RIFT Warrior Guide - Strategy and Roles

RIFT Warrior Guide - Strategy and Roles
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Game Overview

Dive in this MMORPG that takes place in the world of Telara and become a legendary Hero. Will you fight as a noble Guardian or as a Defiant? Rift: Planes of Telara features a dynamic world full of unexpected event where eight distinct forces fight for the control of the lands. The game also features a really cool class system based on different souls, a developed dye system and much more!

RIFT Warrior Guide

RIFT Warrior Gameplay

Warrior Planes of Telara

The Warrior class in RIFT: Planes of Telara has to basic pools for it’s skills: attack points and power points.

The power points allow the warrior to execute his abilities. The pool of power points contains 100 points and points are used when you use an ability and regenerates over time. It’s no different than mana pools. As a Warrior, you will almost never run out of power points because your abilities doesn’t cost a lot of power. This makes the gameplay really enjoyable because you can almost always chain abilities one after another and kick asses!

On the other side, we can see attack points as a result of the power points. In fact, power-consuming abilities usually gives you one attack point and you can have a maximum of three active attack points at a time. If you ever played an Assasin in Blizzard’s Diablo 2, it’s basically the same concept. The acquired attack points allow the warrior to execute his more powerful abilities, that buffs you, increases damage or generates a special effect. The more attack points you have in bank, the more powerful the attack or effects are. It is worth it to save three attack points and then unleash them on the toughest bad guys.

RIFT Warrior Roles

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When building a Warrior in RIFT: Planes of Telara, you can go for the tanking type of build or for the damage-dealing role. Each roles have their own 4 specific souls that will gives bonuses and boost your build to higher efficiency.

The Warriors in RIFT make the best tanks in the games mainly because of the souls available to them. One soul protects from pysical damage, another from magic damage, another improve your efficiency when tanking multiple mobs and the last one provides a buff to all your allies. The warriors are definitely the better class to tank in RIFT, as in a lot of other MMOs.

If you want to be a damage dealing type of character, the Warrior class is also for you my friend! In fact, if you want to deal DPS as a Warrior, you want to take the Paragon Class. The Paragon class has a lot of different abilities and is one of the most powerful class in the game in term of pure damage-dealing. This class can uses it’s abilities to deal damage from distance. In fact, the Paragon Warrior is dealing a huge 70-85% the damage of a marksman or a Mage from distance. That is a pretty big number when you consider that Warrior is primarily a Melee focused class of character.

The Warrior Class in RIFT: Planes of Telera excels at tanking and dealing big damage to a single-target. It is definitely a good choice to have a warrior in your PVP group ( as long as you have healers to keep him alive! ) and the ranged abilities of the Paragon are proves very useful to surprise opponents with hit and run attacks. However, this class cannot be powerful everywhere. The Warrior lacks of self-healing abilities and heavily depends on healers during large scale battles. As you probably understand, the Warrior is not a good choice for 1v1 PVP because of it’s self-healing problem. In addition to that, this class has not any major crowd control abilities or AOE attacks.

RIFT Paragon & Riftblade Builds to Level Up Fast

RIFT Paragon Guide

RIFT Paragon

The Paragon is basically a class that uses two blades and is the best warrior class in term of pure Melee Damage. In addition to Paragon as a main soul, you’ll want to pick the Riftblade, which gives you access to the Airblade skill that increases your damage a lot (and it’s passive!), and the Champion, that gives you access to Slayer’s bearing(Damage + 5%) and Raging Bull(+movement speed), as your secondary souls. These two Secondary souls will increase your damage without much points investments it them. As you level up, put your points in the Paragon Tree and boost the Elemental Touch and Elemental Blades skills (that increases damage) while investing the other points into Riftblade.

Rift Riftblade Guide

RIFT Riftblade

The Riftblade is a very durable and tough class. It has a damage comparable to a caster, while being able to have more HP and having the possibility to wear Armor. Also, the Riftblade is not relying on Mana to cast it’s spell. As we saw in the previous page, it’s a great benefit because the Riftblade can practically casts it’s spell without interruptions. This build is great for leveling because the Riftblade is very powerful on normal melee mobs and take care of them really fast. However, the Riftblade is not a top damage dealer like the Paragon, but the class is more balanced and can be very useful in Rifts and PVP. The strategy to use with this class during Rifts is to basically stay on the same line than the mages and cast your spells. If the Tank line breaks, you have a much better survivability than other casters. You should concentrate on Range attack, as Melee Charging the enemies in PVP or Rifts will get you killed fast.

RIFT Warrior Important Stats ( Endurance, Strength, Dexterity)


For your Warrior stats, you should focus on Endurance, Strength and Dexterity.

Firstly, Endurance governs the maximum health of your warrior. As you may understand, this is the best stat to focus on when building a Tank Warrior. This stat is also useful for a Damage Dealing type of warrior, but for other reasons such as PVP Survivability and Solo runs.

Dexterity is also very useful for tanks because of the bonus it gives to Dodge and Parry abilities. The Damage Dealing Warrior will find Dexterity useful because of it’s bonus to the chance of dealing critical damage as well as the Parrying bonus. However, if you play a DPS Warrior, it is more important to focus in strength than dexterity, here’s why.

Without any doubts, Strength is the best and more important stat for any warrior. Investment in this stat improves your critical hit chances as well as the power of your attacks. In short, it directly increases your Damage Per Second. This is why Damage Dealing warrior will want to focus primarily on the Strength stat and then consider Endurance as second important stat. On the other side, the Tank Warrior will need to foxus on Endurance and then spend points to increase Strength. Any leftovers points should go in Dexterity, but remember, your warrior never have enough Strength.