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The Ultimate Portal Walkthrough and Guide - Stages 1-5 Explained

by: Jesma ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Portal is an incredible, mind-boggling, 3-D puzzle-oriented game. There is no combat, just strategy using unique physics concepts that have never been seen in a game before. This guide helps you to understand the concept behind portal, and guides you through the progressively more challenging stages

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    In The Beginning...

    (0.0) Portal is built on a mind-bending concept. Use this image to help familiarize yourself with it. Portal is a totally unique game using mind bending physics-intense gameplay originally designed by two college students from DigiPen. Impressed by the unique concepts of the game, the design (and designers) were picked up by Valve and the game was released through Steam and the Orange Box around one year ago. Portal is one of those great (although short) puzzle games that you will love to play over and over again. This guide will help you wrap your mind around the concepts that Portal is built on, enjoy the game more, and be confused less.

    The game loads with little pomp and circumstance (none, actually), with a first person view of a glass room and a big glowing yellow circle which appears to be a cutout in the wall. It is not, however. The yellow circle is, in fact, one side of a portal. If you walk through it, you won't appear on the other side of the wall. You'll appear wherever the blue portal exit point is. In this introductory stage, the exit point of the portal is outside of the glass room, on the right hand side of your character (assuming you are facing the portal). Use the image above (0.0) to help get an idea of how portals work.


    Walk through the yellow portal and proceed around the glass room. When you enter the room pictured below, the ceiling claw will drop a weighted storage cube. Pick up the cube using "E" and walk over to the large red button located on the floor. Drop the cube by left-clicking, so that it lands and stays on the button. Now that the button is pressed, the door will open. Proceed into the "particle field" to continue on to the next stage.

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    Stage One

    (1-0) Portal stage one overview When you enter "Testing Stage One" (Image 1-0) you will be above looking down on several rooms. Drop down and you will see the yellow portal. Gazing through the yellow portal will show you that the blue portal is not staying the same; it is moving through the different rooms surrounding where you are standing. The goal is get the weighted storage cube on top of the red button so that you can proceed to the next stage. To do this:

    Wait for the blue portal to open up into the room with the box. Go through the yellow portal and pick up the box. (1-1) You need to place the cube on the red button in the glass room If you're quick, you can get back out before the portal switches, otherwise you'll have to wait for it to cycle around. Wait for the blue portal to open in the room with the button. Walk through the yellow portal into the room with the button and place the box on it. Wait for the portal to open back into the center room, then wait for the blue portal to open in the room with the exit. Go through the yellow portal and exit.

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    Stage Two

    (2-0) It's time to get your very own portal gun! Walk up to the blue portal (Image 2-0) and look to the left, through the viewport in the wall. You will see a portal gun rotating around shooting blue portals in various walls (which means the one behind you is going to only be open part of the time). Wait for the blue portal to reappear and go through it. You will come out overlooking the room with the portal gun. Drop down and run up to it to pick it up. Now you can shoot your own blue portals(2-1) Shoot a blue portal on any wall to get back to the platform above.  wherever you wish simply by left-clicking. Shoot any wall to create a blue portal. Walking through it takes you back up to the yellow portal that you entered the room from (see how that works? Image 2-1). Go right to exit.

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    Stage Three

    (3-0) Portal stage three has you using the blue portal gun to get around gaps. When you enter stage three, you will see the yellow portal on the far side of a rather large gap (Image 3-0). Shoot a blue portal onto any wall and proceed through it to cross the gap. To your right is yet another gap, and on the other side is the exit. To cross the second gap, shoot the blue portal on a wall near the exit, and go back through the yellow portal.(3-1) You will need to shoot the blue portal onto the far wall in order to complete stage three 

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    Stage Four

    (4-0) In Portal stage four, you need to retrieve a fallen cube When you approach the stage four room (Image 4-0) the ceiling claw will drop a weighted storage cube into a sunken room. Jump into the sunken room and shoot a blue portal at the ground level of any wall. Pick up the cube and go through the blue portal. Place the cube on the red button to open the exit door.(4-1) Stage four is simple - put the cube on the button 

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    Stage Five

    Stage five is the first stage that starts to get a little bit more complex. It really isn't very difficult though, once you are comfortable with the concepts. This is the first stage that will have you jumping through a wall and coming out the ceiling, though, so it is a little bit of a mind bender.

    When you enter you'll see two buttons and two platforms (Image 5-0). Your goal is to get onto the platforms, take the cubes down, and use them on the buttons. Once you do that there is a further trick in the next room. First, open a portal on any wall in order to come out of the yellow portal on the platform. Pick up the cube and throw it down to the ground level. Shoot a blue portal across the room, into the wall above the second platform (Image 5-1). Turn around back through the yellow portal to come out on the other side. Throw the second cube down to the ground level (Image 5-2), and jump down.

    Once both buttons are depressed the door will open, leading to another room. This room has another small trick. Move your camera so that you're looking directly up into the yellow portal in the ceiling above you (Image 5-3). To get out of the room you're in, you'll have to create a blue portal in one of the walls in order to come through the ceiling and exit (Image 5-4).

    (5-0) Get the layout of the room before proceeding. Identify your goals and the limitations imposed by the room. (5-1) Just shoot the blue portal straight across to the other platform. (5-2) Cube tossing. A Portal staple. (5-3) The yellow portal is in the cieling of the room above you. (5-4) In Portal you need to forget what you think you know about gravity and/or physics.