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Dragon's Call Preview and Beta Information

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Dragon’s Call Epic MMORPG is an online browser based game that is free to play. Dragon’s Call beta is available for play right now on 2 different servers.

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    Dragon's Call Beta

    Dragon’s Call Epic MMORPG is a new free to play browser based MMORPG from

    Quite possibly one of the best features of Dragon’s Call is that you don’t have to download a huge file to start playing or install anything at all. It is a browser based online game which saves the download of any of the client software to your computer as you play.

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    Dragon's Call Beta: Classes

    Mage Character Creation in Dragon's Call 

    The classes available to play in Dragon’s Call include: Warrior, Mage, and Assassin.

    Warrior: King of Power

    Warriors have high vitality, heavy armor and are able to use various types of melee skills and defense abilities. They often act as tanks and deal damage (just probably not the highest amount). Once a warrior reaches level 80, they have the quest available for a class promotion of a: Berserk Warlord or Shield Knight.

    Mage: Controller of Magic

    Mages use magic and can severely damage their enemies with large amounts of magic damage. Mages are able to use thunder and fire spells. Once a mage reaches level 80, they have the quest available for a class promotion of a: Storm Envoy or Flame Overlord.

    Assassin: Nimble Knight of Errant

    Assassins are fast and accurate and are able to dodge attacks easier than other classes. They have the ability to slow down their opponent which helps in group areas. Once an assassin reaches level 80, they have the quest available for a class promotion of a: Shadow Master or Toxic King.

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    Dragon's Call Beta: Questing

    There are quite literally thousands of quests available for adventurers and the daily quests are repeatable each day for more experience, gold and item drops. The quests give characters gold, experience and sometimes even high end items for your character to use. It is not with the Action Points used to do lower daily quests because you won't get much experience points while fighting the monsters, so stick with ones that are more towards your level if possible.

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    Mage fighting in Dragon's Call 

    The fighting system in Dragon’s Call is extremely easy. You just select what you want to fight, and it auto-fights for your character. There is also an instant healing that your character can use at the end of the fight to restore your HP with the HP pack. This comes in very handy, so it is suggested to purchase enough ahead of time in case you die in battle. As you advance through the game, you are able to take part in Instances, which are like dungeons that you can enter to fight bosses and obtain great loot. It is advised to form a team to go into instances with because you will not be able to fight them alone when you first obtain the quest for them.

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    A Game That Lets You Bot?

    Yes! Most games are against botting, but Dragon’s Call actually encourages botting with their own in-game bot system. You can select a job to perform while away for up to 12 hours, and when you come back you’ll automatically collect the gold and experience you earned from doing so. You can also select to train you character for action points to help level your character up faster while you are away.

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    Auction House and Market

    The auction house is a place where you can periodically bid on elite items. The market is a place that is used more as a regular auction house for players. You can put up your items on there (as long as they are not bound to you) for sale to other players. You can have people bid on it, and/or set a buy out price. You can collect the money from the in-game mail system. Same if you purchase an item. If it is unsold within 24 hours, it is returned to you. Fees involved are nonrefundable on unsold or sold items.

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    Resources and Image Credits

    For more information about Dragon’s Call and to sign up for your own free account, visit

    All screenshots for this article were taken by Sheri Newton, the writer of this article, while playing the game.