The Best Links to Portal Game Sound Clips

The Best Links to Portal Game Sound Clips
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Windows to Seoul

Portal is a game with a lot of character, even if it doesn’t have a lot of characters. It’s atmospheric, immersive, challenging, innovative and humorous. So what if you’d like to add a little more Portal to your life? Well, you could build your own portal device, good luck with that. For starters, you’ll need a viable power supply, and I know for a fact lemons won’t work. Now limes on the other hand…

While you’re mulling over the finer points of citrus fusion, maybe you’d like to listen to some Portal game sound clips and relive what got you started down this crazy road? I took the trouble of looking them up for you. No, no need to thank me, Portal game sound clips are my reward.

However if you really would like to thank me, perhaps you could give me royalties on that portal gun patent? Just a thought.

Computing Cacophany

A perpetual hit with Portal fans is GlaDos, the increasingly unhinged AI that guides then goads you through the course with her electronic ranting and baked goods based deception. Now you can hear some of her best quotes, which it was all too easy to miss the first time round, what with all the portals and such. should be any GlaDos fan’s first stop for samples of her, as well as playing the clip directly, you can download the samples to your computer or embed them elsewhere:

Here is a large selection of Glados’s various monologues and sound bites.

A full sample of GlaDos’s curiosity module.

She’s dreamy.

Another great place for GlaDos samples and other Portal game sound clips is; you can stream samples direct from the site as well as download them as basic files or as ringtones, though anything beyond simple streaming requires registration with the site at the very least:

A posing of one of life’s great mysteries.

A caution to the dangers of letting someone into your heart, even if they are an inanimate object.

GlaDos once again dashes all our hopes and dreams.

Click here to be let in on a hard truth by GlaDos.

Beyond the Dark Portal… Clips

So by now, you’ve probably had your fill of Portal clips. If you haven’t then you have a problem. A problem other than the obvious one, that you haven’t had enough Portal clips. Well I’m going to help you with your little problem, and later on, I


may call on you for a favour in return. You owe me.

Revisiting, we see that they have yet another large collection of clips from Portal. These sounds range from more GlaDos clips, to various samples from the gleefully violent, yet understanding turrets to the unexpected and eminently catchy Portal credits song, “Still Alive”. has a selection of Portal samples, though they mostly seem to be cuts of “Still Alive” for use as a ring tone and the companion cube speech:

The complete Entertonement selection of Portal audio samples is here.

Another look at reveals an explanatory speech on the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

It’s not all work at Aperture Science however, GlaDos is always on hand to provide amusing facts.

Of course, there are plenty of good times to reminisce over, I feel privelidged.

And finally, the collected Audiomicro Portal samples:

Here is the front end, and here is the beginning of the archive.

There Will Be Portals


A final revisit of reveals a healthy assortment of Portal clips, including the very noise of the portals themselves, though this selection does include samples that are not from the Portal game. Perhaps your choice in portal mp3 downloads are not limited to samples from the Portal game but are open to all portal types, free of prejudice? Who am I kidding. Bigot.

A huge departure from the other Portal game clips is a somewhat bizarre collection Portal music tracks and operational portal noises which you can arrange and record into your own Portal themed remix! A must for aspiring Aperture Science DJs.

Close Sesame

By now you’ve no doubt had enough Portal mp3 samples to last a life time, or at least until your next fix. Perhaps if you’d got on with constructing that handheld portal device like you originally planned instead of wasting your time listening to samples, you’d be able to hear portal sounds whenever you pleased.

My front room is decorated similarly.

You watch yourself though, eh? This is a slippery slope you’re on; first you’re listening to clips of hilarious Portal related shenanigans, the next you’re affixing blue and orange port holes to your house and making “bloop” noises every time you enter a room. I know, I’ve been there.