Skate 2 Tips and HInts for Breaking the Rules

Skate 2 Tips and HInts for Breaking the Rules
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Skate 2 General Tips & Hints

The developers of Skate 2 left the game full of possibility and many things were apparently left open for the imagination to play and create. They want to keep all the possibilities open and avoid putting limitations beyond the laws of physics, and sometimes it even seems like Newton’s laws do get bent a bit. Don’t be afraid of the chaos, including the glitches which are part of nature, break the rules as you’re playing Skate 2, that’s what skaters do.

Executing the tricks is all about timing and rhythm. You shouldn’t be running into objects or falling all the time, if you’re then you need to take your time and setup sooner for your tricks. If you’re having problems sticking your landings then quite trying to do as much stuff and give yourself time to stick the landing. Later on, after you learn how to land, you can start adding more moves.

The city of New San Vanelona offers a few hidden gems for skate boarders who don’t mind doing a little adventuring. Don’t show any non-skateboarders these places:

  • Head to City Hall, then take a look across the street to find a couple of new hidden courtyards with surprises for both street and transition skaters.
  • Keep your eyes open for a off-road path as you’re bombing down Cougar Mountain that was put in as a tribute to Whistler B.C.‘s snakerun.
  • Head over to Slappy’s shop, he bought the old Reg’s mini-ramp, did a little work on it, and hid it somewhere near his shop. If you complete all the paths in the game, he may give you the keys.


  • Grabbing onto a car as it goes by is a good way to get a boost of speed during a race, gain extra speed for a big gap, escape from chasers, or just move around the city of Vanelona faster. Press and hold the world grab button (same button for hand plants and grabbing objects) to hitch a ride on the back bumper of passing vehicles. The drivers in Vanelona are friendly and will slow down when they see you grabbing on and speed up once they see you have hold, but they will still follow the rules of the road, so keep an eye out for what is happening ahead of the car and be ready to time your release.

Interacting with environmental objects:

Skate 2 has around 100 different objects in the world for you to interact with, and thousands of them spread liberally around the city. You can tip, slide, bounce, roll and occasionally flip them into the air, move and position most of them whenever you want.

If you want to session an object or group of objects over and over again or are constantly hitting a rail or easily knocked down object, add it to your session marker. First set your own session marker, then grab onto the object you want and add it to your session marker. Now, whenever you go to your marker the objects will also go back to their position.

You can’t lift the environmental objects in Skate 2, but you can slide them onto each other. If you use creative bashing, pushing, and jamming you can even make a few interesting combinations. Making use of the ability to right-objects and mastering the use of the session marker is where the fun starts to get interesting.


Use the tips to find hidden treasures

No skitching here

Look for this box