Pure Freestyle and Race Mode Tips & Hints

Pure Freestyle and Race Mode Tips & Hints
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Let’s go for a ride!

ATV racing at its best

Short cuts are key

Freestyle Modes

  • The video that you watch at the beginning makes for a nice tutorial to teach you aspects of the game play.
  • The key is to put the tricks together before the red counter goes all the way to zero.
  • If you want to score bigger, drive through the pickups around the track – you can double your points total with the X2 pickup.
  • Variety in your tricks is important as you will receive more boost and Freestyle points by doing this, while repeating the same tricks all the time will receive lower marks from the judges.
  • The variety of tricks is limited at the start of a race, you will only have “X” tricks to pull. You can choose a trick by selecting button and manipulating the analog stick in one of the eight directions available. Tweaking a trick is as easy as pushing a shoulder button and pulling off tricks will quickly fill your boost bar.
  • After the boost bar is full it will unlock larger and harder tricks for you to try and impress the crowds with.
  • Combine back and front flips in with your tricks by quickly double-tapping back on the analog stick and then holding the stick back for the backflip or forward for the front flip. You can pull off a nice trick while flipping and even tweak it a bit and doing so will provide you with extra boost and X3 linker in Freestyle mode.
  • If you want to turn on the special tricks you need to max-out your top level tricks, but be warned these tricks are harder, requiring more time to pull off, and lots of air-time to stick the landing.

Race Mode

The tracks are all wonderful to interact in and explore and every one of them also has shortcuts that you need to find for both the fun and the time you will save. We have a few listed below, just remember that you will need boost and max preload to successfully reach your destination in one piece.

Mount Garda Routes

  • There’s a shortcut on the other side of the huge jump, in the direction of the water; as you go by the rear of the castle ruins look for a jump with a broken wall to its left. Take the jump, making sure you’re on the left of the ramp, steer the ATV to the left as you jump, and the ATV will travel over the broken wall and you should be able to land safely, with practice.

Timber Falls Routes

  • This map has many small short cuts that become evident the more you race; the secret path that follows is one of the most difficult to implement, but should help you improve your rank in a race by 1 or 2 places, and is fun to use. There’s a hidden path on the other side of the sawmill; head over to the built-up area and look for a path that sweeps to the left and follow it. This path will take you to a split level jump that you need to take in a certain way. You will need to use the left side of the take-off ramp because it’s a little bigger, boost toward the left side and then move to the right when you’re in the air. Apply the brakes as the bike contacts the ground and pivot the ATV 180 degrees to the right and then travel under the wooden bridge and the path will take you back to the main track.

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