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Review: Outer Galaxies Space Combat Free MMO Game

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Outer Galaxies is an EVE style space based free MMO web browser game. Players mine resources, fight NPCs, and explore the galaxy. Many different ships are available as well as two factions that the player can join. Items can be manufactured and produced from the loot obtained in the game.

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    Outer Galaxies Game Basics

    Outer Galaxies Outer Galaxies is a free online mmo game that puts you in control of your own spaceship after you join one of two factions the Andromeda Federation or the Centauri Empire. The game features a series of space stations in different parts of the galaxy. Each sector will have a space station and one or more “jump gates” to get you to the other sectors. In each sector you can mine resources to build ships, parts, and other equipment or battle NPC ships for loot such as extra ammo or parts. Your ship is equipped with a cargo bay that you can fill up before going back to the station to unload it. All items are stored at the space station you are currently at so if you move you must make note of where your items are and go back and retrieve them at a later time. Each ship can be equipped with various weapons and ammunition is needed for most weapons.

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    Outer Galaxies There are many different ships in this free MMO space game from the basic ship you start out with to more advanced warships and cargo haulers. Each ship takes resources which must be mined before the ship can be built. To build another ship you must also have a blueprint which can be looted or bought from other players on the market. Since this game is new it can be difficult to find new ships on the marketplace. Each ship can be equipment with different parts made from blueprints such as better weapons and devices such as shields. Currently there are not too many options available for ship customization beyond weapon systems.

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    Resource Mining/Economy

    Outer Galaxies Each ship is capable of resource mining with the larger ships naturally better at it and able to haul more ore. Scattered throughout each sector are small asteroid chunks that can be mined for resources but you must be careful to avoid any hostile ships in the area. Each ore chunk can be refined down into metals for blueprints or sold on the marketplace as is. It can take quite a bit of ore for most blueprints so mining can occupy a good portion of your time in the game if you don’t have a larger ship for mining purposes. The economy of this game is in its early stages but look to be promising. There are many different items you can make such as ammunition, ships, and parts. Resource mining could be a very lucrative career too.

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    Combat take place with various NPCs scattered throughout the sectors. Currently there are no player vs player alliances available in the game yet but there is PvP combat available in some sectors. You will also receive some credits for each ship that you kill in the game and loot which you can use in ship parts and other blueprints. You must also be sure you have enough ammunition for your weapons. You can make more ammunition if you have enough resources or you can buy it on the market from other players. Making ammunition could be a good career path for some people since its needed in large quantities. There is a large galaxy to explore so you can always find new enemies to battle.

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    If you are looking for a free MMO space combat game Outer galaxies looks to be very promising. There’s a large galaxy to explore, things to build, and lots of ships to try out. You won’t find great graphics but they get the job done. We should see more great content such as alliances in this game in the near future.