Mmorpg Beginners Guide for Ruins of Magic

Mmorpg Beginners Guide for Ruins of Magic
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Mmorpg Beginners Guide for Ruins of Magic

When beginning this intensively deep, rich and fun mmorpg you will may want to keep this handy mmorpg beginners guide for ruins of magic available. Some of the later game play will ultimately depend on your choices in the beginning of the game. From character creation to the first twenty levels per character this mmorpg is a blast to play and will not take long to grow accustomed to.

Character Selection

Character Selection

Character selection is of the utmost importance early in this game if you will not have cash to spend on purchasing extra bag slots. Bag slots on Ruins of Magic are limited to two in your backpack, one in your bank box and a few additional slots around the game such as if you can afford to purchase a housekeeper. Housekeepers have additional slots on their bodies where you can store gear. A fine benefit of this method of storage is that you can see what the gear looks like as well as your housekeeper has no level limit to prevent them from wearing it for your perusal.

Like most mmorpgs, Ruins of Magic has an extensive character selection process. This mmorpg beginners guide should help a new player to utilize their bag space and reduce the time it takes to grow accustomed to game play.

Remember when creating your character that only certain classes are allowed to wear specific armor material. Armor classes are as follows:

  • Cloth can only be worn by Mages, Priest and Druids.
  • Chain is only worn by Wardens, Warriors and Knights at lower levels.
  • Leather is only worn by Scouts and Rogues
  • Rogues and Scouts can also sometimes wear cloth.
  • Plate is only worn by Knights.

When deciding on your main character selection try to prepare for what your secondary character class will be as well. If you make sure your primary and secondary class are both in the same armor class or armor material, you will effectively reduce by half the amount of gear you will need to collect and carry in your bags to help build each of your characters as they level. Although there is a bank box you will likely use it for a wide variety of other things such as trade skills or other needed quest items and equipment.

Trade Skilling

One of the greatest parts of Ruins of Magic and its features as a progressive mmorpg is the trade skill system implemented on this game. From the very beginning you can begin picking herbs and chopping wood in the newbie areas and as you move up in levels the materials to farm move up in difficulty as well. This provides a smooth transition in upgrading skills as long as you remember to continue farming along the character leveling way.

By not doing so you may find yourself a very highly skilled player with very low trade skills. They can be used for quest as well as improvements to your spells, house and guild castle so if not upgraded as you go along, you will soon find yourself a high level character back in the newbie areas farming very repetitively for hours until you catch up. Following the guidelines in this mmorpg beginners guide to Ruins of Magic will assist in getting you the skills you will need to move forward in this immense gaming world.

Play It Safe From 1 to 20


Generally unless you will have some experienced help with you along the way it is best to stay in the areas that have monsters at your level or just above it. If you venture too far into areas where you are unlikely to survive, the chance at retrieving your tombstone and removing some of your experience debt may be greatly reduced. As although Ruins of Magic is a very progressive and expansive game without a handy mmorpg beginners guide you may find yourself quickly overburdened with bags that are full of needed gear and quest items, with no room left over for farming to improve trade skills or spare armor to sell for much needed gold.


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