Ironman Playstation 2 Cheats & Tips

Ironman Playstation 2 Cheats & Tips
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Iron Man is All About Gameplay

Blowing up stuff and having flight capabilities with seemingly unlimited freedom has never been so much fun as it is in the video game adaptation of Iron Man on the PlayStation 2. Despite all the negative aspects that are commonly noted, the gameplay is the true highlight of Iron Man. Now you can enjoy the game even more and stay two steps ahead of it with cheats and tips ranging from secret suits, upgrades, weapons, to boss tips.


Extra Suits

In order to obtain extra suits, you will need to complete the following levels:

  • Classic: Complete “Home Front”
  • Mark I: Complete “Escape”
  • Mark II: Complete “First Flight”
  • Mark III: Complete “Fight Back”
  • Silver Centurion: Complete “Showdown”
  • Tin Can Comic Book: Complete “Flying Fortress”

Re-Routing Power

Propulsion (Control, D-Pad Left)

Re-routing your power to propulsion will help you go a lot faster when in flight, faster than normal, but only make use of this when you need to speed up towards a distant object.

Armor (D-Pad Up)

This will truly make you Iron Man as re-routing your power to armor will lower your risks of damage more than usual while, at the same time, increasing your very own melee damage as well.

Weapons (Control, D-Pad Right)

Re-routing your power to weapons will replace your repulsor with the Unibeam which, upon being fully charged, unleashes an extremely powerful shot.

Even (Control, D-Pad Down)

Re-routing all of your power evenly will reset all your systems to balanced power distribution. Highly recommended unless one of the above is necessary (afterwards, reset back to even).



  • Repuslor Techonology: This is what Iron Man begins with.
  • Longer Range Firing: Self Explanatory.
  • Improved Build-Up: Gives Iron Man faster Unibeam charging.
  • Improved Damage Level: Improves Iron Man’s rate of damage during attacks.
  • Unibeam Extra Range: Improves Iron Man’s length of Unibeam range.
  • Energy Generator: Will help charge Iron Man’s weapons faster,
  • Improved Thermal Switch: For quick energy re-routing.
  • Optimal Beam Damage: Sets Iron Man’s repulsors to the highest damage level.


  • Excelsior Rockets: Works best against heavy armor and massive groups of enemies while the 2.0 version simply allows more carrying capacity.
  • Meteor MH Rockets: Basically four rockets in one so if you miss your target with one, the other three will have a shot.
  • Sunspear Missiles: Ideal for auto-targeting.
  • Bloodhound Missiles: Effective against armored baddies while the 2.0 version allows for multiple firing simultaneously (as long as you charge them long enough).
  • Thunerbolt EMP Rockets: Pretty self-explanatory and work wonders against tanks and battle-suits.


  • Light Gatling Gun: Works against low armor (i.e. regular soldiers).
  • XL360 GG556mm: The same as the Light Gatling Gun but has more carrying capacity for ammo while the V2.0 delivers higher accuracy and the V3.0 does the most damage.
  • Ares Pulse Rifle: Comes equipped with a slow firing rate, little ammo, but is very lethal.
  • Hermes LR Pulse Rifle: Effective for long range targets.
  • Hades LC Pulse Rifle: Also slow firing but carries more ammo and has a higher damage capacity.
  • Zues EMP Pulse Rifle: Disables all mechanical opponents within range.


  • Floor Punch: Fly high while holding L1, press L2 to create a shock-wave when you land, killing all soldiers nearby.
  • Power Stomp: To destroy a vehicle, cut thrusters while above the target and you will land right through it.
  • Electro Punch: Adds increased damage to your melee attacks.
  • NanoTech Knitters: Allows for faster armor restoration.
  • Repulsor Floor Punch: Creates a much bigger shock-wave upon dropping from long heights.
  • Turbo Boost: Increased speed during afterburner mode and hovering.
  • Kamikaze: Instantly eliminate all enemies in front of you by re-routing your power to propulsion.
  • Anti-Missile System: Eliminates any incoming missile at a 1 per second rate. This is the king of all upgrades in the game.

