Yakuza 3: Cheats, Hints & Tips

Yakuza 3: Cheats, Hints & Tips
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Yakuza 3 Cheats & Tips

Yakuza 3 is a sprawling Shenmue-inspired action/adventure game, taking the Japanese criminal lifestyle as its basis, helping to create a superb & multi-faceted experience.

There are plenty of different approaches to gameplay and themes in the game, ranging from pool to bowling and third person brawling, each cumulatively defining the experience. In this article, we will look into some Yakuza 3 cheats, tips and other useful nuggets of information that may help players to get more out of the experience.

General Yakuza 3 Tips

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To successfully master techniques and gain plenty of upgrades to main character Kazuma Kiryu, players should look to complete as many of the 101 sidequests in the game as possible. These sidequests will give large EXP rewards that will invariably lead to Kazuma learning new moves, making life against bosses a whole lot easier, especially when health and HEAT bars can be upgraded.

Carrying several health recovery items at any one time is a given due to the street battles Kazuma will often get involved in. There is enough inventory space to house at least 5 different items from the selection of Staminan, Tauriner or Toughness recovery drinks. Also, take note that food stuffs bought from in-game vendors like Don Quijote or Smile Burger can be used to restore health also.

Yakuza 3 Cheats For Combat

Knowing when to block with the L1 button is often the difference between winning and losing; in the Underground Coliseum especially. Also, using the lock on feature (R1) during fights with multiple opponents while utilising HEAT moves (Triangle when gauge is at a certain level) can really help defeat tougher enemies.

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In comparison to previous games and other brawlers of this ilk, the combat isn’t too taxing in Yakuza 3. Cheats & tips for the boss battles don’t really need to be spelt out, just utilise the blocking, side-stepping and HEAT moves to their full effect for most opponents. Also, the ability to reverse opponents can be a really useful ability later in the game, so find old man Komaki in downtown Kamurocho (In the upper part of the map next to West Park, just to the west of Purgatory’s entrance) in order to learn the technique (Either Circle or Triangle as the opponent attacks).

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As far as weaponry goes, Swords can be a very effective tool to carry around, with some specialised weapons being useful against bosses and multiple enemies. Furthermore, guns return from the previous Yakuza games and bring an added impact, with Kazuma seemingly adept at never missing an enemy with a bullet. Utilising guns during sequences of multiple enemies is key. Also fighting fire with fire against some of the latter bosses who use weapons is necessary for survival.

Miscellaneous Yakuza 3 Cheats Etcetera

  • Raising Haruka’s trust, by completing mini-games and buying her food at shops & restaurants, will nab you some decent recovery items.
  • Using the Underground Coliseum found in Purgatory as a training base can really improve technique and form during fights. So get practising against some tougher opponents, even trying out the tag-team matches.
  • Complete all 10 revelations and Mack’s training in West Park for a boost to your stamina & speed during chase sequences. This helps greatly during some side-missions (dine & dasher being a repeated one) and also parts of the story too.

That about does it for this look at some Yakuza 3 cheats, hints & tips. Hopefully these will help progress you from street brawler to true combatant and ease the stress of fighting multiple Yakuza gang members repeatedly.