Xbox 360 Gamers Burnout Paradise Hints & Tips

Xbox 360 Gamers Burnout Paradise Hints & Tips
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Burnout Paradise is the seventh game in the popular Burnout racing series, released in 2008 for the Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360, as well as Windows PC games. This Burnout title was the first to feature an open world for players, along with the variety of races, and different ways to achieve different features for the game.

Because of the open world environment, players can find many fun and adventurous things to do while playing. In this article, we’ll look at some Paradise City stunt hints to do while playing.

The Airfield

The Airfield is considered the stunt playground, as it is one of the best places to practice stunts within the game.

  • You will find the airfield on the Eastern Shore of Silver Lake, on Nelson Way, between Rack Way and Ross Drive. Look for a two-level road and you should find the gate to the airfield on its northern edge. This is the only entrance to the airfield.
  • You will find all sorts of jump possibilities here - ramps, slanted roofs of buildings, pipes sitting nicely in the air that if you can get to them make for an excellent super jump.
  • Turn right as you enter and circle the perimeter building up speed. Boost and tap the brakes to get the rear end to step out, and the boost bar will stay charged. Turn right into the small hanger.
  • Aim for the ramp in the small hanger and keep your speed up, try to nail it on the right side of the ramp, once you’ve practiced a few times you can even try the lip they have on the ramp to add a nice roll.
  • Pray while you’re in the air for the stunt-gods to help you, if you had the right velocity, you might soar through the air and right through the nicely-place hoop, which is such a rush the first time you succeed.
  • Landing on your tires is obviously the goal here, or at least your wheels, and style points don’t count. Should you crash though you will fail, so keep trying until you succeed and get the reward.

Things To Do in Paradise City

  • Burnout Paradise XBOX 360 Hints & Tips

    Head up the Eastern Shore looking for a series of signs that will come up on your left, smash right through the signs with a little style and you should come onto a slippery landing pier that will have a really nice beginning view. Drive along the pier at speed and turn right when at the first chance, at the end there will be a ramp with a Super Jump that you need to take straight, so prepare and go. Take a look at the wonder vista as your flying for the air, and the cut scene plays, but get ready for the billboard at the end of the jump. You will land near a house with a wood pile stacked up against it like a ramp, use the wood pile as a ramp and jump over this poor guys house, while making sure to check out the view, which one of the most exhilarating moments of the Xbox 360 Burnout Paradise experience.

  • To find the best jump in Paradise City head to Silver Lake using the long route, up N Rouse Drive. About a mile up N Rouse Drive there will be some yellow lights on the left, with a ramp, that looks like its aiming into the air. It only looks this way, if you check the map you will see it’s actually aimed at the train track. This is the biggest air in the game that I have found, so take it dead straight on, if you land on the right or left of the track you will crash.


These are just some of the Burnout Paradise City stunt hints that can be done. Among the game’s regular races that single, online, and multiplayer gamers can partake, these different stunts can also add to your XBOX achievements, as well as adding points in some races when playing against opponents, either real or virtual.