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DeathSpank Achievement Guide
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Before wading into the rivers of blood of DeathSpank’s enemies, make sure you have our trusty DeathSpank achievement guide at your side. With this guide, every achievement and trophy is explained in detail, so ready your blades and let’s dive in.

Menu Hero is definitely the easiest achievement to get in our DeathSpank achievement guide and it should also be your first. Before even playing the game, go to the Help & Options menu. From here go to Settings, and then to Global Game Settings. You’ll see two sliders here for Good and Evil; all you need to do is slide the Good value all the way to the right, then slide Evil all the way to the left. As soon as this is done, your achievement will pop.

Can’t Kill Me… - 5 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Now for the second easiest trophy in the game. Any time you fall in battle, DeathSpank will resurrect at the nearest discovered Outhouse. All you need to do is get killed and spawn at one of these Outhouses, and the trophy is yours.

Underground Subway - 15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

This achievement requires you to discover all 30 Outhouses scattered across the world map. Just finding the Outhouses is not enough, you must also approach and activate them. These Outhouses are not difficult to locate and can easily be seen on the area maps, so you’ll locate most simply by progressing through the game. These Outhouses are used for teleportation in addition to resurrection and thus highly useful. In certain dungeons you may stumble on out-of-order Outhouses; these do not count towards this achievement and are strictly there for show.

Destroyer of Chickens - 10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

This trophy is pretty straight-forward. Near the beginning of the game, you’ll be asked to collect “vicious chicken lips” by Ms. Heybenstance. There is a whole field of chickens just north of her house, and killing 15-20 at a time will take just a couple minutes. Once you’ve killed all the chickens in this area, return at a later time as enemies do respawn.

I’m an Addict - 10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

Don’t concern yourself too much with this achievement, as all it requires is drinking 50 potions over the course of your quest. As potions are the primary means of healing yourself, you’ll most likely get this without even trying. If you do finish the game without obtaining it naturally, then just chug away on whatever potions you have in your inventory.

Extermination - 15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

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This is the first trophy that requires some legwork to obtain. During the course of your adventure, you’ll meet a man known as the Greem Exterminator. He wants you to track down and slay three Greem queens, and doing so will both complete his quest and net you this trophy. The Exterminator will give you a whistle to blow at mating stones hidden deep within Greem encampments; doing so will summon a queen. The locations of the stones are:

  1. Greem Lake - Closest Outhouse: Slimey Outhouse
  2. Zombie Greem Camp - Closest Outhouse: Haunted Lake Outhouse
  3. Farmhouse Greem Camp - Closest Outhouse: Wretched Outhouse

There are six more trophies and achievements to collect, and all are outlined here in our DeathSpank trophy guide. Now we’ll move onto some of the more intensive objectives, but with greater risk comes greater reward.

Man in the Hole - 15 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy

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Near entrances to caves, you’ll meet a man named Spelunker. This man has a series of 6 quests to offer you, and each one is essentially the same: enter the cave, kill any opponents in your path, find a crystal sample and then return it to Spelunker. Once all 6 quests are completed, this achievement is yours. The locations of the caves are:

  1. Eyeball Cave - Closest Outhouse: Eyeball Trail Outhouse
  2. Wretched Cave - Closest Outhouse: Wretched Outhouse
  3. Swamp Cave - Closest Outhouse: Swamp Outhouse
  4. Sabretooth Cave - Closest Outhouse: Wretched Outhouse
  5. Haunted Forest Cave - Closest Outhouse: Haunted Lake Outhouse
  6. Enchanted Forest Cave - Closest Outhouse: Talking Tree Outhouse

Justice Dispenser - 25 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy

This is another trophy you don’t have to consciously keep track of. To earn this trophy, you must kill 2,500 enemies over the course of the game. Given DeathSpank’s propensity for violence, this will likely come naturally, though since enemies respawn you could always revisit completed areas to rack up some more kills.

Extracurricular Activities - 20 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy

There are a total of 79 side quests in DeathSpank, and this achievement requires you finish 50 of them. Any quest found under “Unimportant Things to Do” in your quest log count, so complete any you find as soon as you can.

The Day the Music Died - 20 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy

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During the storyline, you’ll encounter an orque encampment called Camp Orqawanga. Slaying the boss of the orques here, named Sergeant Orque, will earn you this trophy. It’s a pretty easy fight, though he is level 16 so come appropriately leveled. Sergeant Orque is slow, and lacks any ranged attack, so if you find your health low during the battle, just back up out of his range and quaff some potions. Standing outside his field of attack and pelting him with arrows to build your Justice Meter is a good strategy as well. Occasionally he will pull out a trumpet and summon some low level orques to assist him, but these are easy to dispatch and shouldn’t cause much trouble.

Take Back the Knight - 25 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy

Putting an end to Lord von Prong’s life will get you this achievement, and he serves as the final boss of the game. A similar strategy to fighting Sergeant Orque can be used here, with one revision. Instead of summoning minions, Lord von Prong will begin to sing, which will stun you if caught within its range. As soon as you see him about to belt out a tune, run away from him until you see an explosion of musical notes; this is your cue to jump back into the fray and keep thwacking Prong.

Mr. Tough Guy - 30 Gamerscore/Gold Trophy

Maxing out your level to 20 is all it takes to make this trophy yours. Complete quests, kill monsters, then rinse and repeat. By the end of the game you’ll either be level 20 or very close to it, so this shouldn’t take much extra work. Once done, congratulations are in order, as you’ve now completed everything in our DeathSpank trophy guide.

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