Outland Preview - XBLA/PSN

Outland Preview - XBLA/PSN
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A Dreamy Light and Dark Platformer - Outland Preview

Downloadable games often present a unique look or premise that makes them stand out among other titles. Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network are already brimming with solid releases that may not be the most expansive, but are certainly worth a look. Ubisoft and Housemarque are teaming up to bring another stylish title to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 via digital download, and it certainly looks promising.

Outland is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer that focuses on light and dark elements. By switching between light- and dark-based attacks, you’ll be able to perform a variety of actions in the game. To that end, the game will often require you to switch on the go, making for some hectic gameplay and puzzle-like elements.

Flow of the Game

You’ll encounter massive bosses that require you to make full use of your light and dark abilities.

Outland poses an interesting gameplay style. When you encounter dark enemies, you’ll have to have your light ability equipped. Alternatively, when you come across light enemies, you must then switch over to your dark ability. Though it seems simple in premise, the rate at which you have to switch between light and dark increases as more and more light and dark enemies appear.

Similarly, you can absorb beams or bullets that use the same energy as you. So if you have your dark ability equipped and you see dark and light bullets taking up most of the screen and you need to progress, you can pass through the area with dark bullets.

Aside from the light and dark elements, Outland features some fluid running and jumping platforming. You’ll jump over gaps, hit switches to unlock doors, and engage in combat against enemies. The fighting mechanics in the game—at least so far—don’t seem very deep and rely on simple brawling gameplay. This is likely to remain the same throughout the game, but even then, the main focus is on the constant switching of abilities. You’ll come across areas where you must take on dark enemies while dark and light bullets shoot at you, thus requiring you to switch abilities as you take out your foes.

Outland Preview - Outland Downloadable in 2011

Outland has a unique visual style that’s both artistic and surreal.

Outland looks pretty impressive so far. It has a unique and artsy visual design that combines with the puzzle-like gameplay to make it really stand out. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the game further develops as its release draws near. If you’ve got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, watch out for this one. Outland launches on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next year.