Runes of Magic

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    • Runes of Magic Gathering Professions - Overview
      Currently there are three gathering professions available in the free mmorpg game of Runes of Magic, find out about each of them here. This is an overview of the entire process of going 1 to 61 in the gathering professions.
    • A Priest Guide to Group Healing – Runes of Magic
      No matter what your secondary class, the role of a priest in an instance should also be a healer. Keeping your group alive requires a lot of things from both you and your group. Healers need to be thinking ahead, more aware of their surroundings than a tank and be prepared to toss heals quickly.
    • A Knights Guide To Tanking - Runes of Magic
      Knights are the only class that is truly built for tanking in Runes of Magic. This is a guide that introduces you to the knights core class tanking. Since you can dual class and benefit from all other class's I will only touch briefly on knight core abilities.
    • Runes of Magic - Snap Judgement Review
      Runes of Magic is a free to play MMORPG. When compared to other free to play MMORPGs Runes of Magic takes the cake. It has more features than just about any free to play MMORPG on the net!
    • Runes of Magic: A Guide to Gathering Resources Level 1-20
      Read this RoM guide to learn the best free tips and strategies to gather resources, a quick way to make gold. Spend very little money to make a large profit, and learn where all the trainers and tools are located.
    • Dual Class Guide – Runes of Magic
      Runes of Magic, a free to play MMORPG, offers players to the ability to dual class. If you want to tank when you feel like it or be a healer or even a dps class then you can easily do it without needing to level up more than once character.