Sniper Ghost Warrior Walkthrough of Chapter One

Objective One: Make Your Way Through the Ruins

Follow the on screen waypoints through a small portion of the ruins until your fellow sniper points out two enemies standing next to each other. He’ll tell you to take out the one on the left while he gets the one on the right on the count of 3. Through no fault of your own it’s possible that the enemies will take notice of you despite your distance so to be safe keep low as you aim over the provided cover. If you shoot the wrong enemy it won’t matter. Your fellow sniper will scold you but he’ll take out the other enemy as if it were the plan all along.

Continue forward. The game will instruct you on how to crouch under a wooden beam. At this point you’ll see another enemy with his back to you. At this point the game is getting you accustomed to the sort of combat you’ll be performing by setting up easy kills. He’ll be absolutely no problem unless you miss… Take the kill and proceed following the waypoints presented to you.

Go through the archway and make your way to the right. Your companion will inform you that enemies are hiding and to “hide in these bushes.” There are many bushes around so it may not be clear to you exactly what you must do. Move forward to the waypoint ahead and hide in the bushes there. If you hide anywhere else the enemies will spot you even if you’re laying down in bushes somewhere else. When the enemies pass you by you’ll be given the go ahead to continue. Proceed to the next waypoint.

It's not odd. I know many guards that stare at a wall all day.

When you hear enemies talking loudly your companion will encourage you to get behind a nearby wall and wait until you can run across the road. You can peek through a part of the wall to see the enemies talk to each other and then walk away but this is unnecessary. When you’re given the go ahead make your way across the road to the next checkpoint.

After walking a few more steps you’ll be informed that you’re on your own for a bit. You’ll be tasked with making your way through the ruins without any futher guidance. Around the corner to your left you’ll find an enemy with his back to you. Dispatch him quietly and move toward the wall he was facing. To the left here the wall gets low and you can hop over this part to continue. But be careful! As you approach this part of the ruin wall do so while crouched. Directly ahead is a guard tower with an enemy on top and if you’re not careful he’ll spot you. Shoot him with your sniper rifle before hopping ove the wall.

You’ll have to go prone to move under a few wooden beams on the way to the next checkpoint, but you’ll encounter no further resistance until after you leave the ruins.

Objective Two: Meet O’Neil at the Sniping Spot

Make your way down the sandy hill. You may notice an enemy far off to the left standing on top of a building. You can snipe him if you want, but it’s unnecessary. Keep moving until O’Neil’s voice informs you that shooting in this area would be unwise because you might scare off the primary target, General Vasquez. Of course, right after he tells you this you’ll run across an enemy with his back to you. Shooting him won’t cause any problems and, in fact, you do need to kill him to continue. Even if he spots you and starts shooting at you there won’t be any mission failure. So don’t worry. O’Neil only meant there will be trouble if you try and shoot enemies in the enemy base that you can see down the cliff to your left. No one over there can see you anyway so don’t even worry about it.

After you take out the much more pertinent enemy right in front of you O’Neil will walk you through using your rope to climb to higher areas. After you accomplish this feat you can proceed unmolested to meet with O’Neil in person.

Objective Three: Take Down General Vasquez

Bad guys should just never stand next to windows.

Plant yourself on the waypoint and listen to O’Neil spout out some military jargon. In the ensuing dialogue you will be directed to where General Vasquez is currently located in the view before you. In a tiny building you’ll see him in the left most window. Take your shot. His head will be slightly obstructed by the building exterior but don’t worry about it. Through no fault of your own the shot will miss when a part of the refinery explodes and knocks the general back and away from the path of your bullet.

General Vasquez will begin his escape from the area. While you listen to O’Neil communicate with command about the situation you may open fire on any enemies you see below or choose to ignore them for now. They won’t shoot at you because they’re too confused as to what is going on. However, any enemies you don’t kill now will be a nuisance for you in a moment. Then again, shooting enemies from atop the cliff will make you an instant sitting duck. The choice is yours as to what you want to do. I recommend sniping as many enemies as you can ahead of time as a sniper is more affective at a distance.

When O’Neil tells you to, take out your rope and attach the grapple to the tree branch in front of you and lower yourself down.

Objective Four: Follow the Escaping Vehicle

Once on the ground take out your sniper rifle and open fire on anyone you see. A couple enemies on some buildings might already be firing at you if you didn’t take care of them while at the top of the cliff. If the area is clear then pull out your pistol and begin moving.

For the first time the game will give you a bit of freedom with how you make your way to the next waypoint. Keep low and be mindful of your surroundings as you move foward. I recommend moving through the tiny buildings on the way to the waypoint. That way, if there are enemies around they’ll have to fire through windows and doorways to get at you. In this case, crouching down will put you in instant cover if you need it. Stop at windows to shoot any enemies you find outside with your sniper rifle. When you’re on the move again always move with your pistol drawn as it’s better for quick close ranged kills. Don’t bother with your sniper rifle during this segment unless you see an enemy far off and you can aim at him while behind some cover. Likewise, your throwing knives are pointless as weapons here. They're best for silent kills but at this point stealth isn't possible.

When you leave the refinery area keep your sniper rifle out and slowly make your way from cover to cover. Your path will lead you around some wooden buildings. Enemies can be anywhere so take your time. Despite the fact that your objective is to track down an escaping target there is no time limit for this scenario so don't rush through this section. It's very easy to die here if you don't take your time.

Eventually you'll come across some docks where you’ll see General Vasquez leaving on a boat. The mission will end as a failure officially, but it's not your fault. It's a little awkward for a level to be successfully completed by failing to take out your target, to be sure, but the important thing is that you survived and are more than able of taking on another mission.

It's on to chapter two!

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