How do you Take a Screenshot in Ubuntu Linux for Your Favorite MMO Game?

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Taking a Screenshot - Where’s the Guide!?

The first time that you try to take a screenshot on your computer, it can oftentimes be disconcerting trying to figure out just how you’re going to be able to get the image. Well experience frustration no longer, because this is your guide to taking a screenshot in Ubuntu Linux no matter what MMO game you’re playing

Taking a screenshot in Ubuntu is actually extremely easy, much easier than in Windows. Yet another thing that Ubuntu does right! We should be very glad to have such a wonderful OS. Okay, enough with the rigamarole, here’s the skinny on how you take a screenshot in Ubuntu in any MMO game, at any time.

Easy Guide to Taking a Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of your entire Ubuntu desktop, simply follow these very easy instructions. Once you have your desktop arranged and ready for the screenshot, hit the Print Screen button. The label for this button on your keyboard will sometimes be abbreviated to a shortened version, such as “Prt Scr”, or something similar.

Once you hit the button, a dialogue will come up, with a thumbnail of your image in it, asking you which directory you’d like to save your screenshot in. Choose your favored directory, then simply click the save button in the lower right corner of the dialogue. You now have your screenshot!

If you’d like to take a screenshot of only one single particular game window, make the game window your active one, and click both the ALT button and the Print Screen button at the same time. The dialogue will come up with a thumbnail of only that single, active window. Follow the same steps as above for the desktop screenshot. And, now you’ll be able to take that awesome screenshot of your favorite MMO game and put it online anywhere you would like.

This is the beauty of Ubuntu Linux, something like taking a screenshot in Ubuntu Linux is so incredibly easy and straightforward, while in Windows it is a convoluted chore, with extra unnecessary steps and complications. Can you tell that I’m a Linux fanboy? This also makes taking game screenshots even easier and fun.

Some Extra Tips - Image Manipulation

Once you have that screenshot of your game, you may want to open an image manipulation program like the GIMP, which is a free program which comes with Ubuntu Linux, and modify your screenshot a bit. Depending on your purposes for the game screenshot, you may want to cut out parts of the image, or maybe lighten it or darken it a bit. The GIMP is a very powerful program, and it can be used to make screenshots smaller or larger, or to add interesting effects to a shot. What you choose to do with your screenshot is ultimately up to you. Taking a screenshot of your favorite MMO game in Ubuntu Linux is so easy, you might find all kinds of interesting uses for the function.