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Pure: ATV's on Rampage - PC Game Review

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you tired of simulation driving? Want to enjoy some adrenaline pumping stunts and tricks? If so, Pure - an off-road racing game - may be the best option to quench your thirst for action and adventure.

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    High Octane Fun

    An off-road racing game truly differs from the usual simulation driving games for many reasons—the freedom to rock the tracks, try those mid-air moves and quench your thirsts while pulling off insane stunts with your ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles). Yep, that’s what Pure is all about!

    Pure is an excellent stunt action racing game developed by Black Rock Studio, developers of similar off-road games like ATV Offroad Fury series and Moto GP. It features different types of races and encourages gamers to perform insane stunts, much like the Tony Hawk's Skateboarder series. Pure is packed with single racing games and career mode. The single racing games consist of freestylers, short sprints and classic race games. The freestyle mode allows players to show their crazy jumps and tricks and has nothing to do with racing. The main objective is to score points by performing adrenaline-pumping stunts. The freestyle mode grades stunts as ‘Fresh’, ‘Tame’, or ‘Stale’. If your stunts are repetitive, expect a ‘stale’ grade. So try to attempt something different each time you pull off an insane stunt.

    The career mode includes 10 stages. Each stage comprises six races each and players have to choose six different riders. Players have to win half of the races to go in the next level. There are 30 tracks and seven exotic locations, from Italy to New Mexico. Every track has short secondary routes and short cuts. Gamers can easily be well-versed with every part of the track as each track does not have any complex features.

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    Customizing ATVs

    Pure comes with a garage facility where gamers can build their own ATV from 23 parts. All of them can be upgraded. You can either decorate your vehicle or upgrade your ATV’s acceleration, speed and tricks by mounting the right parts. However, the garage facility is not user-friendly due to the lack of mouse support.

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    The graphics are true to life, the tracks are beautifully rendered, ranging from airplane junkyard to lush forests. The vehicles are intricately detailed to match the environment. The soundtrack features new rock bands and electronic artists. The soundtrack changes with the mood of the game. Special effects echo while players attempt to perform a crazy trick.

    The multiplayer mode adds more spice to gameplay. You can confront up to 16 players at a time and have fun showing off some cool stunts. The AI is quite impressive and becomes more competitive as you upgrade your vehicle.

    All in all, Pure has all the elements of an Off-road racing game. It gives player a chance to execute unbelievable aerial stunts and have high-octane fun.

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    System Requirements

    2 GHz Processor Speed

    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista

    1 GB RAM

    3 GB Hard disk Space

    128 MB Direct X 9.0c compatible video card

    Sound Card

    Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card