Just like the one above, win every mission under the security campaign, including the what-if missions. Cheese your way through them, play with friends, or however you want to finish them.

  • Tough as nails - 80 G

  • Win every storyline mission, excluding the what-if missions, on either Online Versus or on Hard Mode.

  • One of the harder achievements to complete without cheesing, you’ll need to complete every mission on Hard or online. Hard mode is more difficult, as the bot AI is terrible and you’ll die with extreme ease.

Challenge Achievements and Ranking Up

These Achievements have to do with the challenges the game has to offer, as well as certain achievement just for leveling up. They’re not too bad, but some are more difficult than others. For another game with ranks, check out Black Ops!

  • Well done! - 10 G

    well done

  • Complete your first 1-star challenge.

  • Exactly what it sounds like; complete one of the challenge missions the first time.

  • Very well done indeed. - 20 G

  • Complete your first 3-star challenge.

  • You need to complete one of the challenges on 3-star difficulty. That means you need to have completed it on one and two star difficulties first. Three is the hardest, and can be quite challenging, so practice which challenge you want to complete.

  • Who’s bad? - 25 G

  • Complete all 1-star challenges.

  • Simple. Complete each challenge mission once. At the 1-star level they’re all easy enough.

  • You’re going places, kid - 20 G

    you’re going places

  • Reach rank 2

  • The Ranks in Brink aren’t as clearly defined, so here you go. Rank 2 is level 5 for your character.

  • Time to start a new character - 100 G

  • Reach rank 5

  • Again the ranks aren’t clearly defined, but the achievement title should give you a hint. You have to reach max level for the basic came, level 20.

  • King of the world! - 100 G

  • Complete all the 3-star challenges.

  • Complete each of the four challenge missions on the hardest difficulty. These can be complicated, but there are plenty of youtube videos around showing you how to maneuver. For Parkour This, you want to practice a

    king of the world

    nd learn a smooth path through the level. For Be More Objective, a good tip is to use a grenade launcher and knock down, rather than kill, the enemies. For Escort Duty, there’s no real strategy, just keep pushing, make sure you keep a damage boost on, and keep the machine repaired. Finally, for Tower Defense, make sure you place mines and turrets to keep the enemy distracted and away from the console. Keep an eye on which doors are spawn points, and kill enemies before they can emerge if you can.

  • Well that was educational - 50 G

  • Collect all audio logs.

  • Fans of Call of Duty dread achievements like this, but it isn’t what you think. You get an audio log at the end of each mission you complete successfully, one per mission. Just play through the missions until you’ve unlocked them all.

Class Achievements

The class achievements are usually just things that happen in gameplay, but they require you to be one particular class or another to get them. For the most part they’re easy, and you should have no trouble as long as you play the different classes. Speaking of classes, check out our guide to the Best Black Ops Classes!

  • Was it the red wire or the blue wire? - 10 G

    red wire or blue wire

  • Disarm an HE charge.

  • You need to be an Engineer on the defense side, when one of the objectives is for the enemy to blow open a door. For the easiest time, play the Aquarium level and start on the resistance side. The security will rush to plant a charge, and from there you just need to kill the enemy and disarm the charge.

  • No I insist, you take it. - 5 G

  • Use the last of your supplies to refill a teammate’s ammo rather than your own.

  • For this achievement you need to be the soldier class and have less than full ammo. Feel free to have empty ammo to ensure the challenge is complete. Then you need to find teammates and give them supplies until you’re out of supply pips, without refilling your own.

  • It’s a trap! - 10 G

    it’s a trap

  • Take down an enemy with a satchel charge.

  • Satchel charges are explosives you can place and remotely detonate. Unfortunately they’re a Soldier class ability that you need to be Rank 5 to unlock. They also don’t do all that much damage, so your best bet is to stack several of them next to each other and detonate them all at once when an enemy is on top of them.

  • Smart decisions win battles. - 10 G

  • Attempt to revive an objective-class teammate over a non objective-class teammate near a primary objective.

  • This one can be hard to do, just because the AI is terrible. You need to have to teammtes go down near a primary objective, and one of them has to be the class that completes that objective. The other, then, shouldn’t be. You need to be a medic to complete this, obviously.

    place another mine now

  • You can place another mine now. - 10 G

  • Take down an enemy with a mine.

  • You have to be an engineer for this one. It’s relatively simple; place a mine and get an enemy to run over it. This is easiest done by placing it on or near an objective, or along the path to the objective from the enemy spawn. Bots love to run in obvious routes again and again, making their bad AI for once a benefit.

Even More Class Achievements

The rest of these achievements are all obtained by playing each class and performing specific actions as those classes. Some of them are more time-consuming than others, because they require high-tier class abilities, which means you’ll need to get as high as level 15 or 20 just to do them.

  • Pump up the volume - 10 G

    pump up the volume

  • Upgrade your team’s command post.

  • Upgrading a command post is a Tier 3 Engineer ability. Unlock it and upgrade a command post in any mission.

  • Tis better to give than receive - 10 G

  • As a medic, give away the last of your supplies using the transfer supplies ability.

  • Not to be confused with the nearly identical soldier achievement, you need to do this one as a medic. Transferring supplies is a Rank 2 medic ability you need to unlock.

  • A bit of a headache - 5 G

  • Take down an enemy with a cortex bomb.

  • Cortex bombs are a Rank 4 Operative ability. When you’re knocked down, you can press the stick in to revive yourself, except instead of being revived, you explode. You have a short blast radius, though, so it’s best to try while on top of an objective.

  • Boom! - 10 G


  • Detonate an HE charge.

  • Literally the first objective in the security campaign is to use an HE charge to blow open a door. You need to be a soldier, but that’s the only requirement. Why this is worth more points than the high ranking operative achievement above, is anyone’s guess.

  • That mine you found? Disarmed! - 10 G

  • Spot a mine which is later disarmed by another engineer.

  • You need to be an Operative to spot mines. This one can be a bit tricky, especially with bots, but one decent trick is to spot on a mine and then step on it yourself. Mines only detonate when you step OFF of them, so hopefully while you’re standing on the mine, an ally engineer will come by and disarm it for you. The Security campaign mission where you have to disarm a missile pointed at the tower is a good one to try this in; the AI loves to place mines on the right-hand path to the final objective.


  • Brinksmanship - 10 G

  • Complete an Operative primary objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise.

  • This one can be a bit tricky if you have heavy opposition, but you can cheese it with a 1v1 bot match if you want. You need to complete an objective shortly after breaking disguise, but you don’t have to have started it. Get to 95% or so on an objective, then kill an enemy and disguise yourself. From there, you just need to finish the objective.

1000 Gamerscore Later

There you have it, every achievement in Brink and tips for how to complete them all. Some are hard, most are easy, and all of them can be cheese if you do it the right way.

Tired of Brink? Maybe it’s time to trade it away for pre-order credit on the upcoming Modern Warfare 3? Or maybe you should stick to something more recent, like Mortal Kombat.

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