Top 5 Genesis games that need to be released on the virtual console

Top 5 Genesis games that need to be released on the virtual console
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What Nintendon’t

Sega was on top of the world (from 89 - 92 ish)

Though the Nintendo Entertainment System is the best classic console hands down, I still have a special place in my gamer heart for the Sega Genesis. It was the first console that gave Nintendo a run for their money and set the stage for realistic competition between gaming companies after Nintendo’s sheer dominance of the market.

The Genesis was cutting edge at the time and its impact is still prevalent despite how far advanced games are today. Through the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console, we can now revisit many Genesis classics. However, with a library of hundreds of games, there will some titles that never appear, though here are five that definitely need be released.

Put On Your White Glove

Who’s Bad?

5.) Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker: This seems like an untimely choice all things considered, and looking back, it is odd to control Michael Jackson with Bubbles in order to find children who are apparently hiding from him. All things considered, the game (based on an article title of the same name,) features fun, though repetitive gameplay, great sound and graphics. There’s no better way to defeat enemies in a game than making them dance with you until they collapse from apparent exhaustion.

My favorite memory from this game is turning into the über-robotic Michael Jackson and blowing zombies away. Ridiculous combinations like this are only possible in this era of video games.

Chances of being released: Slim to none, I can’t imagine all the legal logistics involved.

Take a Step Back

4.) Flashback: The Quest for Identity: This memorable futuristic platformer, similar to both Out of this World and Prince of Persia, was a thoroughly

One of the most innovative games of the era

difficult yet addictive gaming experience. The presentation and graphics were what truly set this game apart. Though not as well known as the other games on this list, it did generate a cult following and was popular enough to be ported to various other consoles including the Panasonic 3DO, Super Nintendo and Sega CD.

The game needs to be released on the virtual console for his historical significance and impact, if for no other reasons. Its impact and inspiration was particularly apparent in PC games in late 90s.

Chances of being released: Moderate, this game has had a lasting impact on video games and is still fairly popular, but is still unknown to many contemporary gamers.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

You fat, bloated idiot!

3.) Ren and Stimpy: Stimpy’s Invention: This was easily my favorite of the many Ren and Stimpy video games from the early and mid 90s. The game was amusing with humorous levels, characters and animations. Specifically, whenever Ren would use Stimpy’s anatomy to progress in the game, just classic.

The multiplayer aspect provided depth and though it was a quick and relatively easy game to beat. The game is still enjoyable as the game’s plot and characters drew largely from specific episodes of the series. This game is a must-have for those who actually admit to being a fan of the cartoon.

Chances of being released: Moderate, the game’s popularity could be a profitable start for the franchise’s other titles.

He’ll Be Back

Taking down Skynet

2.) Terminator: This game stands out as one of the few games from back in the day that actually stuck to the film’s general plot. The game was a basic 2D platformer which you played Kyle Resse trying to protect Sarah Connor from the iconic cyborg. I vividly remember playing this game as a youth and even then marveled how well the game stuck to the plot of the film. Many earlier video games based on films and television series were just exaggerated, cartoonish platformers which often deviated from original plotlines. The music was also very well-done, though the graphics left a little to be desired.

Also, this game is easily best Terminator game, while T2: The Arcade Game was amusing, most every other attempt at bringing Terminators to video games has been laughable.

Chances of being released: High, copyright and license laws notwithstanding, I don’t see any reason why this game should be held off the virtual console line up.

Heroes in a Half Shell


1.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist: Apart from Tournament Fighters, this is the sole turtles game for the genesis. As such it’s easily forgotten though it has much to offer. Like many of its 80s and 90s cartoon/movie counterparts, like G.I. Joe or Ghostbusters, TMNT games were a highlight of my childhood. This Genesis title was no exception.

Though it is in many ways inferior to its Super Nintendo Counterpart, Turtles In Time, Hyperstone Heist has incredible replay value and is one of the best nostalgic trips offered by Genesis-era gaming. Though the game is a bit on the short side, the difficulty certainly makes up for that. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that nothing is better than a beat em’ up featuring tubular turtles. Cowabunga, dude.

Honorable mentions include: Taz-Mania, Quackshot, Growl, Space Invaders 91’, Mutant League Football and Mutant League Football.

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