Argo Online Preview

Argo Online Preview
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What is Argo online?

That seems to be the question most people are asking. What is Argo, and what makes it so different from any other MMORPG out there? Well, that’s what this preview is all about. The game was brought here to North America by Burda:ic, a company you may have heard of. They run the gaming site “Alaplaya” and they have made MMO games like Loco, Avalon heroes, S4 league, and many more MMOs, with Argo Online being their newest game to the list. Argo online is currently launching its closed beta and will go into open beta shortly. But before the game is officially released to the public, this Argo Online preview will break things down a bit for you and tell you what the game is all about and what to expect out of the game in the future. The game is loaded with a ton of content and a large variety of missions, rich graphics, large maps, and the best part of all it is free to play! Because the game is still incomplete it wouldn’t be fair to call this a review and rate it for its current content because the game still has a few glitches the company is trying to fix during the test. So instead we will just go over what the game currently has and tell you a little bit about it.

The Story: Nature VS Technology

Argo classes

The game’s story revolves around a war that changes the world and all its inhabitants, and actually has to deal with how things later play out in game.

After World War Four, which is called Seperstis, the world gets ruined by all the pollution and world wide destruction, causing humans to no longer be able to survive the harsh conditions, and they decide to go underground to survive. Sadly the entire human race did not escape to safety, some were left behind on the surface to survive and fend for themselves.

The radiation and pollution evolved the surface dwellers side of the human race into the “Floresslah”, a new race of people that look a bit Elfish in appearance, and transformed the animals into mutant monsters. The Floresslah learned to survive with nature, and to protect and respect the planet to prevent another war from happening and completely destroying the world for good. The Floresslah stands for honor and humility, protecting the Earth, and being one with nature.

Now after spending many years underground, the humans have surfaced, realizing that the world is now safe to return to. They have called themselves the “Noblians”, the ones of pure blood. After spending several years underground they were not harmed by the pollution, and therefore have escaped the harmful radiation and still look like normal humans. And their plan is to bring the world back to its former glory of advanced technology and civilization.

When the two groups meet up their point of views clash and it doesn’t take long for the two factions to start up World War Five. Both groups are fighting for control of the planet, and the last most valuable resource left on Earth, a rare mineral that they call Earthdium…

A look at the Class system

Both factions in the game have 8 classes each, giving you a total of 16 classes in all. We won’t go in detail about what they can all do because some of the classes are not available for the closed beta at this time. So instead we will just give a basic outline of what you can choose from overall.

Floresslah classes:

Floressiah Class

1. Taurus: All out fighter with high attack damage to take down whatever is in his way.

2. Defender: Tank with high defense to protect the front lines

3. Elementalist: Mid-Long range pistol user that does high damage with magic attacks.

4. Warlock: Long range AOE user that does heavy damage with big weapons.

5. Sagittarius: Long range sniper that does huge damage from far distances.

6. Rogue: Close range duel wielding class with fast sneaky attacks, and a few mid-range gun attacks.

7. Shaman: A hybrid class character that can support and summon monsters to aid the group.

8. Druid: The healer and main support of the group. This is a must have for large parties that are trying to stay alive.

Noblian side classes:

Noblian vehicle

1. Warrior: The all out damage dealer that can kill enemies quickly.

2. Protector: The tank of the group that has high defense to defend allies.

3. Scholar: Does high damage with a Mid-Long range pistol (equal to a mage type).

4. Bomber: uses heavy weapons to do AOE damage from long range.

5. Explorer: The long range sniper that does lots of damage from afar.

6. Chaser: Moves very fast with duel wielding weapons and also has stealth attacks.

7. Paladin: The support for the group that uses summoned monsters and magic to aid the party.

8. Priest: The basic healer and support of the group, which can also summon a few monsters.

The Unique Spotlight Features In Argo Online: Combat

Prepping for combat

All the classes for both sides have strengths and weaknesses to help balance out the game. And both faction’s even out to almost being the same thing just on rival sides, meaning that the healer on one side is pretty much the same as the other one when it comes to their skills. The one thing that will set them apart is their faction skills, which are unique to their own side. You will have to rely on your team members a lot to do dungeons and to take over PVP contested areas. And as named earlier all classes get a secondary weapon to use to help build them as a type of “alternative side class”.

