CrimeCraft Crafting Guide

CrimeCraft Crafting Guide
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Crafting Through Crime

It’s a little weird that despite the name, Vogster Entertainment’s MMOTPS, CrimeCraft isn’t very craft-friendly for newbies. If you put in any time with Fallen Earth you may have found out how easy it is to get neck-deep in the crafting system on that game given how easy it is to craft and how convenient it is. CrimeCraft’s mechanics for making items and selling or using them can be a bit tricky for newbies given the way it’s setup. Nevertheless, that’s why there are places like Bright Hub to help gamers along and offer a few tips and hints for making grade-A weapons using this CrimeCraft crafting guide for beginners.

Get To Level 5 First

Leveling up by blasting bad guys down

All the basics in CrimeCraft for pretty much doing anything first requires players to reach level 5. It’s just how things work. Once you reach level 5 a whole new set of activities open up, from side-quests and achievements, to additional game modes and the ability to use specific items. Most importantly, though, the crafting mechanics become available.

Now, there isn’t a real limit on what you can craft or how much of it you can craft so long as you meet the necessary level limits and you have enough money to learn the basics. So before you decide to dive headfirst into a profession, and in this case weapon crafting, it would be wise to first accrue a nice cache of money so you’ll have enough to spend on the necessary crafting skills and equipment.

Learning The Basics At Midtown

Basic gunsmith skill

All the standard training facilities and equipment vendors can be found at Midtown Square. The Gunsmith trainer is named Troy and is in a back alley complex on the west side of Midtown. When you reach Troy and you have $1,000 you have the option of learning the very basic Gunsmith tradecraft . If you’re not satisfied with it you can open your character menu and click on the ‘crafting’ option to ‘unlearn’ your tradecraft in case you plan on focusing your attention on another crafting skill.

If being a Gunsmith is what you have your sights set on, then you’ll need to take the next step by crafting a few basic items to increase your profession skill so you can open up more opportunities to craft bigger guns, more guns and higher quality guns.

Gunsmith Tk. 1 Scavenge Tool To The Rescue

Gunsmith Tk. 1

The very basic item that can be crafted at the start of the game is a scavenging tool. This tool is specific to Gunsmiths and allows players to acquire more Gunsmith material drops. The Gunsmith Tk. 1 is its name and you’ll only need one to use it in the game. However, you’ll have to make quite a few in order to level up your tradecraft profession, hence you’ll need a lot of broken electronic parts in order to build numerous scavenging tools.

You can find a nice selection of broken electronic parts from scavengers throughout Sunrise city. Scavenger vendors sell a lot of seemingly useless junk but the stuff is actually good for making basic materials. You’ll need to purchase up several stacks of broken electronic parts in order to make several Gunsmith Tk. 1 units, considering that this is the only item you’ll be able to craft until you get your profession level above level 5.

Etching Tools And Pistols

Etching tool for gunsmithing

There are two kinds of starting pistols that can be crafted in the game after you make a handful of scavenging tools. First you’ll need to grab a few blueprints from the gun trainer at the gun shop.

Now before you can hop right into building your favorite kind of guns, you’ll need a few essential materials. The first two pistols that you can craft will require very basic mats but one will require an etching tool. So you’ll need to head to a nearby scavenger vendor and purchase an etching tool. The first gun you’ll be crafting won’t need it but the second gun you can craft will require it, so it’s best to grab one as soon as possible.

Your very first hand-crafted gun will need to be a Jericho Cataclysm CT1, which is the lowest ranking pistol you can make. You’ll need a few fragmented weaponry parts, which can also be picked up from local vendors. The second pistol you can make (which is a lot more effective) is an Oslo Satis PT60, which will require aluminum, thermal compound and fragmented weaponry. Some of the materials are easier to find than others.

Scavenging For Parts

Crafting a pistol

As you level up your crafting abilities and unlock new blueprints for weapons to make you’ll also be required to retrieve more hard-to-find parts and materials. Unlike making guns in Fallen Earth, you can’t just go out into the open world and scavenge rare mats from piles of debris littered throughout the game world in CrimeCraft. Instead, you’ll need to use your scavenge tool and do a few stockpile matches in order to acquire some additional parts. You can also check the auction house for items such as aluminum and steel to help level up your tradecraft.

You can learn more about CrimeCraft with a few guides right here at Bright Hub. For a list of more online action titles be sure to check out Bright Hub’s MMOFPS Game Directory.