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Guide to Chapter 1 for Yakusa 3

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the first part of this Yakuza 3 Walkthrough, we will be looking at the return of Kazuma Kiryu to the streets of Kamurocho. The difference is, he has some farewells and goodbyes to say before leaving for the Sunshine Orphanage in Okinawa, where he wants to spend the rest of his life.

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    Yakuza 000 As the title suggests, this article is a Yakuza 3 walkthrough focusing on the first part of the game, or Chapter 1 as it is referred to. In this walkthrough we will look at the steps required to complete the first portion of the game, with some helpful tips & hints thrown in for good measure.

    Take note that in Yakuza 3: Chapter 1, there are no side-quests or extras (coin lockers et al) to be found or involved with, other than the time spent raising Haruka’s trust level which we will get to in later this Yakuza 3 walkthrough.

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    Yakuza 3 Walkthrough: Quick Steps

    For the attention hindered among us, here is a quick listing of the steps required to complete Yakuza 3 chapter 1, with no discourse on how to do them or other tips etcetera.

    1. Interact with one gravestone, choosing to reminisce or not (either choice is fine).
    2. Talk to Sayama, finish paying respects and say goodbye to her.
    3. After arriving in Kamurocho, talk to Yuya sitting on the crate next to the entrance of Stardust.
    4. (Optional) Raise Haruka’s trust level by doing activities around town with her in tow.
    5. Enter Emoto’s clinic, after fighting through the tutorial on combat.
    6. Talk to Kazuki lying on the bed at the back of the room.
    7. Talk to Dr. Emoto on the couch to the right of the entrance.
    8. Talk to Haruka, leave her in the clinic before heading to Millenium Tower.
    9. (Optional) Raise Haruka’s trust level by doing activities for a second time.
    10. Fight through another combat tutorial at the intersection next to the clinic.
    11. Enter Millenium Tower, taking one of the many elevators at the back of the building upto the roof.
    12. After cutscene, fight Goro Majima and defeat him to end Kazuma’s stay in Tokyo.
    These steps will lead you into the short but intriguing Chapter 2, which introduces the Sunshine Orphanage and the sandy resort like climbs of Okinawa, where Kazuma has tried to find solace after his escapades in the first two games.
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    Yakuza 3 Chapter 1: General Tips

    If you choose to interact with more than one gravestone, also deciding to reminisce beforehand, then a movie from the previous game will recount events with each of the characters and how they met their respective fates.

    Yakuza 001 When going around the streets of Kamurocho with Haruka by your side, she will walk in a stroppy manner over to anything that pique’s her interest, meaning she will want you to either do the activity or buy her something. This amounts to selecting the menu item she requested or trying to get a pre-determined score in one of the mini-games found in Kamurocho.

    It isn’t especially hard to reach these targets and after two full rotations of the map with Haruka, a ranking of C or even B is possible (with some dedication and effort). It can be done much later in the game however as there are places in later Yakuza 3 chapters that can be used; so it isn’t a necessity by any means to grind this at the moment.

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    Yakuza 3 Walkthrough: Combat Strategies

    The so called “Rush" combo is the easiest and most persistent attack to use. By pressing Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, players will knock a large chunk of the first few opponents down with the later swings, after setting them up with the Square maneuvers.

    Remember also that guarding and holding the R1 button (to lock onto an opponent) are both integral parts of the combat system in the game. Yakuza 002 Knowing that the block button (L1 if you didn’t know) can only parry moves directed toward the front of Kazuma is an essential piece of information to keep lodged in your reflexive memory

    Finally, in the fight with Majima, try to use effective blocking and dodging (by tapping the X button once or twice) to slide out of his attacks. Try to build heat with timed blocks and unleash some of them with the Triangle button when prompted. The fight is definitely not easy but if you’re accustomed to fighting games and the Yakuza series in particular, then you’ll be leading into Chapter 2 in no time.

    That does it for this Yakuza 3 Chapter 1 walkthrough, enjoy the first part of the game and appreciate the verisimilitude inherent to Kamurocho while holding Haruka’s trusting hand.

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