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Viking: Battle for Asgard for PS3 - Do You Have What It Takes?

by: KateG ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Find out if you are fit to be a viking warrior, or if you should re-shelf this title. This in-depth review will tell you all that you need to know so you aren't going into battle blindly. We'll take a look at VIking: Battle for Asgard to see if it really offers up some heroic gameplay or not.

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    Viking Battle for Asgard RPG For The PS3

    When you think of a Viking, lets be honest, you think of a big burley warrior who charges had first into battle and bravely takes out scores of his enemies. It makes you think of other fun action games you've played, and you're ready to try out this RPG to see if it's any good. It is a limited view of a complex culture but an accurate view of what to expect from a Viking video game. Viking Battle for Asgard, sticks to that premise quite tightly except…

    • For the very long monologues that charters you walk by will offer to you, slowing down your game play.

    • The gems you have to collect to get the dragons on your side by calling to them with the amulet.

    • The remaining to collect information from the people around you.

    • The side missions to save other warriors or essentially run errands.

    Despite these big annoyances that seems to belong more in a classic RPG then a one of those great action games, Viking does manage to redeem itself in some interesting ways.

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    Environment in Viking Battle for Asgard

    viking box This world is detailed in this RPG. Falling leaves, individual blades of grass and patterns in the mud are all clearly visible in this world and the environment itself is quite full.You have, for the most part, a fully explorable world unlike some other action games out for the PS3. Unlike some worlds, you won't just find your enemies and rewards on the beaten path, so the look around is actually worth your time.

    When it comes to enemies - there are plenty of things to kill in this RPG, and you can have fun finding different ways to do it like in some of the great action games out. Run a guy through, decapitate another and rip a 3rd right in half. You will never get bored of killing in this game. The only thing is that your enemies won't provide too much of a challenge. Few run or get the chance to fight back so if you're looking for enemies with strong AI this is not the game. Don't let that fool you into thinking that taking on groups is easy. Put 4 or 5 of them in the same spot, which the game does often, and you better watch your back. Viking Battle for Asgard offers up some superb RPG games play as well as some sweet fighting and does other action games to shame with the mobs.

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    Sound In This RPG

    The sound in Viking Battle for Asgard is clear and usually gives you a heads up for what is coming, just like in other RPG games. Just know that sometimes the dramatic music is cued long before the event happens. The sound you will hear must often hear is the crunching of your own boots so I hope you can distinguish it from other sounds in this RPG so you'll be able to use the sound ques to your advantage and learn how to predict when mobs will attack (like in some action games) or when you might need to get ready for a boss battle.

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    Big Battles

    You want an army, you want a dragon, you got it! The wars are where this game truly shines. The combat is satisfying and lengthy with special effects and special kills that will keep even the more blood thirsty warriors throat wet. All in all if you can put up with the rambling and to initial errand running the final combats are amazing fun so its really a matter of how patient you are.