You can streamline gun and sword combos together with both weapons by alternating weapon skills to make a deadly attack flurry of bullets and slashes.

The game also has another unique option that really stands out. The choice to activate the TPS mode (Third person shooter), where long range gun users can manually aim to shoot using the mouse and WASD controls. It’s not as great as games such as Star wars Battlefront or Alaplaya’s other game S4 league, but if players prefer a more fast paced manual style of playing it does spice things up a bit.

The TPS mode means that if you miss your target then the monster/player that you were aiming for in your reticule won’t take any damage because the attack will actually go where you aim. This also helps make gameplay a bit more intense when it comes to doing the daily grind of leveling up and hunting monsters all day. If you don’t want to use it you can choose to stick with the standard Point and click style of combat.

Other Unique Spotlight Features In Argo: Vehicles and Mounts

Vehicle patrol

The game also has vehicles and mounts to travel faster, but one thing that stands out about them are the Raid vehicles. The company hasn’t yet gone in detail because the closed beta hasn’t yet released it, but they have said that the game has some transport vehicles that can hold up to ten or more players at one time to move your team around the battle field faster.

The other thing that is cool about this is that the vehicles have weapons mounted on them, so players can shoot the cannon of a tank without having to leave from their seat, and other supporting players can shoot while riding shotgun. That means you can have a mobile unit of vehicles giving off heavy fire while assisting the foot soldiers who are fighting on the ground along side them. Both sides have their own unique mounts to choose from as well. The Noblians have technology like tanks, cars, and hover bikes. While the Floresslah have nature-fantasy based mounts like giant flying fish, horse like monsters, and other such fantasy based mounts.

Argo’s Strategy Elements

Flying around with wings

The game has the class system set up for team work for a reason, mainly because it was designed to be a PVP, RVR (Player vs. player, realm vs. realm) style MMO, pitting nature against technology for control of the world. Players will be able to capture certain zones such as a mining dungeon to gain more Earthdium, and have the evil NPCs in the area join your side to only target and fight against the rival realm.

The game also has the RTS mode (Real time strategy). Where the two nations fight over an area to control and command their troops who are both players and NPCs, around the battlefield to take over certain points for a strategic advantage. In this mode players will have to spend their points to buy more reinforcements or to upgrade and build new strongholds to overcome the rival faction. It appears that this is more of a side mini game more then anything, because it mostly only serves to level up your character and to gain better high level equipment and items. From what it sounds like this is also an instance area that can only hold up to six human players for each side, giving a total of twelve human players controlling their army of NPCs. The game is still only in closed beta so this mode may serve a bigger purpose in the future.

Joining The Fight

Patrolling with a gun

At the start of the game it lets you choose between the Floresslahs and the Noblians.

Both sides are completely unique to one another with their environments and weapons. The Noblians have Steampunk technology with guns, tanks, large buildings and advanced techno armor. While the Floresslahs have natural Earthdium powered weapons and a more magical fantasy medieval building and armor style.

Player’s will also be able to use the Earthdium minerals to upgrade and craft equipment to make your character stronger and also use it for your hover backpack to fly around. Earthdium is also important because other mounts and Vehicles in the game require it to get them up and running, so it is a must have as you progress throughout the game. There are many more things to come out for the game, but we won’t be able to know for sure what’s in store for us until it officially launches. The game’s closed Beta has started on March 8th with limited amount of content for a test run and will continue the closed beta until March 22nd, where it will then launch the open beta shortly after that. The company is now looking for more players to help test the game, so if can’t join in the closed beta then I’m sure you can wait for the official release for the start of open beta.

So there is only one other thing left for you to decide on, which side will you fight for?