Review: Spineworld: A Virtual Pets MMO Game

Review: Spineworld: A Virtual Pets MMO Game
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Explore Spineworld

Spineworld is a very popular free MMO game that allows players to raise their own virtual pets, play dozens of mini-games, complete quests, make friends from all over the world, and chat in a relatively safe environment. Similar to Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel Spineworld is geared towards younger children and teens. Each player is given an avatar and apartment that they can customize.

When you enter Spineworld you’re teleported to a building where you’ll meet Captain Hadley. He gives a quick tutorial on how to raise pets, chat with friends, and play games. After your lesson is over you’re free to explore Spineworld. Misty Island, Dragon Port, Cloud Plaza, Meyan Jungle, and The Beneath are the five major areas in Spineworld. Players can walk virtually anywhere. For quicker transportation there are Tely-Port pyramids. They teleport you to desired destination instantly with one click on your map icon. Each user is given several free Tely-Port Pyramids a day. If you have extra gold coins they can be purchased.

Adopt Virtual Pets

Virtual pets are purchased at the local Pet Shop in Spineworld. Players buy them as an egg and watch it grow. Your odd-looking egg hatches into a colorful furry creature. A meter will appear at the top of the screen. It monitors the hunger levels and happiness of your online pet. There is a wide variety of food that you can feed your pet to boost his energy or skills for quests. All special pet items and food that you buy is stored in your pet inventory. Players receive extra gold coins for taking good care of their virtual pet. Playing virtual pet games with the creature you raised from a little egg is fun and rewarding in Spineworld. Your pet can travel with you through the land assisting in missions and treasure hunts.

Gameplay: Missions & Mini-Games (5 out of 5)

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The gameplay in Spineworld is quite impressive. Unlike other games where you only can chat, customize, or play mini-games Spineworld allows players to journey on quests. Each quest or mission is given by NCPs located throughout the world. Most missions involve you helping the character in some way. Whether you’re finding missing packages for the Postmaster of the Meyan Jungle or using your virtual pet to locate hidden treasure the quests are fun. Players earn gold coins for completing each task successfully.

spineworld - steamcar race game screenshot

A game controller icon at the bottom of the screen connects players to the mini-games in Spineworld. There are regular games and handheld games. Regular games open up another full interactive screen for players to play. Handheld games are played inside a box on the side of the screen. The two most popular mini-games in Spineworld are Steamcar Racer and Sky Dive. In Steamcar Racer players race each other on challenging tracks for the best time. Winner gets the largest amount of coins. In Sky Dive players take the ultimate plunge. Try to guide your avatar through rings in the sky as you fall quickly. Go through the most rings to win.

Graphics & Sound (5 out of 5)

Spineworld is a 2D social MMO. The entire game looks like a beautiful animated movie. The intricate detail placed into each environment creates a surreal experience. Players will be teleported into another world where lush green grass grows and clouds stream across a vivid baby blue sky. As you explore Spineworld you’ll notice the scenery changing from the surface of an erupting volcano to an angelic city in the clouds. The graphics add to the RPG style of the missions. All of the avatars and characters are nicely done. The sound option in Spineworld gives players the freedom to vibe to their own soundtrack or multi-task while playing.

Spineworld Membership - Optional Subscription Model -

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Although, Spineworld is free to play most of their best features are reserved for members only. Customization of your avatar is limited unless you’re a subscribed member. Once you subscribe to Spineworld exclusive clothing items, haircuts, furniture, specialty items for your pet and the ability to have multiple pets can be accessed. Additional mission quests and games are also unlocked. Subscribed members can form their own clubs as well. To become a member of Spineworld players must pay a monthly subscription fee of $5.95 USD via credit card or PayPal. If you don’t want to be limited in your exploration or gameplay becoming a member might be worth considering.

Overall Rating: Sky Dive Into Spineworld (5 out of 5)

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Overall Spineworld is an entertaining game. The fact that it’s a virtual pet MMO makes it worth playing. The missions throughout the game give it a MMORPG feel. Players aren’t forced to wander around aimlessly looking for something to do. In Spineworld there are tasks to complete, games to play, friends to make, and virtual pets to raise. Customization is only one of the many activities players can indulge in. Games can be played in single player or multiplayer mode. The chat interface is monitored providing a safe environment for kids to communicate with one another. Membership is required to access certain elements of the game but you can still have fun exploring Spineworld. Virtual pet lovers will definitely want to sky dive into this virtual world.The vast community of other MMO gamers who enjoy virtual pet games create the perfect atmosphere in Spineworld. It’s an excellent game to explore.