Boss Tips

Stolen Helicopter

Mission: First Flight

Difficulty: Low

Hover and fly around target while firing your repulsors.

The Dreadnaught

Mission: Fight Back

Difficulty: Low

Destroy the turrets first and then put all your energy into the main target. While in battle - Every time Dreadnaught stops and becomes blue, avoid contact at all costs as this means it’s firing an EMP (don’t worry, you’ll be fine). Make sure you have full armor for this one.

Whiplash/Mark Scarlotti

Mission: Weapons Transport

Difficulty: Low

After Whiplash activates his shield, run around until he deactivates it. If you’re close enough, hit him with your repulsors or punches (remember to re-rout all power to armor!).

Once he’s hurt enough, Whiplash will hide up in the ceiling and a blue marker will become visible on the ground, indicating where he will attack, keep running around and this will be avoided.

Soon enough, he will come back down and repeat, just keep running. It would be wise if you had the Electro Punch upgrade.

Whitney Frost

Mission: Maggia Compound

Difficulty: Medium

While behind a pillar, wait for a statue to fire first then move to the next pillar. Soldiers will fire on and off from windows up above, use the gatling gun on them.

Re-rout power to weapons and focus on the three statues. Within a clear shot, use your Unibeam on one of the side statues but not the one in the middle (they need to be destroyed first). Just stay between their line of fire and any of the pillars and you’ll get ‘em easy.

A word of caution: Upon destroying each statue, a hole becomes visible in the wall behind it from which soldiers will start pouring through. Once again, the gatling gun is your best friend. Once the wave is over, finish the next statue until you reach the middle one.

Titanium Man

Mission: Nuclear Winter

Difficulty: Low

Similar to Dreadnaught. Run in circles when his shields are up to avoid fire and get away from him every time he stops with his shields still on. When his shields have lowered, hit with your repulsors or anything you got. All it takes is about 15 to 20 shots for him to go down.

A word of caution: Unlike with Dreadnaught, here you need to protect the nuclear containers while battling Titanium Man. He may use them for health regeneration, simply hit a few times and he’ll stop.

The Controller

Mission: Frozen Ship

Difficulty: High

This has to be the most annoying part of the whole Iron Man game. This guy is worse than the Riddler from Batman, it’s all a mini-game here. First things first, know that the controls are running semi-backwards here (i.e. Left is Right, Right is Left, Up and Down are the same). The goal is to line up the two images on the screen with the right analog stick.

If you get it right all three times, he will compliment you and that’s it.

Titanium Man (Part 2)

Mission: Home Front

Difficulty: Medium

Just like before, same strategy. Except the nuclear containers have been replaced with soldiers, tanks, and helicopters in the midst of a large battlefield.

The Melter/Bruno Horgan

Mission: Island Meltdown

Difficulty: High

Be careful here, Bruno doesn’t take a break when it comes to using his weapons so Unibeam would be very unwise. All you have to do is be in a constant state of motion while using your repulsors and missiles (remember to charge them!).

Iron Monger/Obadiah Stane

Mission: Showdonw

Difficulty: High

Begin firing your repulsors from the get-go. Iron Monger has a lot of health, a machine gun, and a powerful missile launcher. Your Anti-Missile System comes in handy here.

Whenever he runs opposite the tanker, hover and dodge right away as he will begin throwing cars at you. It doesn’t matter how many you destroy, he will keep throwing one after the other. Once he’s done, give him two shots of your Unibeam (if you’re on the tanker side across from him).

If you choose to punch him, he will pick you up and in this case, keep pressing circle so that he doesn’t crush you. Charging up your missiles helps but doesn’t do much damage though.

Once you’ve hurt him enough, Iron Monger will move on to a different area called Stark Tower. Avoid him until Pepper activates a switch - next, the center of the building will begin to glow. All you need to do is lead Iron Monger to this glowing area and he will sustain serious damage. Rinse and repeat two to three times and he’s history.

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