PC Gaming Tech

PC Gaming Tech

Backing Up PC Games: A Simple Guide

Backing up PC games is never simple these days, however with time and perseverance, people looking to back their games up can do so. In this article, we’ll look at some of the easier ways to back up data from disc’s and the games you love to play (without scratching the disc!).

How To Create Your Own Computer Game

Its never easy to create a computer/video game. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the ways that people can go about creating them. Also, this article focuses on the many proprietary software packages that can help newcomers get into game creation. Read on for some tips & tricks…

LAN Party Tips

LAN parties can be a great experience for anyone who loves to play video games whether it is Counterstrike, to world of warcraft, or even Starcraft. If you have never had a LAN party now is your chance to do it and this is how to make it memorable. The main thing is not to get too stressed.

A Complete Gaming PC Setup For Under $1000

In this first article of my sub-$1000 gaming PC setup parts list, I’ll talk about the PC case and its internal components. All items have links to Newegg.com. Of course prices are subject to change; they are likely to go lower, since many items are not even on sale, and prices drop over time anyway.