5 Essential Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

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Sigh. What a waste

Let’s face it, we can never have too much speed – and with all the slew of programs out there that are just too cool for words and definite must haves, speed is so important. Especially if you’re an avid gamer, you can never have too much speed. Just think about it, slow computer speeds means slower information relay, slow download and upload time and lag lag lag! Its going to be irritating and its going to suck majorly especially if you’re in the middle of an instance playing WoW, a party quest on DnD Online or maybe just playing some heavy duty FallOut or Spores. So I’ve come up with the 5 basic tips to speed up one’s computer (gathered yes, from friends and avid gamers who have been around long enough to know what they need to bring out their gaming to its fullest potential)

Avoid too Many Running Programs

This is probably one of the best and most grossly overlooked ways to speed up a computer when gaming or doing some essentially monumental task. Remember that programs take up RAM, and loss of RAM speed means loss of gaming speed. It might seem like nothing to you, after all what’s a few megs on a 2Gig or 4Gig Ram but those megs, from a plethora of running programs will eventually lead to a big chunk of space that could have been used to speed up your game and keep it running smoothly.

Taking Out the Trash

Too much cluttered space is unsightly for a computer and takes up space in your hard drive. Remember, one bee sting may be harmless but a whole hive can kill you. So is too much space taken up. So clean up your files once in a while, delete files that you don’t need anymore and take out the trash. A good feature to use is accessing the Disk Clean up program on your System Tools. Its basically an all in one program that empties trash, compacts old files and deletes temporary internet files that you don’t need anymore with just a click of the button.

Running Disk Error Checks

You never know when some part of your drive might be malfunctioning so its really best to scan for disk errors from time to time and repair them when you can. Besides, think about it – what if the disk error is a part of your game files? Yikes! That’s going to be hard to deal with. So go the System Tools and run your Disk Error Check now.

Defragmented Space

Did you know that fragmented spaces on your hard drive actually lead to slower game time on your pc? It’s true! Scout’s honor! Unfragmented files means its going to take more time sort through all the stuff on your pc and more time sorting takes time away from fun gaming. So, check out your System Tools again and click on the Disk Defragmenter. Now, remember that you don’t always need to defrag a partion, so I suggest having the system analyze a particular drive first before defragmenting. This may seem like a seemingly useless thing to do for now, but trust me, its like oil changing once in a while you need to do it.

System Configuration Utility

Go to Run and enter MSConfig on the address bar to access this. This will show all the items that are running during startup. Now you might ask me, what’s does got to do with good gaming? Think about it, you just logged in, you’re hurrying up because there’s a PvP match you’re part of and because of some uncontrollable circumstances you’re kind of running late. You only have a few minutes left and darn it, all those items on your start up is making your PC lag. That stupid hourglass icon seems to mock you and you just can’t stand it – you’re so pissed because even the Task Manager is failing to show and finally, when everything loads up and you’ve actually managed to log in, the game has already started. Missed it by that much! Check out all the things you think you don’t need and disable them to make sure you don’t miss another match again because of slow startup (although your actual performance in game has nothing to do with us)