Brief Guide to Playing the Deadtime Stories Game - Deadtime Stories Walkthrough

Brief Guide to Playing the  Deadtime Stories Game - Deadtime Stories Walkthrough
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About the Deadtime Stories Game

Deadtime Stories is a hidden object game based on a real life ghost story in 19th century New Orleans. You can discover the secrets of this mystery by exploring multiple spooky and paranormal themed locations.

A voodoo queen guides you on your path by giving clues to solving puzzles and other useful information. The game also has other interesting tasks like creating potions, casting spells and freeing trapped spirits.

Game Basics - Deadtime Stories Walkthrough

As the game begins, the voodoo queen gives you information about your current goals. Each scene is intricate with multiple areas to explore. Slowly move your mouse to look for hidden object rooms or items you can interact with. The game changes the cursor icon for different situations.

  • The claw icon cursor indicates that you can interact with an object by picking it up or using it for a specific task.
  • The arrow icon cursor will direct you to new scenes depending on which way it points.
  • A magnifying glass icon cursor indicates you need to look closer into a specific area.

Claw cursor

Arrow cursor

Magnifying Glass cursor

Hidden Object Rooms

Deadtime Stories game screenshot

Hidden object rooms will display a list of items that need to be located. Identify them by clicking on areas where the magnifying glass icon appears. These levels are not timed and a rechargeable hint icon is available for use if you get stuck. Some of the items you find in these rooms will be used as ingredients create potions or used to discover other hidden areas.

Creating Potions

Deadtime Stories game screenshot

In Deadtime Stories many potions will need to be created to help free trapped spirits or other paranormal phenomenon. The potions are created on a table in a room where you can mix and place ingredients for storing. You will use the Spell Book which is discovered during the first level to see all the ingredients you need for each potion. You will also have access to the plant identification book which gives you images of things that might not be immediately recognizable when searching. Both of these books are located on the bottom of the screen and can be accessed by clicking on them directly.

Once all ingredients for a potion are located, click on them from your inventory displayed at the bottom of the screen and place them on the table. To complete it, follow the riddle clues displayed on screen to determine the order of which ingredients are placed into a mixing bowl. When done correctly, the ingredients in the bowl will glow. The mixture is then placed into a jar and tied off with a string. The completed potion is can now be used as a spell to free a trapped spirit or get rid of some other paranormal phenomenon.


Occasionally there are other types of mini-game puzzles that will appear as you are completing certain tasks. These puzzles are not mandatory to complete. Identify them by looking for a gauge displayed on top of the screen. If it is too difficult or confusing to complete the puzzle, wait until this gauge is full and click on the “skip puzzle” icon. There is no penalty for this action.

Winning the Game

Deadtime Stories has six chapters with multiple sections. The key with this game is not to rush through it. If you get stuck in a certain area, click on another section of the game or set it aside for a short amount of time. Sometimes when you stare too intensely at a section your focus can dwindle. Go back to the section that troubles you a bit later with a fresh perspective.

Since the game does not keep track of any score or points, you win after all puzzles and tasks have been successfully solved and completed.

Image Credit

Deadtime Stories images and screenshots were created by Sheila Robinson.