Enslaved Achievement Guide

Enslaved Achievement Guide
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Enslaved Achievement Guide

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is the newest game from developer Ninja Theory, known best for their PS3 exclusive title Heavenly Sword. It is based on the ancient Chinese story “Journey to the West”, though the game tells a heavily re-imagined version of the tale. There are 49 achievements/trophies to unlock during the course of this engaging and emotional odyssey, and our guide will outline each one.

Enslaved Achievement Guide - Story Progression

Monkey Swinging

The first batch achievements are picked up during natural progression of the story and can’t be missed.

  • Free! (10 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 1.
  • Sightseeing (10 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 2.
  • Up on the Roof (10 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 3.
  • Caught a Show on Broadway (10 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 4.
  • Escaped New York (10 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 5.
  • A Bridge Too Far (15 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 6.
  • There You Are! (15 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 7.
  • Windy Passage (15 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 8.
  • To Meet a Pig (20 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 9.
  • What a Pig (20 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 10.
  • Swine Flew (20 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 11.
  • Sub-way (25 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 12.
  • Anchors Away! (25 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 13.
  • Smoky Bacon (25 GS/Bronze) - Complete chapter 14.
  • Freed the Slaves (25 GS/Bronze) - Complete the epilogue.

Next are three achievements/trophies based on the difficulty level you play the game on. It is highly recommended to play through on “Hard” difficulty, as it is not punishingly challenging and the achievements stack (beating the game on hard also unlocks the easy and normal achievements).

  • Trainee Monkey (25 GS/Bronze) - Complete game on easy difficulty.
  • Monkey Magic (50 GS/Silver) - Complete game on normal difficulty.
  • Great Sage Equal of Heaven (100 GS/Gold) - Complete game on hard difficulty.

Enslaved Achievement Guide - Tech Orbs and Upgrades

Monkey Fighting

Tech orbs are both dropped by enemies and scattered on the ground around the various levels. You can check the chapter select menu to see what percentage of orbs you’ve collected in any given level. Tech orbs act as currency for unlocking upgrades for Monkey and there are two achievements for finding all the tech orbs in the game:

  • Tech Collector (15 GS/Bronze) - Collect half of the tech orbs.
  • Tech Curator (50 GS/Silver) - Collect all of the tech orbs.

Purchasing all of Monkey’s upgrades earns the following:

  • Tough as They Come (15 GS/Bronze) - Purchase all health upgrades.
  • Check My Weapon! (15 GS/Bronze) - Purchase all staff upgrades.
  • Fighting Fit (15 GS/Bronze) - Purchase all combat upgrades.
  • Shielded from Harm (15 GS/Bronze) - Purchase all shield upgrades.
  • Fully Loaded (30 GS/Gold) - Purchase all upgrades.

Enslaved Achievement Guide - Masks

Throughout Enslaved, you’ll stumble upon collectible masks. There are 26 in all, and your progress in locating them can be monitored on the chapter select menu, much like the tech orbs.

  • Mask Collector (20 GS/Bronze) - Collect half the masks.
  • Mask Curator (50 GS/Silver) - Collect all the masks.

Enslaved Trophy Guide - Feats of Strength


There are a handful of trophies that are awarded for performing particularly challenging feats:

  • Invincible (15 GS/Bronze) - Complete a chapter without dying. Note: chapter 1 does not count for this trophy.
  • Untouchable (50 GS/Gold) - Complete a chapter without losing health.
  • Lover, Not a Fighter (15 GS/Bronze) - Sneak past a group of enemies without alerting them.
  • Bad Doggy (15 GS/Bronze) - Rescue Trip from the Dog in less than 36 seconds. This occurs at the end of chapter 9. You’ll be chasing the Dog on your hover board, so make sure to hit as many blue speed orbs as possible to catch up in time. If you miss more than one or two, start the chase over as you’ll have wasted too much time to get the trophy.
  • You Swine (15 GS/Bronze) - Beat Pigsy to the top of the Decaying Titan. This happens at the start of chapter 10. Though Pigsy seems slow at first, he cheats by using a grappling hook to climb faster. Just move quickly, and if you mess up restart the chapter from the chapter select menu.
  • Matador (15 GS/Bronze) - Kill the Rhino without getting hit by his charge attack. You’ll fight the Rhino at the end of chapter 11. Pay attention to his maneuvers and dodge out of the way when he is about to charge.
  • Got the Horn (15 GS/Bronze) - Rescue Trip from the Rhino in less than 35 seconds. This chase sequence starts right after the fight with the Rhino. Utilize the same strategy recommended for the Bad Doggy trophy.

Enslaved Trophy Guide - Combat

Mech Combat

The last major category of trophies are combat-based. There are 14 of these trophies in total:

  • Mech Murderer (15 GS/Bronze) - Defeat 200 enemies.
  • Headcase (10 GS/Bronze) - Head-shot a Demolition Mech 20 times. Demolition Mechs are first encountered in chapter 2, and are identified by their wrecking ball appendages.
  • Mined the Gap (15 GS/Bronze) - Knock an enemy into a mine.
  • Over Here! (15 GS/Bronze) - Distract 20 enemies.
  • Stunning (15 GS/Bronze) - Stun 75 enemies. Both the Stun Blast and Charged Melee Attack are good for stunning enemies.
  • Close Call (15 GS/Bronze) - Kill a Broadcaster with 1 second on the clock. Broadcaster Mechs call for reinforcements, and when they do a countdown timer appears over their head. Simply destroy one with just one second remaining.
  • Counterintuitive (15 GS/Bronze) - Perform 20 Counter Attacks.
  • Attacks Evasion (15 GS/Bronze) - Perform 20 Evade Attacks.
  • Kebabed (15 GS/Bronze) - Kill 3 enemies with a Plasma Blast at the same time.
  • Got Your Back (15 GS/Bronze) - Rescue Trip 3 times after she uses an EMP. She’ll automatically do an EMP blast when assaulted by enemies.
  • Out Cold (15 GS/Bronze) - Stun 3 enemies at once with a Radial Stun Blast.
  • Double Punch (15 GS/Bronze) - Use Stun Blast then Plasma Blast to destroy 25 shielded enemies.
  • Role Reversal (15 GS/Bronze) - Use the Gun Scout hijack to kill 10 enemies. You’ll encounter Scout Mechs in chapter 3; damage one to the point where you can perform a Takedown on it, after which you’ll be able to use its gun to shoot at enemies.
  • Boom! (15 GS/Bronze) - Use the Bomb Takedown to kill 2 enemies. During chapter 5, Trip will point out a Mech that self-destructs. Takedown this Mech, wait till two other enemies are close, then unleash the attack.

Enslaved Trophy Guide - Platinum Trophy


  • Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Collect all Enslaved trophies.

All screenshots/references from Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and author’s own experience.