Playing MMORPGs with Your Partner

Your Husband or Wife’s Interests

Find what interests your spouse. MMORPGs come in many genres, and finding the perfect fit is key to unlocking the inner gamer. Does she love fantasy? Perhaps Everquest 2 or World of Warcraft is the game for her. If she likes sci-fi, give Eve Online a try, or how about taking her to a galaxy far far away in Star Wars Galaxies. Does she have a lust for blood, gore, and nudity? If so, Age of Conan might be her cup of tea. Maybe she has a thing for Captain Jack Sparrow – who doesn’t? She can earn her sea legs in Pirates of the Burning Sea. If you aren’t sure, let her try a little of it all. Many games have free trials available on their websites. Once you figure out what fits her personality, you will find the game that is going to capture her attention.

The Bait

Show her the game. Once you have found the game that fits her personality type, play it yourself, and have her watch. Let her see what the game is all about. Point out the aspects of the game that you think will interest her the most.

Character Creation

Remove yourself from the computer and allow your spouse to create a character. A game with a detailed character creation tool can often hook a new player in before they have played the game itself. Allow your spouse to create a character or many characters in whichever way they choose. It is important to not comment negatively on how she is creating her new character. A game character is often an extension of oneself, and the comment could be taken as an insult.

Walk Away

Set your partner up to play in the starting area of the game. Most games have a tutorial that will walk new players through the zone, and teach them how to play and use the interface. It is important that you do not step in and tell her how to play. You do not want to make her angry at this point. Let her play through on her own, unless she requests your help. Remember, to get her hooked, you want this to be a positive experience. In fact, just walk away. Most veteran gamers can’t help to push in their opinion. At this point, if the game fits the personality, the new player will be hooked. If not, you may want to try a different game, or find a new hobby.

Us Time

Create a new character and play along. Emphasize that this is a way for the two of you to spend quality time together. If you have two computers, create a new character for yourself and play along with your spouse. If you do not have two computers, you will want to purchase a second, or you may find yourself an observer of your favorite hobby. Remember to play nicely. This is new for your spouse, and if you have an arrogant attitude while playing this can stop your progress dead in its tracks. Have patience, make the play experience fun, and she will love playing with you. MMORPGs are a great way for couples to spend quality time together. They require teamwork, friendship, sociability, and take you to a far off land without leaving your home.


Introduce your spouse to a social circle. This could be a guild that you are in, or a group of friends that you normally play with. One of the biggest draws of an MMORPG is the community. Many gamers play just to interact in these social aspects of the game. If your spouse meets a group of people she enjoys chatting and playing with, this alone can be the hook. It will also allow you to have free time to play on your own, and allow her to gear her game play towards the style she enjoys the most.


  • Be sure to actually play with your significant other.
  • Do not power game when playing together, unless she becomes a power gamer herself.


  • MMORPGs are highly addictive, proceed with caution, and remember to take breaks and pursue other activities together.
  • If your spouse enjoys gaming you might find yourself only able to access her through the game.
  • You may have to try a hobby of hers before she will agree to try out yours.