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    • Budget Gaming PC Setup Parts List: the PC Case and its Internal Components
      In this first article of my sub-$1000 gaming PC setup parts list, I'll talk about the PC case and its internal components. All items have links to Newegg.com. Of course prices are subject to change; they are likely to go lower, since many items are not even on sale, and prices drop over time anyway.
    • Running a Server - Overview
      Running a top quality server requires planning and excellent management skills. Read this guide to learn what to do to make yours stand out on the list.
    • Running a Server - Angle
      Set yourself above the rest.
    • Troubleshooting Games for Windows Live Startup Problems
      Not too long ago, I had a problem with a Games for Windows Live issue when starting a game. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes that can help turn this problem into a thing of the past. If you get such messages as "Games for Windows Live failed to initialize," these tips should help.
    • How To Create Your Own Computer Game
      Its never easy to create a computer/video game. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the ways that people can go about creating them. Also, this article focuses on the many proprietary software packages that can help newcomers get into game creation. Read on for some tips & tricks...
    • An Introduction to SecurROM: What You Need to Know
      SecuROM is one of the most popular DRM programs used on modern games. How does it affect your experience, and should you automatically steer clear of titles which use it? Come read this informative article and learn what you should know about this form of DRM.
    • How to Run DOS Games in Windows Mobile
      This might come as something as a shock – but Windows Mobile devices (WM 2003 onwards) are capable of emulating MS DOS – and running classic games via a mini keyboard and the stylus. Familiarity with MS DOS is recommended, however.
    • Game-On: Troubleshooting Ventrilo For Windows 7 Gaming
      Gamers don't want to sit around trying to find ways to get their software to work, they want it to work so they can get back to gaming. This quick troubleshooting guide will enable the core crowd to get straight to the problems in Ventrilo so they can get back to gaming.
    • Setting Up a LAN Party for a Night of Intense Multiplayer Gaming
      Are you in the midst of setting up a LAN party and feeling overwhelmed? Or, are you interested in getting all of your friends together for some killer multiplayer gaming action, but don’t know where to start? This article will guide you through setting up a successful LAN party.
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