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Death Track Resurrection Review

by: D Lamberti ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Death Track Resurrection straddles the line between solid racing entertainment and erratic chaos beautifully to produce a video game that's satisfying and enjoyable to take for a ride. Parts of the entertainment do get lost in the translation from Russian but it doesn't decrease the fun much.

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    The Fun Parts of Death Track Resurrection

    Death Track Resurrection Box Art Death Track Resurrection is one part Unreal Tournament with another part Fast and Furious. The mix of racing and vehicular combat in this video game is set in a weird future world with badly dressed muscular dudes. You take part in a popular gladiatorial racing circuit that takes place in the gutted cities of the world, a few years after the bombs have fallen and destroyed life as we know it. You'll race in the ruins of a war torn London, devastated Tokyo, and chaotic San Diego; on huge maps full of interesting challenges and obstacles that require driving skill to navigate. The driving and action is very challenging and winning the adrenaline filled races is very satisfying.

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    The Bad Parts of Death Track Resurrection

    Death Track Resurrection takes you for an entertaining ride 

    Death Track Resurrection is set in a world that is chaotic, and not in a good, post-apocalyptic way: it just doesn't appear to make much sense after you have played it for an hour or so. The concept of this video game is the one that was in the original video game, Death Track Resurrection, which was based on Death Track Dynamix, by Activision. In both games, the story quickly becomes a shrinking dot in your mirror.

    Death Track Resurrection includes really badly dubbed voice overs that don't even come close to matching the lip movements of the characters as they're talking.

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    Is Death Track Resurrection a Visually Appealing Video Game?

    Death Track Resurrection has energy filled action 

    Death Track Resurrection includes a weird kind of presentation that uses some full motion video cut scenes with a slim Russian lady who acts as a kind of news announcer. The colors are bright and crisp in the detailed environments, but the cars at times look like they're floating above the ground, not driving around on it. The frame rate of this video game was solid, smooth and clean during the intense car combat that takes place in the cities.

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    Do the Controls of Death Track Resurrection Work?

    Death Track Resurrection includes a control system that is fun and satisfying to use during the racing and combat. The mechanics of the controls are tight and responsive and allow you to race fast and furious in a world that reminded me of Mario Kart on steroids. The outstanding job they did on designing the controls for this video game makes the driving and combat amazing to take part in.

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    Is the Game Play of Death Track Resurrection Fun?

    Death Track Resurrection includes driving that is fun and energetic at all times and requires a lot of driving skill to win. They only included a single player option with this video game, though there are a number of interesting and entertaining game modes for you to try. There is the main (somewhat) story driven scenario that's a little more involved, or drag races that weren't as much fun to take part in. They also included several other modes to add variety to the game play, like the Modern Race, the Classic Race and a Rally mode. All the modes were fun, intense and it was extremely difficult, but satisfying, to win a race. They included a typical upgrade system that has been used in many other video games in this genre. You can upgrade your ride with better armor, engines, and weapons. The challenge of winning the races is so intense that you'll constantly crash and then respawn before getting back in the action.

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    The Last Word on Death Track Resurrection

    Death Track Resurrection has a Jekyll and Hyde personality that's a little unusual, with a plethora of chaotic carnage that requires controlled, precise driving to navigate. Hardcore fans of racecars-with-weapons games are in for an unusual treat if they give this video game a try, while casual gamers may not enjoy Death Track Resurrection's unforgiving nature. Those that stick it out will be having as much fun as the hardcore gamer, and will be enjoying this game for awhile.

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