What female MMORPG gamers like to see in their MMORPG gaming experience

What female MMORPG gamers like to see in their MMORPG gaming experience
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How Many Gamers Really Are Women?

To answer that question it is important to understand the overall trends in female MMORPG gamers. Surveys conducted have found that the average U.S gamer age is thirty-five, and that 40% of those are female MMORPG gamers. Although long time gamers may question this, being one and watching the trends has proved that women have flocked to MMO games in the last few years. The same survey showed that women who were age eighteen or older now actually represent a much greater number of the game playing population at 33%. While boys who are age seventeen and younger only come in at 18%. The good news is that the ‘stereotypical’ gamer is truly a thing of the past. Having been an MMO player on Everquest for over twelve years now, it has not been unseal to find a group of female gamers whose ages can range anywhere from fourteen to seventy.

What Do Female Gamers Want Out of Their MMORPG’s?

Character Customization

Although every MMORPG player enjoys a game with good character customization the female gamer does enjoy a bit more detail than a male would. Females tend to enjoy being allowed to actually customize faces as opposed to choosing from pre-set ones. Make-up and tattoos are also shown to be a hit with female MMORPG gamers. Additionally, being capable of choosing and customizing clothes or gear is just what a female gamer really enjoys.

Gaming Fluff Items


Women female MMORPG gamers also do tend to collect the fluff items a bit more than the males. It is not uncommon for them to collect a variety of mounts, different armor styles or templates or even to spend immense amount of time fixing up their guild or player home. This may not be common for all female gamers, but the trends do show that women will happily spend more time gathering for trade skills or tidying up their player homes.

Colorful Gaming World

While of course not including all female MMORPG gamers, most women to stick closer to the games that have more color and less darkness and gloom in their gaming world. Games like WOW, Ruins of Magic and Final Fantasy all have great reviews from female gamers and tend to show high rates of female players per server.


Women also trend towards games that require socialization to level and achieve gear or other rewards. While men do seem to have stayed with the primitive hunter need to kill and have MMORPGs full of action, women are happy to do the smaller quest that requires them to talk to people, visit other players or new areas, or even quest that involve being sedate for long periods of time waiting for monsters or items to spawn.

Overall, the last five years have seen great changes in female MMORPG gamers as well as MMOs themselves. As any female gamer knows, MMORPG games can provide a lot of entertainment, at low cost or no cost at all and this as well may be one of the reasons why so many MMOs have seen an increase in their female populations.

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