AMF Bowling Pinbusters! Tips and Tricks for Players: Characters and Venues

AMF Bowling Pinbusters!

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There are 8 characters to choose from in AMF Bowling Pinbusters! Each character has three outfits to choose from and comes with its own personality complete with weight and throwing styles. Experimenting with each character will help you choose which feels most like your natural weight and throwing style.


Sally is a cowgirl with a strong arm. She talks sweet and plays hard. She can throw the ball fast and light and her curve is solid.


Lenny is by far my favorite character to play. He is an Elvis impersonator in a white rhinestone jumpsuit and his throw is straight.


Johnny is a beefy boy who has been playing since he was a kid. He expects a lot out of you and you’d better deliver unless or you’ll hear about it.


With her pigtails and short skirts, Roxy has spunk. She is a rocker girl who plays for fun and her throw is light and carefree.


As a known perfectionist, Sarge demands the best from both you and from the pins. As the tallest and heaviest character in the game, his throw is heavy handed.


Carmen is a beauty queen who whines when her play falls through. Her throw is light and her outfits are the flashiest on the lanes.


With his chill slang and cool threads, Cody is the surfer boy of the group. He has an athletic build and a strong throw.

Big Money

When Big Money plays he controls the lanes. He is the heaviest player in the game and his strength translates to his throws.


There are seven venues to choose from in AMF Bowling Pinbusters! and there are no discernible lane differences other than their aesthetic design. Choose from the following venues:

  • Malaysia
  • Brentwood Manor
  • Vegas
  • Detroit
  • Wild West
  • Sports Bar

Characters and Venues

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Tips and Tricks


Turn and Move Mode

Turn mode turns the characters body right or left. Press A to enter Turn mode. Press left or right on the directional pad to turn your characters body.

Move mode move the characters body right or left. Press A to enter Move mode. Press left or right on the directional pad to turn your characters body.

Press forward on the directional pad to access Zoom mode. Zoom mode can be accessed from both the Turn and Move modes.

Tips and tricks

I like to zoom in to adjust my turn and aim. This lets me see exactly where I am positioning the ball. I find that the characters head is in the way if I don’t take this extra step.

A strong first throw on your first turn should result in a good number of pins being knocked down. If you’re only hitting a few pins at a time then you aren’t throwing the ball hard enough. Increase the force behind your throw and you’ll be throwing strikes in no time. The mini game "Pool Bowling" is great for conditioning your throwing arm.

If you are left with a cluster of pins on one side or another on your 2nd roll, enter tilt mode and adjust your aim to favor that side. This will give your roll the extra spin it needs to ensure that spare.

If, on your second roll, you are left with a split (when there are pins on both sides but not the middle), enter Move mode and move slightly to one side or another. Throw the ball hard with a strong spin and you will knock the pins with enough force for them to slide across the lane and pick up the spare.

Finding your sweet spot

Everyone will bowl different and there is no trick or cheat that I know of to bowl a strike every time. I tend to have a natural spin to the left. It is sharp and makes throwing a gutter ball instead of spares really easy. I correct this by moving my body and tilting my aim to fit the situation. Play with your tilt and aim to find what works for you.