Can You Win The Romance of Rome and the Emporer's Daughter In This Free Hidden Object Game From Awem Studios

Can You Win The Romance of Rome and the Emporer's Daughter In This Free Hidden Object Game From Awem Studios
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Romance of Rome

Ready for a trek through ancient Rome? Think you have what it takes to outwit an evil senator and win the hand of the woman you love? Are you quick on the click when it comes to hidden object games?

Then Romance of Rome from Awem Studios might just be the game you’ve been waiting for. This hidden objects game offers some great challenges, quests, and more to provide the perfect mix of hide and seek for your gaming pleasure. Let’s take a look at all of the areas that make Romance of Rome a superb hidden objects game that you’ll want to own.

Story Line (5 out of 5)

Romance of Rome starts off with a poor young boy, Marcus, heading to Rome to find a career and make some money. Along the way, you’ll meet evil Senator Quint, the beautiful Julia, Octavius, and others who will help you on your journey to become one of the most rich and powerful in all of Rome. Of course, you might have to do some things for them first.

Quint will have you doing several different things for him throughout the game, then will take off with whatever you have done for him without a thank you. Octavius will help get you out of some bad situations and give you advice throughout the game. Julia will win your heart and push you to find the ancient relics so you can marry her. You’ll find yourself traveling through different areas in the city, searching for hidden objects and completing puzzles to win the level, find the relic, and finish the game.

Before each level, you will get the chance to see a comic layout that will go through the story line and help to explain what’s going on in each new area. This is really cool, and I would recommend listening to it - or at least reading it. The plot is really well done, and you’ll find yourself cheering for the hero, while booing the senator.

Game Play in Romance of Rome (5 out of 5)

While the hidden objects part of the game is generally similar to other games of this type, this one is unique in the fact that there are several different aspects to each level.

First, you will have to use your hidden object games skills to find the hidden objects in each different area. As you go, you’ll find specific objects that will help you unlock or open certain items and gather up the relics and other items you need to finish that area. Once you have completed all of the puzzles in the area, you’ll find the relic.

You do have an unlimited number of hints here, it just has a refill timer that you’ll have to wait out. But, if you get stuck waiting, you can always click around without penalty, trying to find something. There is no time limit in Romance of Rome, which is good as well, especially since some of the hidden objects are really challenging to find.

As you find hidden objects, you’ll get rewards for doing well, finding things fast, or completing quests. Each of these things will give you status points, which will raise your level throughout the game as you go.

Here is what makes this hidden object game really stand out in my opinion: the game play revolves around all of the different areas in town and to solve them all, you have to find everything - including the items needed to open or unlock certain things. Once everything is done, you then get to spend your money making your character better. This means that you get to dress him up in fancy Roman garb.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

Although the characters are cartoons, they are extremely well done. I personally loved the different characters, with their big eyes and great outfits. But enough with the characters - it’s the hidden objects areas that really make this game. The way that the different areas are designed is absolutely perfect. I have been playing hidden object games for way too long, and normally I can blow through them pretty quick (except for Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box, that one was pretty tough). However, the way that the game is designed, it is really hard to find some of the hidden objects in some areas - and this really impressed me. I even had my kids and my husband over by the monitor, trying to help me find things.

Now, don’t take away from that paragraph that this game is too hard - it’s not. But, what I’m saying is that the developers and artists did a superb job in laying out the different items that you need to find.

You can easily check out the screenshots I’ve placed below to see what I’m talking about.

Romance Of Rome Screenshots

Sounds and Audio (5 out of 5)

Normally, this is a part of PC gaming that falls short - and I mean really short. I can pretty much listen to a game for the first minute (or less in some cases) and decide if I’ll be actually listening to the game or some CD.

Well, Romance of Rome is a little bit different. When I heard the music, I thought, ok, this is ok music. The sound effects are ok as well. Here’s where I really enjoyed listening to the game - the voice acting is great. And, I don’t mean great like you’d just want to hear it and turn it off - I mean great like you should listen to it throughout the whole game. The actors that did the voice work are perfect, their accents are wonderful, and you can tell that they didn’t really have to try hard to fit into their characters. This really makes the game come together, and I would completely recommend that you listen to all of the great voice work on this hidden object game as you go.

Overall Impression (5 out of 5)

Romance of Rome is great. If you like hidden object games, this is one that you simply have to try out. It does have a free hidden object games trial, but trust me - you’ll want to buy it. It offers some great game play as well as a superb replay value, even if you know how the story will end. So, now that you know what you are missing with this hidden objects game, head over and download the trial and give it a whirl.